I think often we ignore what is good for us or helpful​ because it is challenging or seems long. I was listening to instructional video on meditation last night. The gentleman said you wouldn’t really notice the long term benefits of daily meditation practice until after years. 😐

Yet, perhaps the daily practice is beneficial in the act of taking time to practice being in the moment? Maybe it is like going to the gym, cut defined bodies may not occur even after years. But there is a release of positive endorphins just having accomplished a personal goal of going and caring for your body and soul.

So taking those small steps are worth it. 😘


The most personal one [on The Avalanche] is “Pittsfield”. That one’s based on a lot of memories from my childhood, and I sort of transplanted them into this miserable little town in Illinois. Pittsfield is very similar to some of the small towns we grew up around in Northern Michigan. (x)

Happy Selfie Friday!! 

Today I received my diplomas, so I can say that I finally… FINALLY!! finished uni 🙊

Now the world of adulthood is waiting for me…noooo i don’t want to grow up!, I finish an important stage in my life and now it’s timeto start a new one. I couldn’t have done t without the love and support of all of you so THANK YOU!!  ❤ There were many times that i wanted to quit and i even questioned my desire to study what i studied, but i made it, it wasn’t easy but i did it ☺ and now i feel proud of myself for not giving up. And here is a little message for all of the students out there, “I know it’s hard, the stress becomes your closest enemy, and self doubt is a regular thing, BUT DO NOT GIVE UP!! remember why you decided to do it, keep your goal in mind and try as hard as you can to overcome these problems, because at the end you will make it, you will accomplish your dreams and the happiness will overwhelm you, IT IS WORTH IT! , so do your best and keep fighting!”  😁 

Today I...

🎯 Drove my car for more than a couple of minutes for the first time since my shoulder injury 
🎯 Bought groceries
🎯 Disassembled Bee’s old chair and rearranged the living room for my own purposes 
🎯 Assembled Nantucket’s cat tree 
🎯 Kept the sink free of dirty dishes 
🎯 Picked up my meds from the pharmacy 

 Goals for tonight:
  💭 Cook and eat a solid dinner
 💭 Shower
 💭 Finish the readings for tomorrow
 💭 Go to bed by 10:30


I saw that mamo took selfies with fans and went around signing autographs, saying “thank you” afterwards

Very few people are truly deserving of the title “legend.” Chuck Berry was one of those lucky few.

  • me: shouldn't I be doing things
  • my brain: no play video games
  • me: but that's not gonna improve my situation at all
  • brain: video games
  • me: look I'll have to deal with this stuff sometime I can-
  • brain: NO
  • brain: VIDEO GAMES
  • me:
  • brain:
  • me:
  • me: allright convinced
l o v e ?

It is the smile from your brother after bringing him home his favorite doughnut.

It is coming home with your dog pulling off your socks and licking your cheeks.

It is your father telling an endless story of how he courted your mother with all the distance, time and challenges they went through.

It is the artist in the exhibit having a full heart with all the appreciations he receives.

It is the long drives and good music that accompanies your soul to feel again.

It is your grandfather playing grandmother’s favorite old song in guitar after a long time. He is somehow reliving all the slow dances and I love you’s they had when she was still breathing.

It is the big big smile on your mother when she saw you passed that audition. She is the happiest person everytime you accomplish every dream you have.

It is the children flying kite four in the afternoon, regardless of all the chaos.

It is seeing your favorite people on earth and feeling home once again.

It is her loving and letting go of him. Because she knows love is selfless and she’ll do it in a million possible ways even if it breaks her.

It is having an alone time, musing the silence, the world itself.

It is you, loving the little things in life. Afterall, life is just life that needs to be lived.

-her (MIS)

“Live now at Sayazagi Academy! We at SDS News have recieved a tip that a group of students here are planning to open up not only an idol group but a host club as well!! A daunting task indeed~ Look I believe here’s one of their member’s now!!

“Hello there! You’re a member of the new idol hostclub group here correct? Could you tell us what your name is?”

“um……… Moji. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance…” 

“Wonderful! So why exactly did you want to join the club?”

“I just wish to bring a smile to everyones faces, especially yours (the viewer). To bring you a tad of relief and a bit of a distraction from the hardships of school life and social life// …………… and for the money. yeah. wAIT edit that out

“Is there something special you personally hope to accomplish in the group this year?”

