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reasons why Chapter 64 is the best chapter in Carry On:
  • we find out that baz used to excessively watch simon sleep and that he thought doing so was his life’s consolation prize
  • (can i just. talk about what a consolation prize is. it’s the prize given to the loser of a contest. baz is fighting a losing battle with his heart against his mind. baz literally thought that he was the loser in his life and that the only way that life paid him back was by allowing him brief indulgences like watching simon sleep.)
  • baz thinking about kissing simon
  • baz knowing that he’s most likely allowed to kiss simon again but still wanting consent  
  • simon using the present tense of the verb “to snog” (that they were going to continue snogging)
  • baz talking to penelope and asking her to come to his house
  • (pg. 360. “come on. bunce is on her way.” just imagine penelope in this situation. just imagine penny waking up on Christmas Eve to a call from basilton grimm-pitch saying that her best friend, who is the known enemy to baz, is at Pitch Manor for Christmas. just imagine her being so fucking confused but still going because if simon trusts baz, then so does she.)
  • baz getting angry and stomping around places
  • baz thinking about simon saying “good morning, darling”
  • baz being Domestic™ with his half-sister
  • t h e   w h o l e   l i b r a r y   s c e n e
  • baz wanting to add “whether or not snow is gay” underneath the Everything we still don’t column
  • simon hassling his curls out of nervous habit
  • baz being unnecessarily curt to simon
  • (pg. 362. “oh, right. I forgot—you don’t think at all.” low blow, baz. really, really low blow.)
  • it still amazes me how two people can be so different in the way of how they handle things. during the Day After™, baz is so confused as to what this means for him and simon, so he just does the only thing he’s ever known; watch simon from a distance. he reverts to his safe place, the place he knows and the place he knows well, just to make sense of everything that happened and that might happen. he’s closing himself off, shutting down, and shutting everyone one else out. that’s how baz deals with things he isn’t used to. he isolates himself from everything.
  • and then simon. he’s just so comfortable with the thought of baz and him being together, that he doesn’t even think about what he says or what it even slightly hints at. he was never taught to hold his tongue, nor was he taught how to articulate his thoughts clearly, but he’s trying so hard to convey to baz that he prefers kissing him rather than fighting him. (tangent: elaborating on simon not being taught to precisely communicate; let’s face it, he was brought to Watford at eleven. eleven. the homes probably had to hire teachers to learn him things, but his education probably wasn’t the best from ages 1-10. it’s canon that he had a speech therapist to help him “use his words”. end tangent.)

moral of my two paragraphs of introspective bullshit: baz is a person who isolates himself to think, whereas simon acts on what he’s feeling in a said moment. 

  • simon being SOFT with baz
  • simon being the voice of reason for the first time while talking to baz
  • baz denying everything that happened the night before, solidifying simon’s fear of that happening
  • (pg. 363. “you slept in my arms!” “fitfully.” baz…. please. just. agree. for once.)
  • baz conceding.
  • (pg. 363. “he lets his hand fall, and I catch it. because I’m weak. because I’m a constant disappointment to myself. because he’s standing there with his tawny skin and his moles and his morning breath.”)
  • let me just. just as simon is surrendering, accepting that baz won’t change his mind, baz catches his hand. it’s such a subtle, grandiose gesture that would have no meaning other then, “I’m vulnerable right now, but I trust you enough not to take advantage of that.” baz knows that he’s losing this battle, and he knows that he shouldn’t give in so easily, but he’s finally indulging himself and not being ashamed of it. which is really fucking hard if you’ve never practised – I don’t know – any sense of kindness to yourself.
  • baz swooning
  • baz knowing that it’s not beneath him to swoon over the mage’s heir
  • height difference™
  • baz likes stomach rubs
  • baz just wanting to be kissed by simon. again.
  • simon and baz being completely vulnerable to each other.
  • “and he likes this better than fighting”
Juno - your soulmate protector

This is what you expect from your soulmate, whether romantic or platonic.
(Remember that soulmate  is not necessarily a romantic partner. Juno MOST of the time is about your romantic partnerships but it can refer to your other platonic relationships with people like friends or family members)

Juno in Aries / 1st House - your partner is someone who is confident and strong. This is someone with a sensitive side in them, who likes to tease and is very honest about their feelings. Affectionate, helpful and protective. Someone who will fight for you and will be your partner in crime. Someone who can be clingy. Someone with a little bit gullible, innocent aura about them. Someone with reputation (whether good or bad). Heroic, badass types.  

Juno in Taurus / 2nd House  - your partner is someone who is sensual and protective. Someone who is affectionate and generous. Someone good looking (according to your own beauty standards) with warm aura about them. Someone who can provide and is loyal and stable. Partner is generous but they are not lavish. Someone who is jealous,  likes physical affection but also can keep a conversation going. Someone strong and stable. 

Juno in Gemini / 3rd House - your partner is someone who can understand you. Someone who is caring and can help you to open up and express yourself better. Partner who “gets you” and understand that your moodiness is not something bad and annoying. Person who enjoys learning new things and sharing them with you. A mood maker. Someone who likes fun and is entertaining. Someone who is witty and smart and also possess high emotional intelligence. Your partner is loyal, can be clingy and is secretly sensitive.

