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its official, im gonna be on edge until next week (at least)

I am now down to 25 prompts left from the last batch! I’m working through them pretty steadily thanks to the 10k challenge (I can average about 3-5 fics a day depending on how long they are) but at least one of them has turned into a full-length fic that’s already 15k on its own, so that one might take a while to show up ;)

Hopefully I can finish them all within the next two weeks, and then knowing me I’ll probably be reblogging another list of prompts for you all to go wild on.

When I say I don’t like talking about it, that doesn’t mean I’m ashamed or anything btw, because I’m not. There’s a couple of reasons for it 1) it’s a hard thing to bring up in conversation without it then becoming awkward, 2) I don’t want people (friends) to look at/treat me differently. Like they might not even, but what I don’t want at all is pity because I don’t need it, there’s nothing to be pitying. I just find that condescending. I’ve haven’t got this far without knowing what connotations the word autistic has for many people and I’ve faced the backend of that. I don’t hide it, if you ask I’ll tell, but if you don’t I usually won’t tell.



For @lanxborealis and @angel-fieramente-humano
Ancient Egypt AU
I love it, decided to draw it and next thing u know got carried away and like huh? Let’s draw these two fancier
P.S ( I really wanted dipper in a wedding dress so sorry for non accuracy for the look )


My knitswap package came in!!! I practically screamed when I opened it—it’s gorgeous! dyslexicleg did such an amazing job converting that sock pattern to a hat pattern. I’m so completely blown away by every little thing about it. I can’t wait until I’m able to wear it everyday when it’s winter! Thank you so much, Lindsey!