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The implication of Owen Lars not recognising C3PO in New Hope is that he doesn’t associate with droids or value their personalities enough to remember them when they get slightly different paint jobs

They say that if

She dyes her hair after you break up,
Y'all ain’t getting back together.
Ya girl done dyed her hair,
Got a piercing she said she never would,
Got tattooed on a whim,
And even got new silverware for her house.
You’re not even remotely coming back into my life.

i lov how jenna marbles genuinely listens to feedback

like her bf posted a vlog abt a hamster they got n they showed the frankly awful setup n ppl were in the comments telling em to get a better cage n husbandry n stuff
n now she uploaded her main vid n was like “k this is what we did to the best of our abilities, thanks for the feedbackon the vlog, we’re gonna keep u updated and change his setup asap”

which is like

real cool

The hazards of dating a phantom thief

A parody of this post

Wait a freaking minute.. Holy shit this is a big clue! Natalie has never posted about Cameron or anything to do with him.. Not only that but she captioned it saying Jerome and Silver (their characters instead of their actual names) even though I’m for Lee being Harley, another part of me really wants Silver to be Harley. I’m stuck between the two, because Silver was my very first (dead set) guess on who I thought was Harley. Then I suspected Barbara for maybe like a day. And then I suspected Lee for quite a while, I still do. I honestly want it to either be Lee or Silver. Actually the thought of Silver being Harley excites the shit out of me. If what everyone is saying about Lee is true, then Natalie is definitely the only other person I would accept as Harley. I’m still standing by my theory of Lee, but I’m also standing by my theory of Silver. I will be happy with either. Natalie is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL and she is younger than Cameron. She’s also at that right age with Selina and Ivy. So if the writers were to stick to the whole Joker being older thing, she would fit perfectly. She also connects to the facts that the writers hinted. ‘She might be a character that you thought you had met and known for a long time’.. Silver was in seven episodes. This is enough episodes to not be a regular or extra, but also enough for us to get to know her. Also 'she will be connected to the joker cult world’ She hasn’t yet met Jerome (which could be an advantage! Just imagine them meeting for the first time) but Jerome’s boss was her step uncle, who she was working for as well. The writers said that Harley’s appearance on the show is gonna be crazy, crazy enough to be the launching point for season 4. Silver returning could be pretty crazy.. Especially since it never showed us what happened to her after she got pushed out the window. Also Natalie herself has the appearance of Harley and she is very flexible. This means she could definitely pull off Harley’s gymnastics skills. Also silver can change her personality on a whim. Like Jerome can change his facial expressions on a whim, she can change her personality on a whim according on who she’s with. With Bruce she can make herself appear to be kind and timid. When she’s by herself or with Theo and Tabitha she’s cold and self-confident. I have wayyy more reasons, but I honestly can’t think of them right now because I’m so sleepy that my eyes are barely able to stay open. So I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense. But I’m definitely rooting for Silver or Lee to be Harley. Her post makes me so happy. Lee and Silver are my Harley’s 💖💖💖

Iron Fist:  Real Racism

So I’ve read several reviews of Iron Fist and many, either in the review or prior, made statements about how Danny Rand being white is racist.  I’ve come to an actual conclusion on this.

Netflix’s Iron Fist does have something you could conceive as racist in it.

No, it isn’t about Danny.  And if ANYONE actually cared about racism, rather than tearing down white people, I’d actually take their critiques seriously.  But I have yet to hear this argument.  AT ALL.

So what is this issue in Iron Fist that I’d actually accept as racist, if that argument was made?

The inherent blending of The Hand, The Immortal Weapons, Gao and Kun’lun.

The Hand is Japanese.  They’re ninjas, use Japanese Kanji and their leadership are Japanese.

Kun’lun, and the majority of Iron Fist, deals with CHINESE concepts.  Chinese martial arts, Chinese philosophy, Kun’Lun is located around the Tibet-China region.  Gao’s actress is from Hong Kong.

So why is the inherently Japanese Hand now the mortal enemies of the Chinese area Kun’lun?  Why is The Hand, who are goddamn ninjas, learning Kung Fu and Drunken Boxing style?  

And why is Gao, who in Daredevil Season 1 is portrayed as separate from The Hand and who speaks Mandarin, now a Hand agent?  Why is the Bride of Nine Spiders a member of The Hand?

The Immortal Weapons, Kun’lun, and The Hand are different.  Danny didn’t even really FIGHT The Hand until well into his Heroes for Hire days and, in the comics, post Shadowland.

I have NEVER seen anyone make these arguments that by shoving all of these together, they’re effectively creating a homogeneous “Asian” category that interchanges between Chinese martial arts, Japanese ninjas and Tibetan monks almost on a whim.  

Personally?  I don’t take too much umbrage with this.  But I thought the people so concerned about racism that they’d boycott or penalize the show would’ve actually picked up on it.  So why didn’t they?

Well, for starters, lets get out of the way that these dipshits don’t care about racism.  They care about an easy way to show everyone who progressive they are and bitching about Danny being white is perfect for that.  Low risk.  Danny is white and it poses no problem to shit on a white person, whereas going after depictions of Asian people might actually open somebody, often white themselves, to a barrage of counter attacks.