Juno in Cancer / 4th House  - your partner is someone who is a go-getter. Someone caring, very loyal and sensitive. Someone who will show especially with their action that they care about you. The partner is creative, lavish, sweet and understanding. Has motherly qualities. This is someone who wants to build a nest with you and settle. Someone who is jealous and sometimes overly dramatic. Someone really strong, both mentally and emotionally.

Juno in Leo / 5th House  - your partner is someone who is breathing and living embodiment of a Hollywood movie character. Someone who is proud and loves to show how much they love you. Someone who is consistent and in need for attention from you. Entertaining and talkative, wants spotlight but knows how and when to share it with you. Very romantic (sometimes even cheesy). Partner with a soft side. Playful. Someone who is young at heart but is also wise, brave and very protective of you. Someone who cares about how they appear to the world. Stylish, Hollywood god. 

Juno in Virgo / 6th House  - your partner is someone who just “knows”. This person knows how to act in the public. They know how to act with your friends and parents. They know what kind of person they need to be when the situation calls for this. The person is smart and insightful. Gracious and elegant. Someone who has a lot of hidden passion and is very creative. This person show their love mostly with those little gestures. The partner is loving but not in the overwhelming way.

Juno in Libra / 7th House  - someone who is strong and intuitive. Someone who is sociable and knows how to act in the company of people. Helpful and kind. Someone who is not judgmental and always is looking at two side of the situation. Confident, charming personality. Trustworthy person. Your partner is someone who value honesty, loyalty and stability. Someone who is stylish and beautiful (according to your own beauty standards).

Juno in Scorpio / 8th House  - your partner is someone who is intense. This person may appear mysterious and broody. Someone magnetic with a lot of passion who helps you to bring out passion from yourself too. Someone who has adventorous spirit, loves mysteries and is good at solving problems. Someone intelligent and diplomatic. Generous person with a big heart. Someone who value true intimacy. Some astrologers believe that having Scorpio Juno signifies having a past life karmic bond with your partner.

Juno in Sagittarius / 9th House  - your partner is someone with a strong spirit and need for diversity. Partner love travelling, studying and having people from all kind of backgrounds. They may have totally different background than you, they can be from another culture or country. Partner is someone honest, fiery and independent. Indiana Jones type. Someone who is not “smothering”. Someone who always will care about keeping things interesting, fresh and positive. 

Juno in Capricorn / 10th House  -  your partner is someone independent, bold and classy. Someone who value practicality and is patient. Your partner is persistent, logical but have very emotional and soft side inside of them. Your partner is someone who may be a little bit awkward with showing their feelings. They need to be told it is okay to do that. This is someone who has a lot of passion. Trust and intimacy are very important with this person.

Juno in Aquarius / 11th House  - your partner is someone with a hidden emotional side. This is someone who prefers to act in the logical manner. Someone hard-working, precise but very passionate and loving on the inside. Someone who has unique opinion and ideas. Similar to Sagittarius this is someone who can have a completely different background than you and can befriend anyone. Strong, independent mind with lot of acquaintance but a few real friends.

Juno in Pisces / 12th House  - your partner is a unique person. This is someone with a contrast personality. Romantic but logical. Passionate but can be detached. Thoughtful but impulsive. This is someone who always try to see the best in people and help others. Someone sassy, smart and kind. This is someone who can take you to another world but can destroy what they created in the blink of an eye if you do them wrong. Artistic, strong soul. Some astrologers believe that this placement similar to Scorpio also indicates past life karmic bond. 

Juno in the retrograde - when Juno is in the retrograde this person’s desire to have a soulmate may be hidden (they may not believe they exist at all). They may be not showing their interest in having someone, at least not outwardly, they may despise the idea of marriage. They may need a time to realise that they want from their partner and what kind of partner they want. 

Thing is, people had to ask for katie to hug them, which she did happily but when she got on her knees to sign my shirt i whispered my thanks to her for her support of her fans and for what she said about lena, that just because you were raised by bad people and abused doesn’t mean you will become like them and my voice was trembling a bit and my scars were bright on my arms and she just got up and crushed me against her and im kinda stuck on that moment, i left in a daze honestly , that was rude but at the moment i felt like i had to get out

A 31 Day Tarot Challenge for The Month of October, Inspired by The Major Arcana.

I’m bringing this challenge back because it did a lot of good for a lot of people.

If you participated in the past, I invite you to participate again, with the intent of helping you see how much you’ve grown.

If you’ve never taken this challenge, I believe it will provide you with a great amount of personal insight and growth.

Each question has been written with the hopes of helping you gain greater insight into yourself, and the world around you.

Remember, each question may be answered with as many or as few cards as you feel are required. Some answers will easily come from one card, some may require several cards.

I encourage you to photograph your cards and journal your answers with the tag,


1. As I begin this journey into self, where would it be best serving for me to initially focus my energy?

2. What can I expect to creatively manifest within the upcoming days ahead?

3. In order to have prosperity, and a nurturing love for self and others, where should I focus my energy?

4. As I gain greater stability and balance, what should I remember to guard myself from?

5. Is there anything I am considering that I could perhaps make a better decision on later?

6. What is it that my soul craves the most right now?

7. As I draw my focus outward, what do I need to keep in mind in order to maintain a positive outlook?

8. I wish to conquer my fears and live within a state of harmony. In order to make this my reality, what should I focus upon?