“Fall in love”


“Haha no but seriously, make someones life better, whether it be through host, Idol, any means to make someone happier. I mean, i hope it ends up being more then one persons life better.”

“I see. So final question, what would you like to tell your fans?”


Seven Ways To Perfect Your Resume

The toughest thing about putting together a résumé? Figuring out what’s special about yourself. In other words, defining your personal brand. Here are seven tips on how to put together the best résumé possible:

1. If you get professional help, use a coach who has experience in your field.

2. Do not let a coach write the résumé for you. Take a coach’s advice, but write it yourself.

3. Treat your résumé as a marketing document.

4. Write a 40- to 50-word summary that includes three reasons someone should hire you.

5. Break up text with bullet points detailing your accomplishments.

6. Include all awards and accolades.

7. Tailor your résumé for the position you’re targeting.

More advice on perfecting your resume.


by the way, I talked about a zine i was working on a while back. no one remembers, but alas! I made them. Unfortunately most of them were destroyed through varying entropies on tour, and only one remains. Once I get paid a time or two more, there will be more of this one (‘Poor Traits of the Artist as Other People’ w/ 15 illustrations ) and one other (’ Moving Strangely Beneath the Bridge’ w/ 12 LSD illustrations). I also have another yet unnamed one in the works. I will post more about them. I am a walking calamity of staying focused and above the poverty level, so I’m amazed these got done and hopefully I can keep the momentum up with some help. I’ll have an online store up soon under the title of 'Intangible Material’ So If you like any of the art I put up on here, maybe you’ll like these, and maybe you’ll buy one. They will all be $5

Sugar Accomplishments So Far

I have only recently started sugaring after months of research. My first SD was in May and lasted a month until I had to leave him because he wasn’t offering me what I needed (plus too much drama) and now I have a POT/SD (V who is the real deal and I better not mess it up). Here is a list of what I accomplished so far:

  1. Getting 1600$ from a POT/SD BEFORE even meeting in person (DONE with first SD)
  2. Get a man to spend 10K on me in a month including allowance, gifts, fine dining, experiences and travel when at first he only agreed to a 2K allowance (DONE with first SD)
  3. Get to visit Vegas for the first time (DONE with first SD)
  4. Get my first pair of Louboutin shoes (DONE with first SD)
  5. Get a nice watch and expensive charm bracelet (DONE with first SD)
  6. Get some new clothes & accessories to add to my wardrobe (DONE with first SD)
  7. Get to see a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas (DONE with first SD)
  8. Get 5K as a gift with no strings attached from a POT SD (DONE with V who will officially be my SD when I see him in August for our next meet if everything goes as planned)
  9. Get a POT SD to fall in love with me after one meeting and say “I love you” at the 2nd meet lol one of the many reasons why I had to let him go after a month only unfortunately (DONE with first SD)
  10. Get a POT SD to travel to my city/country for the first meet instead of compromising my safety (DONE with first SD plus with V who flew in his own jet to see me)
  11. Get to travel to LA for a POT meeting and enjoy the city for a couple of days with all expenses paid well until I wanted to leave earlier..ended up badly since I didn’t want to sleep with him because he was too old and wasn’t offering me the allowance I wanted
  12. Get a young POT SD with a high budget and private jet who offers more than 10K for a meet a month interested in me (DONE with V but just got to officially get my first allowance on our next meet although already got 5K on our first meet just as a gift)
  13. Use my first allowance to better myself (laser hair removal and cellulite removal treatment) since I had no debts or bills to pay and already have money saved up (DONE with first SD)
  14. Opened for the 1st time multiple U.S. checking and saving bank accounts and divided my 5K between them since I’m not living in the US yet and I’m saving up that money for my LA move (Done with my 5K gift from V)
  15. Get all my shit together when it comes to banking and finances so I’m ready for my future high allowances and for my move to LA (DONE but it’s an ongoing process since I will open more bank accounts soon too plus I got a free safety deposit at one of the bank as a perk)

Some other stuff but can’t remember it all lol I will make a list of my sugar goals next since I have so many of those and I aim very high especially since I have no time to waste when I’m already in my late 20s. I only have a year or 2 of sugaring before I’ll need to settle down and be an exclusive spoiled girlfriend then a millionaire/billionaire’s wife…or just become my own millionaire with my own company so I can be independent ;)