Or we could also go with option 2.  They’re racist themselves.  After all, when you consider all black people to be the same, all white people to be the same, why should asian people be different?  Putting them all into one group won’t be hard, so why should they care?  

While I personally don’t much care, if these reviewers even deigned to mention that they’re turning The Hand into a “Homogeneous Asian Villain” or that a society of goddamn ninjas turned to Drunken Boxing style, Kung Fu and being at war with a Tibetan Mystical Nation, I MIGHT have bought that they were actually concerned with racism and not just trying to point score. 

lana’s video for Love actually made me tear up at the point where the camera zooms in on her eye and we can see the glittering cosmos reflected back at us. this video might just be a cool aesthetic piece, or it might be the perfect conceptualisation of what it feels like to be “young and in love.” falling in love makes you believe in crazy things. logic is the monopoly of single people, who tell us that falling in love is an amalgam of coincidence and compatibility and social conditioning. everybody knows this - until you fall in love, of course. then the truth of the universe is unveiled to you. lovers emerge from the earthly dark into the loving glow of the sunlight. love transcends us far above the world; to a place where time ceases to exist, and the only gravitational pull is the infinite string between two beating hearts. suddenly, you see that every event in your life has been a stepping stone leading you to this person. all those whims and free choices, were actually the intricate weaving of the stars. and now that you have found this person, the soul that was born of the same stuff yours was, it feels like all the planets are aligned; the music of the spheres rings in concordant harmony; and your place in the universe is no mistake - all this time, you were made with intention. and with that realisation, comes the recognition of divinity. from thereon, every mundane moment - going down to the coffee shop, playing video games - is celestial. you navigate through the universe with new eyes, filled with awe and reverence. it might be a senseless theory, but it doesn’t matter that all of this is beyond human comprehension. it doesn’t matter that the people who manage to hold onto their sanity tell us we’re crazy. as lana puts it, so perfectly simple, it’s enough to be young and in love.

im too tired rn to write a fully thought out post about it but i feel the need to put out there that i find the notion that big mom thinking pudding’s third eye is creepy is ridiculous… be ridiculous tbh

this is the person who has murdered her own kids, who consistently beats up one of them for looking like another one she hates, who claims to love all species but hates giants, who has a very odd and particular taste in things (like brook, for instance).  big mom is a hypocrite and an asshole and operates entirely on whim and personal taste.  i think it’s completely believable that she’d dislike pudding’s third eye.

not to mention i’ve seen the notion tossed around that there was no foreshadowing to she/pudding not liking pudding’s third eye, but that’s….simply not true.  the whole assassination plan was based around pudding and big mom thinking pudding’s third eye is ugly and monstrous, since they intended to shock sanji with how “hideous” it is.

so yeah.  idk.  im not a fan of the twist myself but i don’t think big mom disliking pudding’s eye is at all ooc, nor do i think any of this came out of nowhere.

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Outlaw Queen + “Come home with me.” Please and thank you!

A/N: This one turned out to be just on this side of Mature. (AKA a bit stronger in the sensuality department.)


She likes his smile, the way it splits his face, dimples piercing deep into his cheeks. His voice is soft, British, rasping over her skin, leaving feathery chills in its wake. He asks questions, blue eyes fixed on hers as if each word she speaks is rapture. (Robin is his name; she likes that, too.) She lets him buy the next round, though she’s never allowed herself to become beholden to any man for any reason–particularly a stranger she’s just met at a bar. But she thinks he won’t play the tit-for-tat game. He’s too open, too guileless; a refreshing change from her world of false geniality laced with poison–all in the name of professionalism.

She sips the whiskey he’s chosen and listens as he talks of his young boy, as he admits the heartache of having to split time with his ex-wife, though he would never dream of interfering with their special mother-son bond. “Roland still comes first for both of us,” he explains, and she decides that she’ll tell him about her own shared custody agreement with Henry’s birth mother–that her son’s away with the other woman for a week. (The longest she’s been apart from him.) She’ll give her new acquaintance this cherished piece of herself because he makes her feel safe. Because the alcohol courses warmly through her veins, relaxing her defenses.

She likes the casual brush of his hand against hers, the way he laughs at some anecdote about single-parenthood. The way he’s inched closer to her, propped his head against his palm, elbow on the bar. His gaze dips to her mouth–fleetingly–but it’s enough. She’s beginning to forget what brought her here in the first place. This is a better distraction than she had originally planned. There are thoughts she doesn’t let herself think, but she thinks them now. Her pulse thrums like a wild hummingbird and her fingers quiver only a little as she caresses the lion coat-of-arms tattooed on the inside of his wrist. She’s assaying the tension curling between them and smiles at the way he bites his lip in response.

There’s a story of his time in the service, edited for her benefit, she’s certain. But her attention is latched onto his fingertips grazing the shell of her ear when he pushes a lock of her hair back. She traces a line across his jaw, appreciating the faint beard there. That, too, seems more honest than the clean-shaven businessmen who cross her path daily. They are vipers hidden inside of pretty plastic mannequins, but the man in front of her is so incredibly human. She can’t stop touching him. His flesh is a wonder.