9. I will allow myself a day of rest, retreat, and sanctuary. As I remain within quiet refuge, what shall I let be my mantra?

10. What do I need to do I order to be released from that which no longer serves me?

11. At times it can be difficult to find a balance between our desires and our needs. What is it that I desire, and what is it that I need?

12. I release control, and in doing so I am rewarded with new perspective. What is the first thing I notice?

13. How can I be more prepared to deal with loss?

14. In which ways do I connect to my higher self already? Which areas have I yet to venture upon?

15. The journey of healing requires dedication and an open heart, what is the first step I need to take in order to allow myself to heal from the past.

16. Fears flourish within the darkness, what is it that my fears have to reveal to me?

17. That which I do, is that which will come back to me. How can I remember to always keep this in mind?

18. Through the moonlight my intuition radiates, what is it I am not seeing?

19. What are my daily allowances to refresh my body, rest my mind and nurture my spirit?

20. A mirror reveals more than just my reflection. How might I be a negative influence to myself?

21. Have I achieved things in the past year that are in accordance to my life plans? Am I on the right track for success?

22. Change is upon the horizon, what does the future hold for me?

23. How can I use that which the future holds to strengthen myself through the unknown?

24. As a being of peace, and serenity, I make the choice to know only love and light. How can I best maintain this outlook?

25. How do I feel about my image and how other people respond to it? In which ways am I setting examples for people to follow?

26. My shadow self is an extension of my inner layers; how can I begin to peel through to reveal the source of my pain?

27. What ignites my desire to look beyond that which my eyes allow me to see?

28. The veil is thinning this time of the year, what message do my spirit guides have for me?

29. What should I look for in order to connect better with other people?

30. In what ways can I best inspire others around me?

31. I wish to look upon my world with a new perspective, and feel a greater sense of connectivity. In order to make this my reality, where must I focus my energy?

These questions were written by @leelahel, @thecacklingmo0n, and @tarot-dreams.

Venus in the houses

 psa: I have a feeling this has been done a couple times, but I just really love venus and wanted to talk about it! Maybe you’ll like getting my personal insight on it too, idk

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure

Venus in House 1 : Being ruled by the sun (which rules the face among other things) these people are quite good looking. They adore flirting and love to cuddle, kiss and squeeze their friends or partner. It’s in their nature to be touchy and this may accidentally lead people on. They’re cheerful and upbeat people, who are very sympathetic and artistic. They care too much about their looks though, this could lead to insecurity and spending lots of money on such things as plastic surgery, makeup etc…

Venus in House 2 : You are great in social situations and have many connections, and prosper in marriage or artistic jobs. They spend money on things that they find aesthetically pleasing, love beautiful surroundings. This could range from jewelry to surrounding themselves with women or men they find attractive. These individuals are kind and trustworthy during business. They can though, be too extravagant. 

Venus in House 3 : Very artistic placement, and your social life probably involves things such as travelling/road trips etc… This may be how you find love too! Although being naturally positive people and having a knack for being great in writing and speaking; they can be superficial and easily swayed by their feelings. 

Venus in House 4 : Being surrounded by beautiful things is important to you! You are most comfortable at home. This links to the fact that you tend to have happy childhood memories, and are probably attached to ya momther. This placements almost assures you a peaceful end of life. 

Venus in House 5 : This placement is the most likely to have multiple lovers, as they are very romantic and attract people easily. They feel fulfilled when in the spotlight and being social. This can cause you to look vain if it get too much to your head though, so be careful!

Venus in House 6 : You crave a harmonious environment to feel balanced in life, whether it be at home or at work. Although you are most likely to go and get too drunk, your health is good. Since you are usually so yourself in your work place, this may bring a love interest in the same place. You do though have a laziness issue, and let others do the jobs you would prefer not to do, which can pile up and have people see you as someone they don’t want on their team. 

Venus in House 7 : Just like venus in the 6th house, feelings of harmony are a must in marriage and where you work. You tend to really attract the opposite sex, and are affectionate, usually completely fulfilling the needs of your other half. It is likely that you will gain a greatly stable economic situation thanks to your partner. You unfortunately can be resentful though if people do not take the first step. 

Venus in House 8 : Being placed in the 8th house makes love a very intense and desirable matter for you. This may lead you to feel like the romantic type or have many sexual partners. You might feel protective over your loved ones. Circumstances around your death are supposed to be peaceful. You aren’t great at handling your responsibilities. 

Venus in House 9 : You feel fulfilled in a room of people from different backgrounds who are full of different experiences. Very open to new experiences and ideas, this could make you kinky hehe. Possibly will marry a foreigner. Your longing to find differentiation can be unattainable though, making you upset. 

Venus in House 10 : Charm gets you far in life with your peers, and people are intrigued about your faintly distant ways. likely to be popular at work or school. You may have scandalous issues with a partner. 

