personal worst

it was the staircase that did it; the way the house  slept
so quietly.  i cut my thumb on the shower door and had
a dream i fell down down down and busted my head open
on the tile. i bled and

it sleeps. it sleeps. it sleeps. how many secrets do you keep
locked inside closets, behind walls mice make their homes,
under rotting bedsheets and behind dusting wheelchairs?
you keep them so well. who

glued your mouth shut, and how can i unhinge your jaw until
you spill out the history i have sought out for years? you, you
sleep so deeply, your lightbulbs flicker when you dream and
you dream

so often.

—  and it sleeps 2.27.17

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Lath is 2 lovable it’s a Real Threat

also begs the question how did the Worst Person in the clan manage 2 score a Literal Angel??????????

(lbr it’s bc he’s willing 2 hold bloody organs for her while she inspects them)

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Hi Mandy! The liveshow -Sweaty Danny, at 39:50 when he talked about someone saying phil might be autistic than he went on about someone diagnosing him having a blood disease. What do you think his point was bringing that up? He went on a tangent there and i felt confused.

Okay I apologize for this taking a couple days to get to, I was waiting until I had a chance to rewatch and look at the notes that liveshow. 

“Phil was the worst person, anyone that has ever played this game— he’s okay, because you see that he was trying to draw something, he’s just a special person that thinks outside the box and doesn’t quite approach things the way you’d expect. I saw someone [say Phil was slightly autistic], oh my God, people diagnosing people with illnesses on the internet, I can’t. 

I kind of live for it and it makes me want to die. I remember once on 4chan someone was trying to diagnose me with some weird disease of the blood and I’m like, "Bruh, what is— no. If you’re not a doctor, you shouldn’t just diagnose people with stuff.”

He did the very Dan thing of interrupting himself mid-sentence with an entirely different tangent fairly unrelated to what he’d been talking about - except, obviously, in his mind it was related somehow, and I get how… the discussion being about Phil’s type of lateral thinking being a handicap in the kind of game where you’re supposed to guess the most popular answer. The autistic Phil thing is not something I’d heard of before so I don’t think it’s a recent fandom trend to speculate on. I guess whenever, wherever it was that Dan saw that it really stuck in his mind? 

It feels like he started talking about that in his unfiltered way then realized how defensive of Phil he was coming across and linked it with a similar story about himself. As far as the blood disease itself, I wonder if someone just saw him talking about having orthostatic hypotension (which he has done on twitter, and I think in tabinof?) and assumed because it had to do with blood that it was a blood disease? It seems like an entirely different kind of speculation than people thinking Phil might be autistic which is entirely behavior based and not based on something Phil actually said.

But either way: I think the speculation about Phil does bother Dan quite a lot, I think he was giving an honest reaction to it but it ends up being a bit for a confusing jumble. Dan obviously feels like he can make fun of Phil completely for being really bad at that game, but he didn’t like other people speculating on why Phil was bad at it or in general bad at things like that. 

“i wish there were more non-bar lgbt spaces”

me, nodding: ok, good, alcoholism is a big problem in our community, plus not everyone drinks + under 21s can have a hard time finding places to meet

“…bc the lgbt community is so ~sexual~/gay bars are Dirty/it’s gross :(/it’s acephobic/they’re harmful to children”

me, recoiling: bad fucking content,

the worst part about tumblr is that whenever a blog i follow gets into a new fandom and its all over my dash i’m so tempted to just watch one episode and i’m convinced it won’t be a big deal but then the show ends up being super good and i watch the whole series and it’s just like guys my life is already controlled by too many fandoms i don’t have time for any more yet here i am how is this my life

Neurotypicals giving comfort is literally the worst/most hilarious thing. Some of my favourites are:

“It will get better! In a months time you won’t even be thinking about this so just smile!”

“I felt suicidal once too but I thought about *insert minuscule thing* and told myself to keep going, and I’ve felt so much better ever since!”

And the all time best:

“You’re such a lucky person! You have so much that other people would kill for! Why be suicidal when you can be happy!”