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lana’s video for Love actually made me tear up at the point where the camera zooms in on her eye and we can see the glittering cosmos reflected back at us. this video might just be a cool aesthetic piece, or it might be the perfect conceptualisation of what it feels like to be “young and in love.” falling in love makes you believe in crazy things. logic is the monopoly of single people, who tell us that falling in love is an amalgam of coincidence and compatibility and social conditioning. everybody knows this - until you fall in love, of course. then the truth of the universe is unveiled to you. lovers emerge from the earthly dark into the loving glow of the sunlight. love transcends us far above the world; to a place where time ceases to exist, and the only gravitational pull is the infinite string between two beating hearts. suddenly, you see that every event in your life has been a stepping stone leading you to this person. all those whims and free choices, were actually the intricate weaving of the stars. and now that you have found this person, the soul that was born of the same stuff yours was, it feels like all the planets are aligned; the music of the spheres rings in concordant harmony; and your place in the universe is no mistake - all this time, you were made with intention. and with that realisation, comes the recognition of divinity. from thereon, every mundane moment - going down to the coffee shop, playing video games - is celestial. you navigate through the universe with new eyes, filled with awe and reverence. it might be a senseless theory, but it doesn’t matter that all of this is beyond human comprehension. it doesn’t matter that the people who manage to hold onto their sanity tell us we’re crazy. as lana puts it, so perfectly simple, it’s enough to be young and in love.

Impeachment Inevitable

Salon: Trump has been trying to govern by impulse, on whim, for personal retribution, for profit, by decree ― as if he had been elected dictator. It doesn’t work, and the wheels are coming off the bus. After a week!

Impeachment is gaining ground because it is the only way to get him out, and because Republicans are already deserting this president in droves, and because the man is psychiatrically incapable of checking whether something is legal before he does it.

Impeachment is gaining ground because it’s so horribly clear that Trump is unfit for office. The grownups around Trump, even the most slavishly loyal ones, spend half their time trying to rein him in, but it can’t be done [read on]


So I have another theory.. (I honestly have a lot of theories, but this was actually my first one..) What if Silver is Harley? I have three girls who could possibly be Harley, and those girls are Silver, Lee, and Barbara (please no, I love her character, but I really don’t want her to be Harley). I know it’s far fetched , because Silver St Cloud is already a character in the comics.. but I can always hope lol. I mean the show can change things around if they want. I mean it’s far fetched but not that far fetched if you think about it.

She can change her personality on a whim.. she’s an excellent manipulator. When she’s with Bruce she’s kind, timid, etc. But when she’s by herself or with Theo and Tabitha she’s self-confident, and cold. But she’s not completely heartless.. She can be nice.

Like for example, when she thought Bruce was being tortured she was screaming for them to stop. She also tried to stop Theo from killing him. So she can be manipulative but she also still has a heart. She told Bruce in her last episode “you can’t even imagine the things I’ve done. There’s no hope. There’s no going back to normal life.”

She hasn’t shown a crazy side yet, as far as I know, but from what I remember Harley doesn’t start acting crazy until after she meets Joker (Jerome). ‘You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.’ Even though she wasn’t on there but seven episodes (same amount as Jerome) we still knew her character for a while. I think they could have meant this in a variety of different ways. Like maybe the character that is going to play Harley has been on the show a long time (Like Barbara and Lee), we just didn’t recognize her as Harley. Or maybe the character was shown a few times (definitely more than an extra, but maybe less than an regular) and we didn’t recognize them as Harley (Like Silver). 

The writers also said that the person is somehow connected to ‘the joker cult world’. Jerome and Silver haven’t met yet, due to Theo killing him.. but she was connected to Theo and Tabitha as was Jerome, therefore she is connected to the ‘joker cult world’. Also the last time we saw Silver was when Tabitha pushed her out the window (remember when Joker pushes Harley out the window? Coincidence? Probably.) Anyway we don’t know where she went or anything, all we know is she’s still alive. She could have went to School somewhere, she could still be in Gotham, or anything. But the point is she’s still alive. The writers could have killed her off, so why didn’t they? So they could bring her back.

I know in the comics Silver is supposed to have this off and on relationship going with Bruce, but Bruce strictly told her “Silver, I don’t love you. I pity you.” and I think he even said “I have no feelings towards you what so ever.” Or something along those lines. So I don’t see them getting back together (not that they were even really together in the first place.) Since her and Jerome haven’t met yet the writers have the perfect opportunity to bring her back and introduce them the right way.. or close to it.

Another thing, On Harley’s shirt in Suicide Squad it says ‘Daddy’s Little Monster.’ .. Silver’s in an episode on Gotham called ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’. Plus she’s blonde and though she doesn’t have blue eyes (I don’t think that really matters anyway) she has the rest of the appearance of Harley. She’s also closest to Jerome’s age.. which I heard Harley is younger so she fits the description once again.

Let’s not forget that Alfred called her a little minx.. and what does the Joker call Harley a lot? “You clever little minx.”  Another coincidence? Probably lol.

Also the writers said Harley is appearing in this season’s finale.. Once again this could be taken in different ways.. Like the character turning crazy and turning into Harley (Like making the costume and all that.) But the way I took it though is Harley is gonna appear, like she’s gonna show up in Gotham. The only person we’ve seen on the show that could be Harley, that could just show up is Silver.