Venus in House 11 : Known to be a social butterfly, you are charismatic and love people. Through relationships, you prefer taking it slow and are likely to marry someone who’s been your best friend or good friend in the past or present. A worry though is you sometimes confuse friendship with love. 

Venus in House 12 : The most affectionate sign towards their partner mentally. Very selfless placement, and their is the possibility of having a love affair. You dislike showing off your partner, you are private about you two. Their is a danger of having an unhappy marriage. 

Synastry Series: Moon Overlays

Moon in the 1st house:

The house person becomes encompassed by the Moon person’s emotions. Their actions start to derive towards comfort and security of the relationship. The Moon person often expresses their emotions freely to the house person with little excuse. The Moon person provides emotionally thriving interactions, often understanding what the actions of the house person are. The house person’s body language becomes more expressive.

Moon in the 2nd house:

When someone’s Moon falls into another person’s second house, there is a lot of emotional sensuality and predictability that goes into the relationship. The comfort and security of the house person become the main focus of the Moon person. The Moon person may be seen as someone who spends based on wants and whatever emotionally fulfills them, depending on the house person, they can see this as a good or bad thing. Lots of shared cuddles and soft blankets.

Moon in the 3rd house:

Moon in someone else’s 3rd house encourages the house person to become more verbally open about their emotions. Lots of cooperation and friendly supportive nature. The Moon person occupies the 3rd house person’s mind in a way that makes them care deeply. The house person is often found saying “I feel” a lot more around the Moon person. The Moon person comforts the anxious house person.

Moon in the 4th house:

Familiarity and soul connection is felt here. The house person feels like they have found someone who understands them in a way almost no one else can. The Moon person coddles the house person soul with comfort and blankets. They entrap the house person with deep emotional exprencies, the touching of souls is common and psychic receptivity is felt through the heart.

Moon in the 5th house:

Fun times and heartfelt connection. The Moon person becomes a bearer of humor and maternal grounds to the house person. The house person feels like their creativity becomes more intuitive near this person, the heart is sensitive. Quivering to the touch. Loads of emotions are played out in almost theatrical expressions. Laughter and tears are shared from one soul to the other’s heart.

Moon in the 6th house:

Acts of service and emotional support are bound in this synastry. The Moon person becomes one who comforts at an almost daily basis, leaving the house person feeling like their days are emotionally fulfilled (or not, depending on the Moon person). The way the Moon person can go about caring for the house person is through running errands, working, cleaning, and healing the house person.

Moon in the 7th house:

A good synastry for an emotionally balanced relationship. The Moon person activates the house person’s other half by intuitive means. The house person feels as if their missing half is filled through the soul. The two become emotionally understanding companions, the Moon person sheds new insights on emotional issues of the house person, becoming like a problem solver. It’s not intense or extreme, but rather a good marriage synastry, a basic emotional understanding is inevitable.

Moon in the 8th house:

This is a tough pill to swallow in a synastry. The house person now owns the Moon person’s deepest desires and soul. Secrets pour in from the Moon person directly to the house person. The Moon is scared, and almost feels entrapped, but it’s like a horror movie and she keeps coming back for more. It’s possessive and even if the two separate, they still feel a misunderstood way of coming back to each other.

Moon in the 9th house:

A common theme with this synastry is emotional expansion. The Moon person now goes on emotional expenditures with the house person. Traveling through the soul of the house person, the Moon may find a home anywhere with them. Feelings of idealism and joy are effervescent. The house person feels like they are put on a sort of higher being type of pedestal, they feel like they are brought to higher and higher levels in everything.

Moon in the 10th house:

The house person now has a supporting role and partner in their public image. The Moon person becomes like a push for them, supporting their goals and aspirations, especially in business and career. This can be a bit of a traditional relationship, the relationship is really public and may end up being like “trophy wife” or “trophy husband” if it’s a romantic one. The base of emotional security is essential and often provided by both parties, but the Moon person may still feel uncomfortable having such private parts of them exposed like so.

Moon in the 11th house:

The universal best friends, the connection feels cosmic and like a dream that you knew was going to come from the future. The Moon person is supportive of the goals the house person has set for society, and often is there to help them reach it by intuitive means. Often secluding each other from the social scene for times of intimate soulful connection. The feeling like you can both be yourself around each other is really comforting and happy, little judgement is enacted, especially when it comes to your emotions.

Moon in the 12th house:

A bit of a murky synastry for the Moon person. The Moon is naturally a person of passive comforting nature, when they enter the house of subconscious secrets, they feel like their efforts aren’t appreciated and can cause a bit of trust issues in the process because you feel like they’re hiding something. It can create tension because the house person reacts back in suspicion. There’s almost always a sort of uneasy feeling of mistrust. It can be unlocked through the house person simply letting the Moon person into their psyche with little effort for them to exit again.

uranus & your uniqueness

Most people here have their Uranus in Aquarius; sign interpretations are less personal due to the slow-moving nature of Uranus. For more personal insight, look to its house placement in the chart to better understand where your uniqueness manifests most often - here’s a quick cheat sheet

