tbh tho

whoever made that meal made it really…odd. The bread is not toasted/crispy and the egg doesn’t look cooked 

Pretty sure its supposed to look more like this

Ok so, since I reached 400 followers (there are 411 of you here now tho), which I still cant believe happened, I’m doing a follow forever. Yay!

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watching the first HP film in YEARS and omg it’s funny how little I’ve remembered of the effects and the designs of everything and I’m kinda just buzzing with the urge to redesign and re-storyboard and play around with everything

anonymous asked:

Can I just say that I absolutely adore the way you draw the hands on your characters. I know that might seem like the most random thing to point out, but they are just so good! Idk I just wanted to say that c':

Thank you, friend!! I’m glad you like ‘em