So the hidden message in the Daryl part is that he’s possibility thinking about having a baby with Carol?
Just kidding! ;P
Anyway, I still can’t believe what I watched. There are two possibilities:
Daryl is thinking about Carol in what he believes are his last moments alive (which is good).
The writers decided to put Caryl moments as the most important moments for Daryl in the show (which is also good!)
So it’s a win-win situation, I think.
Caryl on!


Old pictures of my gf pt. 7

These where taken right before a larp where she was going to play a refugee and I think her costume was really cool! The theme was postapocalyptic and she har to run around and hide inside the forest all day. (The day after this she broke her collarbone)

@chubby-baby ’s the star in these pictures and I love her ♡

Maybe I’m lost and searchingย for a way out
or should be searching.
Should be searching,
but I have been
inside my maze for
so long
I don’t
I want to leave.
I want to leave,
but I’m uncomfortable,
no life
when trapped.
But I’m uncomfortable, so

Lost, and
I’m uncomfortable,
but I cannot

will not stop me–
I’m uncomfortable,
but searching.

—  “Choosing Recovery,” 2015, by @edo-vivendum

Thank you for tagging me @shoujoromance! I don’t know if my followers will be interested in this, but I will give it a try! :D

Questions in tag:

1. Favorite artist? 

Sum 41, blink 182, Scouting for girls, Yousei Teikoku, One Ok Rock
2. Hobbies?

anime & manga, cooking (I’m in gastronomy school), spending time with friends, playing games

3. Any pet peeves?

Snoring, slurping, chewing

4. Dream vacation?

I’d love to visit Japan  or Italy *-*

5. Favorite food?

EVERYTHING. I just love food xD especially sushi and junk food

6. Morning or night person?

I’m a night person.

7. What is your motivation?

To be honest - it’s hard for me to find any motivation. I’m an lazy ass ^^”

8. Favorite season? 

Every season have something special in itself, but I like spring the most 

9. Favorite part of the day and why? 

Again - night. I like spending time on laptop at night; watching anime, reading manga or listening to music. 

10. What do you value most in a relationship? 

Definitely trust

I WILL TAG: Anyone who wants to do this tag :3 Let me know if you do it - I’d love to see your anwsers! :D


You can barely hear the guards’ cautious footsteps over the blood rushing in your ears, but you force yourself to breathe slowly through your nose even if the nondescript mask feels like it’s smothering you. They can’t know it’s you who came in here, and it’s not the vast majority of normal humans can simply leap into the rafters like you can. Once they clear the area, all you need to do is–

A beam of light slices upward into the warehouse rafters and blinds you.


got7 pool party moodboard