I have (an) erratic … / I am unusual in …

1st 🏠: personality traits / my self expression and how I see the world

2nd 🏠: sense of security and self-worth / my values and principles

3rd 🏠: thinking patterns / how I communicate and learn

4th 🏠: childhood memories / my inner circle and domestic life

5th 🏠: lovers and creative expression / my leisurely interests and talents

6th 🏠: daily routines / how I take care of myself and others

7th 🏠: partnerships & relationship needs / how I connect with others

8th 🏠: legacy & flow of resources / how I form intimate bonds

9th 🏠: spiritual​ beliefs / how I expand my knowledge and horizons

10th 🏠: public persona / how I present myself and what I look for in a career

11th 🏠: group roles / how I belong in my community and circle of friends

12th 🏠: dreams and sleeping habits / my alone time

It’s been all fun and games with me and my tarot cards, but lately I’ve been craving some depth. Some darkness. Some shadow work.

And while that’s not very May-esque, shadows don’t confine themselves to darkness, now do they?

So here is a little challenge if you would like to join in with me. I’ll be using tarot, but oracle cards will work just as well, or a combination therein. Most of the days will be one card pulls, but there are some two and three card questions as well. Feel free to pull more cards if desired.

Many of the questions ask “why” as well as the main question. For the “why” questions, I like to look at the card on the bottom of my deck for the answer.

Feel free to share or do this in private, everyone has their own needs when it comes to personal insights, I’m not going to tell you what to do with yours. Use the tag #shadow of may if you would like to share with us. Starts May 1st.

  1. How do I feel about the idea of “love”?
  2. How do I express love?
  3. How do I treat others | How do I treat myself?
  4. What does “self love” mean to me?
  5. How am I right now?
  6. What am I thinking and feeling? How is my environment?
  7. How do I feel about being alone? Why?
  8. What can solitude help me with?
  9. How do I feel about solitude | How do I feel about loneliness?
  10. What three things makes me happy?
  11. What is limiting my happiness? Why?
  12. How do I deal with criticism?
  13. Where do I gain my confidence?
  14. What do I minimize about myself? What do I flaunt?
  15. How do I perceive pain?
  16. How do others’ pain affect me?
  17. How do I feel about death?
  18. What has been conditioned in me about death?
  19. How can I embrace death?
  20. What provokes me to anger? Why?
  21. How do I show hate?
  22. What is the root of my hatred?
  23. What is my hatred to my energy levels?
  24. How do I express myself?
  25. What three things do I most value?
  26. What is my direction in life? What is my purpose?
  27. How do I feel about my accomplishments?
  28. What makes me feel fulfilled?
  29. How can I learn from my mistakes?
  30. How do I listen? How do I speak?
  31. What do I need to explore?

I need more official content that shows Symmetra’s kind-hearted nature. In all her in-game interactions, we don’t see any of it. Only in the one (1) comic we have of her. We see that her heart is in the right place, and she cares about people and helping them, but Vishkar exploits her talents and desires for their own evil gain while convincing her that she is doing the right thing. And the game just makes her sound like she thinks she’s above everyone else and has no internal conflict with her work. In the comic, Symmetra is clearly conflicted. She is confused. She wants to help people and she believed that that’s what she was doing, but she realized that something was off with Vishkar’s methods. I feel like she isn’t very three-dimensional in the game itself. The single comic we have of her gives her so much life and depth as a character, and it even touches on her being autistic and how she views her abilities through that lens. She is an amazing and complicated character reduced to someone who is only self-righteous.

What Makes a Reading Good?

Originally posted by simplyyysaturn

Alternate title: How Can I Be Confident My Readings Don’t Suck?

This is mostly written with tarot in mind, but I think the sentiment can apply to any type of in-depth divination or metaphysical readings. Here’s some things to look for in readings, and if you are charging a set price for your own readings, things to demand from yourself. 

The information provided in a reading should be…

  • Relevant to the querents’ needs. If somebody comes to you asking about a specific question or topic, the reading should be designed to reflect that. This may mean using a different spread or focusing on details of meaning more relevant to the question than the traditional baseline meaning. (Example, if a querent is asking about money and I’m picking up signs of a new romantic relationship coming soon, it shouldn’t turn into a love reading. Rather, how might entering a new relationship affect ones’ finances?)
  • Abundant. Anybody can go online and find a random tarot card picker with a general description or some key words. If you’re providing a compensated service, your interpretation should have more meat than that. Allow yourself to explain your thought process or speculate on a deeper meaning, instead of regurgitating key words. After all, that speculation and personal insight is what they’re paying you for, otherwise they’d just find the bot! (For reference, I’m trying to give each of these points about the same amount of depth I would want to see in a really good tarot reading for each card.)
  • Nuanced. A lot of us are afraid to get into the details and specifics of an answer because we’re afraid of being wrong, so we just stick to being vague. Throw that out the window. Right now. Being specific HELPS your reading be more accurate, believable, and helpful, because if we’re too conservative with our details it gives the querent nothing to grab onto. Go for the specifics, the details, the things that make the querent say, “okay, I know exactly what that’s talking about.” (Example, what sounds better: “There’s conflict in the future” or “There’s conflict here, my gut says probably butting heads with an authority figure you’ve known for a while. Neither of you is right or wrong, but you’ll just keep wasting your time if you don’t compromise.”)
  • Understandable. Keep in mind that most of your querents will probably not practice the service you’re providing, or if they do they may just be beginners. Don’t shroud your reading in convoluted, arcane talk. If you can, explain some of how you’re getting the answers you getting. That doesn’t mean divulging secrets to your practice, but something like, “These runes are so close together, which to me means they’re working together, and the synthesis of their meanings could mean X.” Really helps a querent feel involved and more confident in your skills as their interpreter. 
  • Applicable. Give the querent knowledge they can walk away with. If you’re doing all of the above steps this is probably happening anyway, but it’s important to keep in mind. You should always be able to answer the question: “What is the best next step for the querent to achieve their goals, once they leave this reading?”  What can they do right now to develop themselves, prepare for success, repair that relationship, etc? Do they have a game plan? Basically, they should be able to take the insight you have provided them with and apply it to their life in a productive way.  

