personal sanctuary

Magical Etiquette

>Is magical dueling legal?
>How is a magical duel initiated?
>Why might someone initiate a magical duel?
>Are there spells or types of magic that are considered improper to use during a magical duel?
>>Is there any punishment for using these magics?
>When is a magical duel considered over?

Personal spaces/private sanctuaries
>Is it ever acceptable to enter another caster’s magical sanctuary or area where they perform major spells?
>>If it is acceptable, under which conditions is it acceptable?
>>If it is not generally acceptable, are there any exceptions to this?
>How big of a taboo is it to enter another magic user’s sanctuary without their permission?

Scrying, divination, and mind-reading
>Is it considered rude to keep tabs on other magic users?
>Is it considered rude to keep tabs on non-magic users?
>Can magic users be arrested for stalking for using these types of magics on people?
>>How long do they have to do this for it to count as stalking?
>>How do the authorities find out about such a thing?

>Are there groups, clubs, or associations of magic users?
>Do they have requirements that must be met to join them?
>Is there an prestige to be had by being a member of one?
>>Which ones are considered the most prestigious?
>What are the rules or requirements for staying in one?
>What would one have to do to be expelled from one?
>How are magic users in the groups expected to behave in public?
>How do the different groups interact with one another?
>>Are there rivalries?
>>Gang wars?

I grew up on a very tiny island in Hawaii, and I lived in one of two houses near this commercial harbor that had an insane amount of stray cats (I’m talking dozens). My grandmother and I used to hike down every day and feed them, and sometimes we were able to adopt one (we had ~7 cats at any time). She died when I was 11, and we moved to a different island, and I’d kind of forgotten about this daily ritual…

But today I found out that shortly after we moved, they opened up the Lanai Cat Sanctuary right by my house, and man did it make me cry to think about how happy my grandma would have been to see this:

Watch puppies and doggos live on youtube when you are sad!

Seriously, it is a great terapy, I always does this when I am mad or sad at something, and I always feel better, puppies have a good energy and aura that reaches you even through your screen!

Here are some links:

Great Danes puppy room

Great Danes nursery cam

Senior Dogs gathering room

Outside dog yard

Puppy enrichment center

Puppy nursery cam


Panda sanctuary cam

Oh! There are kitties too!! If anyone is interested I can make a post just for the kitties ❤

Peace and love ❤✌


Admiring the Grey Nurse Sharks 
Pics from my recent trip to Manly Sea Life Sanctuary. 

This small aquarium will unfortunately be closing down this summer - most of its large animals will be moved to the Sydney Aquarium, and some of the smaller animals will be moved to the Melbourne Aquarium. I’m quite sad because I was planning on applying for an internship there! I would encourage any Sydney-siders to check it out!