Also as you can see in the picture above, Natalie (the actress) does Aerial yoga.. which she would have to be at least a little flexible. So if she was to become Harley, she could probably pull off the expert gymnast part.. at least with a little practice.

So I think Harley is either Silver or Lee. Maybe Barbara, but she’s too much of an obvious choice and too much doesn’t add up with her. Who do you all think is Harley?  

this has been on my mind the past few days, don’t ever let anyone look down on you for reinventing who you are. change for the better, become a more full and realized version of your past self. remake your entire personality at your own whims if need be, you are your own and you owe it to nobody to be who you were yesterday, last week, a month ago. the past is just the past, and getting bogged down by who you used to be does nothing but upset. shed your past and become someone new. nobody can stop you from becoming who you see yourself becoming, your happiness is the most important thing in this world and nothing will be able to stop that. so go ahead and go by a new name, dress differently, make new friends. go out there and take hold of who you are by figuring out where you want to be, who you want to be. not even the past has the ability to drag you down if you don’t let it. you define what you want and you have the right to claim it. you owe it to no one to stay who you have been

Jimin x Reader

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This was a given request by a follower, so of course I had to write it up. It reaches 3,545 words, which is pretty cool. It’s angsty, but I made it a little fluffy since I had some leverage on a part of it.

Prompt: Your Jimin’s girlfriend, and you’ve been getting harassed by his fans. It’s become so terrible that they even managed hurt you while you were outside of your house, sending you to the hospital with minor injuries. You love Jimin, really, but it was becoming too much.

Enjoy! Especially @yanghyunsukmyass , who requested it!

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person of interest + craigslist personals

uh psychology is like a real complex disciplinary thing and your doctor that went through years of intense training probably knows more than you. your licensed psychologist isn’t Neurotypical Scum for telling you to spend time outside more or do certain mental exercises if you have depression… also you don’t even know the medical histories of these people. my therapist told me to do breathing exercises and sing songs in my head to help with anxiety and i was internally doubting the effectiveness before i even tried it when she confided in me and told me about her own experience with severe anxiety and how that helped. what is the point of regarding the useful resource for help that is psychological care as bad or incompetent on personal whim

Hi, dolls!

The time has come for another hideous follow forever. I’m superlate with this, but at least it’s done, I guess. 
Follow forevers are curious creatures, because you usually celebrate something with them - you either reached a milestone or it’s holiday-time/birthday, and you include all the blogs you are following, all your friends, amazing mutuals, cool graphic-makers, fanfictions writers, fanartists etc, to show how much you appreciate their presence on your dash. With this post, I would like to thank all the blogs I’m following and I would like to express my gratitude to all the blogs who decided to follow me - I might not follow you back, but I check my notifications regularly, I know that you guys are here with me. Now that I’m over the sentimental part, I would like to wish a happy new year to everyone - let’s hope for the best on 2016, né?

Couldn’t include all 335 blogs I’m following right now, but you can always check my blogroll - every blog has an amazing individual behind it ^^

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Trusting takes a different kind of energy. It takes showing up, despite your moods or personal whims. It is not inventing opportunities out of nowhere, but being obedient to respond to them as they come across your path. It’s waking up, silencing insecurity, and taking steps forward even when you don’t know how it will turn out. It means adjusting expectations at times, when reality doesn’t look like the “dream” from your head. It is moving forward in anticipation, without knowing exactly what lies ahead.
—  Allison Vesterfelt
u’ve heard of jen, now get ready for

me. hello.

this is very scary for me to be doing, but i am trying out the name julien, but you can all call me jules.

lately ive been dealing with a lot of dysphoria around my name, coupled with an anxiety abt thinking ppl are talking to/about me. this is a long time coming, i feel, but this is it now.

please, from now on refer to me as jules (or julien if u wish) ((jules is the nickname tho)) and if u could send this around so ppl will know.

ps. knowing me, i may revert back to my birthname, so stay alert i guess?????? thanks guys. 

ppl who are like “and they won’t die!” as a reason boomers are evil… please think about what you’re saying for like two seconds. you’re condemning an entire generation of human beings who haven’t even reached life expectancy yet, for daring to be alive when you would prefer they all just dropped dead early according to your personal whim

how ghoulish can you be tbh. i hope no one has the power you want, to decide when an entire age group deserves to die, when we’re old

All right. Listen up.

No one is forcing you to watch this show. No one. You are not Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange.

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If you don’t like the direction the show is taking, you literally do not have to turn it on.

If you’ve only been watching out of the hope for a specific ship and it’s not the one that happened, you can walk away. I’m sure if things change you’ll hear about it and you can come running back. 

If you think your favorite character is being “mistreated” (and I use quotation marks because while everyone on the show has problems, they also get treated incredibly well. They have wonderful lives that the average kid their age only dreams of) then you can walk away. 

If you don’t like the main character of the show and find her personality not to your liking, then you damn well better walk away because no amount of bitching is going to change who the show is being written about. 

The only person whose whims the show is written to directly please and satisfy is Michael Jacobs. It’s his show. Yes, he wants a happy audience, but the audience is broad, and he pleases a lot more people being true to what he wants and creating a quality product then telling a story he doesn’t believe in.

So I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but that’s life. You’re not that special and you can get your entertainment elsewhere. 

Nobody is forcing you to watch it, so stop trying to ruin everyone else’s enjoyment just because you’re bitter and petty. Walk away and find a show that better suits your needs if it makes you so angry. The show isn’t going to change because you throw temper tantrums like spoiled toddlers.