I hope this helps some people assess their own readings, and gives new diviners a better idea of what they should be going for! Did I forget anything important? Let me know your thoughts! 

2019 Forecasts

The beginning of a new year approaches, and so we are officially taking up requests for personalized yearly forecasts for 2019. There’s 3 different types you can order:

01. Major Events and Important Dates with advice to keep in mind
     $25 This analysis will give you the most important dates of the year with personalized descriptions and insight on the evolution of your personality, feelings, ideologies, love & relationships, creativity, energy and your lucky days.

02. Yearly Report (general description of how the year will turn out for you)
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Fly Away |Prologue|

Warnings: Angst

Words: 806

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader(first person)

A/N: Hey there. I really just made this blog to write this story. This is my very first fanfiction. There are going to be a ton of parts, so bare with how slow it will be in the epilogue will be. This part is basically just to give a little background on the character. I’ll be posting the next part soon.


|Part One| |Part Two| 

Most people are raised the same. They are taught to crawl. Just a small thing for when they’re just learning and only beginning to face small, reasonably stupid ordeals. Next, they walk, and if someone who cares about them is there to see it, then they’re most likely being cheered on the whole way through. Allowed and encouraged to fall even. In no time they’re running. Pounding their feet into the earth below as they pick up speed, and the risk of tripping and falling to the harsh is so much more likely. Yet they keep running, cause they love the way the wind feels whipping their hair around your face and the adrenaline pumping through you.

Even then they’re just getting used to life’s get problems, but as a child, just overcoming challenge after challenge, they don’t feel it so intensely as they will in the future. And then those people start jumping. Maybe it’s only a little hop when they start, or maybe a few start of bounding from place to place, but they’re beginning this next part of their life. That’s when things start hitting harder though. People begin tripping so much easier on things so much easier than before. Their leaps turn to falls when they don’t realize the stone that lays just in the way of their landing foot.

These people don’t stop though. They keep jumping and jumping, leaping and falling and tumbling, but they’re getting up. Soon enough their knees stop hitting the ground though and just like before the punches that keep coming at them become softer and not because they’re easier, but because they’ve learned. Then people combine the running and the bounding together so that they can dance with elegance and grace that would seem unfathomable to the younger person they were that was tripping on every brave jump. If they keep learning, they may even end of flying.

That was not the way my life was. I had a moment to learn how to crawl, a second to walk, and a minute to begin running, all without falling before my father forced me to jump and then to fly.

I was introduced to magic at the measly age of one. My father taught me through silent lessons, teaching me the specific hand motions. His only reward to me, if I did good, was that he wouldn’t escape to his room and leave me alone in our dungeon of a home.

I like to think that had my mother still been with us she would’ve taken care of me when I was alone. Her appearance and even her voice was a void to me though and I was left to cry every night that I managed to screw up his “easy” lessons.

I had no mom. I don’t even really think I should still give him the title of dad, but he was all I had. It quickly became my instinct to please him as I got a sense of what I was doing so that I wouldn’t have to be lonely on the tattered couch.

The days that he would be forced to leave to get us food I spent practicing enchantments over and over in my head until I knew them so well that the moment I needed them I could easily conjure up my magic. I read books throughout the night. Asgardian mainly and some from the sorcerer temples on Earth, of which my father never told me how he got them. I advanced as quickly as possible in order to make him happy. By the time I nearly knew more than him.

He pushed me harder than ever those last weeks before my birthday, being surprisingly nurturing even when I messed spells up. Every day he would keep me out of school unlike the rest of the year when he would force me to juggle all my responsibilities. I loved it. I loved his kind face that remained even when I forgot the movement. I loved when he’d lovingly look at me when my spells were perfect and my face was bright.

Then I woke up the next day, on my tenth birthday, to an empty apartment.

He left without so much as leaving a note. My father forced me to fly and left me up in the sky. I didn’t search for him though. I didn’t cry. All I did was get ready and go to school. Every single day for six years. Only focusing on school and magic and not the hole he left in me. Conjuring up fake parents for every stupid conference and high school enrollment day. Not once focusing on how I did everything; every task, every challenge, and how I took every punch life threw at me without even a grimace on his face, and my dad left.




anonymous asked:

I feel that you are very naive when it comes to LGBTQIA issues and that's incredibly disheartening. My old, jaded queer soul has fought hard for a very long time and it's so. damn. sad to me when people within the community play 'devils advocate' because they still want to condone the opposing side. It goes against your own damn people.

(( OOC: I can understand how you might see it that way, but I need to point out what you said.

“-your own damn people.” 

This is where I must strongly disagree with you, and I’ll explain why.

The more you divide, the more you box people into categories, the more you segregate, the more you close yourself off to the world… the more you’ll hinder your own progress and damage your movement. 

Change requires unity. It requires the support of the majority, or it won’t happen. You cannot fight against a tidal wave coming at you. You need help from the opposing side… and you will never get them to listen or agree with you if all you do is shut them down, ignore their reasonings, and villainize and degrade them for not seeing the world the way you do. 

This does not help the situation. No one responds well to anger unless they already agree with you… but you need the people who don’t agree with you to come to a place of understanding if you want to see change happen.

We need to create an atmosphere of discussion, not contention

We need to be willing to ask and see WHY people feel the way they feel, so we can understand, and address it. We need to realize that people can still be good people, and that sometimes they just need to be informed. We need to be patient, because opinions are not changed overnight, and they certainly won’t change if all we do is tell them that they are bad, when that’s what they’ve grown up knowing, and that’s the world they have been presented.

I have seen more change happen, in my own personal life, from having calm, considerate and in depth conversations with the people around me, then I’ve seen from any aggressive attack. 

I have a very religious family. They don’t approve of my lifestyle… but they are very good people, and are very kind to me. They love me, but the way they were raised has left them ignorant on certain topics, and they’ve had a lifetime of reinforcement that’s lead to them feeling this way. That isn’t something that’s easily overcome. 

I once approached my cousin on the topic online, after she posted an article that made me incredibly upset concerning trans issues. When I responded, it didn’t go over well. I was aggressive in my approach, and it spiraled very quickly. 

I saw her in person at our next family get-together. I sat down with her, and we had a long, LONG conversation about the issue. I listened to her side, and how she felt about the topic, and because she expressed that with me I was able to understand where she was coming from, and see how she had come to that conclusion. I countered some of her points, providing her with my personal insights on the topic (all while keeping my wording very clear and compassionate)… and by the end of the conversation, she was agreeing with most of what I said.  

THAT is how you start to create change. But one conversation isn’t enough. 

I grew up very religious… I was anti-LGBT+ rights, because of my surroundings, what I had been taught by my environment, etc. I didn’t even realize I was bi until I left organized religion because I was so repressed… 

I would still be in that situation if my father, who left the church, had not expressed his beliefs with me. I would never have changed if he had not been respectful, and understanding, and loving while discussing those topics with me. He didn’t degrade me, he didn’t belittle me, he listened, and he responded, and he was empathetic. 

It took me THREE YEARS to deprogram from everything I had been taught about LGBT+ (and life in general)… and even then it took me years more until I could become completely comfortable in my own skin. But it happened… and I have healthy communication to thank for that. 

When both parties feel at ease, or at least feel that they are being respected and that their opinions are being taken into consideration, they will be far more likely to grow and expand in their viewpoints and become openminded. The second you approach it in a degrading, hateful, or elitist way, they will shut down, and no progress will be made. 

That is an entirely different fight, and it won’t be won through hate and aggression, or shutting yourself off to hearing different opinions or view points.

It won’t be won from making “camps” or “groups” or, as you put it, “your own people”… they can be there to support, you can create amazing bonds from going through similar experiences… but don’t limit yourself to only associating with one group of people. This often leads to pack mentality, which can prevent people from really thinking for themselves and analyzing situations thoroughly. More often than not, it leads to people simply agreeing with the group because that is where they feel safe… and we’ve seen the terrible results of that in everything from politics to religion to goddam high school cliques. 

It’s not a healthy mentality.   

We have to start creating an environment of open discussion, where people feel they can express themselves without being torn to shreds… or we’ll fester in our ignorance out of spite or fear. If you tear others down, they will fight against you with everything they have. 

So yes… look at both sides of the argument, see the validity that is usually there on both sides, see the reasoning, and stop thinking that your world view is the only right world view, because in some instances, you might be wrong and have something to learn from the other person.

Keep conversations open, keep yourself open, and put empathy first. )) 

MBTI’s Unique Themes


  • Actively solving problems. 
  • Observing how things work. 
  • Talent for using tools for the best approach.
  • Need to be independent. 
  • Act on their hunches or intuitions.
  •  Understanding a situation. 
  • Taking things apart. 
  • Making discoveries.
  •  Sharing those discoveries. 
  • Unsettled by powerful emotional experiences.


  • Taking charge of situations. 
  • Tactical prioritizing. 
  • Talent for negotiating. 
  • Want a measure of their success. 
  • Keep their options open. 
  • Enjoy acting as a consultant.
  • Winning people over. 
  • Caring for family and friends. 
  • Enjoy exhilaration at the edge.
  • Disappointed when others don’t show respect.


  • Taking advantage of opportunities. 
  • Stick with what’s important. 
  • Talent for pulling together what is just right. 
  • Creative problem solving. 
  • Building relationships. 
  • Attracting the loyalties of others. 
  • Being their own true self. 
  • Have their own personal style. 
  • Play against expectations. 
  • Struggle with nurturing their own self-esteem.


  • Stimulating action. 
  • Have a sense of style. 
  • Talent for presenting things in a useful way. 
  • Natural actors—engaging others. 
  • Opening up people to possibilities. 
  • Respect for freedom. 
  • Taking risks. 
  • A love of learning, especially about people. 
  • Genuine caring. 
  • Sometimes misperceive others’ intentions.


  • Drawing up plans and being prepared. 
  • Take responsibility. 
  • Getting work done first. 
  • Being active in the community. 
  • Loyalty to their roles. 
  • Cultivating good qualities.
  • Doing the right thing. 
  • Bear life’s burdens and overcome adversity. 
  • Talented at planning, sequencing, and noticing what’s missing. 
  • Having to learn so much in hindsight is painful at times


  • Talent for bringing order to chaotic situations. 
  • Educating themselves. 
  • Industrious, work-hard attitude. 
  • Balance work with play. 
  • Having a philosophy of life. 
  • Having the steps to success. 
  • Keeping up traditions. 
  • Being well-balanced. 
  • Connecting their wealth of life experiences. 
  • Often disappointed when perfectionistic standards for economy and quality are not met.


  • Noticing what’s needed and what’s valuable. 
  • Talent for careful and supportive organization. 
  • Know the ins and outs. 
  • Enjoy traditions. 
  • Work to protect the future.
  •  Listening and remembering. 
  • Being nice and agreeable. 
  • Unselfish willingness to volunteer. 
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Exasperated when people ignore rules and don’t get along.


  • Accepting and helping others. 
  • Managing people. 
  • Hearing people out. 
  • Voicing concerns and accommodating needs. 
  • Admire the success of others. Remember what’s important. 
  • Talented at providing others with what they need. 
  • Keep things pleasant. 
  • Maintaining a sense of continuity. 
  • Accounting for the costs. 
  • Often disappointed by entrepreneurial projects.


  • Maximizing achievements. 
  • Drive for self mastery. 
  • Build a vision. 
  • Very long-range strategizing. 
  • Realizing progress toward goals. 
  • Systems thinking. 
  • Talent for seeing the reasons behind things. 
  • Being on the leading edge.
  •  Maintaining independence. 
  • Find it difficult to let go in interacting with others.


  • Being a leader. 
  • Maximize talents. 
  • Marshal resources toward progress. 
  • Intuitive explorations.
  • Forging partnerships. 
  • Mentoring and empowering. 
  • Talent for coordinating multiple projects. 
  • Balance peace and conflict. 
  • Demonstrates predictive creativity. 
  • Often overwhelmed by managing all the details of time and resources.


  • Becoming an expert. 
  • Seeing new patterns and elegant connections. 
  • Talent for design and re-design. 
  • Crossing the artificial bound- aries of thought. 
  • Activate the imagination. 
  • Clarifying and defining. 
  • Making discoveries. 
  • Reflect on the process of thinking itself. 
  • Detach to analyze. 
  • Struggle with attending to the physical world.


  • Being inventive.
  • Talented at building prototypes and getting projects launched. 
  • Enjoys lifelong learning. 
  • Enjoy the creative process. 
  • Share their insights about life’s possibilities. 
  • Strategically formulate success. 
  • An inviting host. 
  • Like the drama of the give and take. 
  • Trying to be diplomatic. 
  • Surprised when their strategizing of relationships becomes problematic.


  • Personal growth. 
  • Sustain the vision. 
  • Honoring the gifts of others. 
  • Taking a creative approach to life. 
  • Talent for foreseeing.
  •  Exploring issues. 
  • Bridging differences and connecting people.
  • Practical problem solving.
  • Living with a sense of purpose. 
  • Living an idealistic life often presents them with a great deal of stress and a need to withdraw.


  • Communicate and share values. 
  • Succeeding at relationships. 
  • Realizing dreams—their own and others. 
  • Seek opportunities to grow together. 
  • Heeding the call to a life work or mission. 
  • Enjoying the creative process. 
  • Intuitive intellect. 
  • Reconcile the past and the future. 
  • Talent for seeing potential in others. 
  • Often find living in the present difficult.


  • Going with the flow. 
  • Knowing what is behind what is said. 
  • Uncovering mysteries. 
  • Exploring moral questions. 
  • Talent for facilitative listening. 
  • Relate through stories and metaphors. 
  • Balancing opposites. 
  • Getting re-acquainted with themselves. 
  • Have a way of knowing what is believable. 
  • Struggling with structure and getting their lives in order.


  • Inspiring and facilitating others. 
  • Exploring perceptions. 
  • Talent for seeing what’s not being said and voicing unspoken meanings. 
  • Seek to have ideal relationships. 
  • Recognize happiness. 
  • Living out stories.
  • Want to authentically live with themselves. 
  • Respond to insights in the creative process. 
  • Finding the magical situation. 
  • Restless hunger for discovering their direction.

(From the book “Neuroscience of Personality: Brain Savvy Insights For All Types of People” by Dario Nardi)