She likes that he escorts her outside after last call, holds her steady with her arm twined in his. She’s a little drunk–but not on alcohol. (She hasn’t had enough to dull her good sense.) She’s drunk on possibilities. She’s drunk with the sound of his dusky timbre. She doesn’t hail a cab, not yet. Neither does he. Instead, he takes her cheeks in his hands, presses his lips against hers. It’s tender, a tentative question seeking an answer. He pulls back before she can reply with the awakening heat smoldering in her belly.

“Sorry,” he says with a rueful grin. “I don’t normally do this.”

“Me, too.”

It’s the only warning she gives him before she draws him back down to her, slants her mouth over his, wet and hungry, to erase any doubt he might have of her interest. He grasps the fine fabric of her dress at her hip, tugs her into him as he fists his other hand in her hair and breathes her in. Everything becomes suddenly sharp, alive when she parts her lips and he accepts the invitation.

They choose his place; it’s closer and the thought of him in her bed is too personal, too intimate for what they are about to do. His apartment is smaller, but lived in. He drags a hand through his hair, hurries to tidy the few toys dotting his living room and mutters sheepishly that he wasn’t planning on company tonight. She laughs quietly at his charming embarrassment and tells him that it’s fine. It’s perfect. She doesn’t tell him that it’s because of clumsy, candid display that she’ll go through with their impulsive arrangement. She reaches for his hand, pries the Hot Wheels car from his fingers and sets it on the coffee table.

“Show me your room,” she asks with a boldness belied by the pounding behind her sternum.

He steps toward her, transforming from slightly befuddled single father to starved lover. His pale eyes are hooded, a ghost of avarice painted in his smile as if she’s become the only prize he could ever want, and her sinews grow elastic at his unfettered desire. “As the lady wishes,” he breathes over her lips.

She likes that he takes his time, but he’s not too timid. There’s a languid equilibrium between them as they kiss, as he unzips her dress, following the descent with his other hand trailing against the bare skin of her back, as she pulls his Henley over his head. He lets her savor the hard lines of his bare chest, the firmness of his abs. He worships her softness in like manner with lips and tongue chasing after fingertips.

He listens to her, follows her cues as though they are the road map to paradise. She hasn’t had a profuse companion like this, not since Daniel, and she tramps down the memory, blinks back the sudden burning in her eyes. She’s not quick enough to hide the brief aberration.

Robin pauses, brows pulled together with concern. “We can stop,” he offers.

“Don’t stop,” she whispers with a shake of her head. She pushes him over when he hesitates, straddles his hips and takes his mouth in a yawning kiss. She’s relieved when he’s once more lost to his voracious want.

Tears threaten again when he brings her to the precipice and sends her soaring, but it’s not regret that makes her face damp. It’s gratitude. He doesn’t know–he can’t–that she needed this tonight. She needed him. His expression is both gratified and confused as he collects the briny wetness on her cheek. She gives him a tender kiss to allay any worries stirring in his mind.

She likes that he offers her something to drink afterward. She pads after him to the kitchen, wearing his shirt, enjoying his lopsided grin and disheveled hair. (She did that.) He warms milk for hot chocolate, and she sits on one of the stools at the breakfast counter. They talk about nothing and everything. Their alma maters, the best age to start swimming lessons, favorite bands of the 90′s, and it’s unencumbered. Natural. She should be unsettled, but it’s only one night–a fleeting step outside of her life. He kisses the dollop of whipped cream off of her lips, laughs when she wraps her legs around his torso and encourages him to take them back to the bedroom.

She waits until he falls into a deep sleep before she gingerly extricates herself from his arms. (He snores; it’s muted and oddly endearing.) She wants to linger, but it isn’t a good idea. This has been a lovely game of pretend, she tells herself, though the peace she’s felt, the diaphanous sigh of happiness in her chest seems very real. These are thoughts she never thinks, however. She can’t.

She leaves her card on his nightstand on a whim, her personal number scribbled on the back with a thank you. This is dangerous, but she can’t bring herself to cut all ties, not yet. She hopes he won’t call. (She hopes he will.)

On the cab ride home, she turns on her phone. There are dozen texts and messages from Mary Margaret, from Emma, from Henry. She understands how worried they would have been, but they weren’t what she needed. She didn’t need to mark this anniversary with yet another tearful memorial of what she should have had but was stolen from her by a drunk driver more than a decade ago. This time, she wanted to forget. She wanted to live in a moment where her perpetual grief didn’t exist, where the wisp of second chances was within reach.

But the moment has passed and it’s now time to return to reality.

Silver Theory

Okay so last night I was way too tired to really post about all this, but now I’m wide awake. So let me start by saying that the things I post on here are just my theories, so don’t freak out or anything because nothing is confirmed. I know I probably confuse a lot of you because I always have different theories, but I honestly can’t help it. Silver was the very first character that I truly believed was Harley. Then I started to see Lee showing lots of characteristics of Harley, and it made me kind of doubt that Silver was. I didn’t doubt Silver because of Lee, I doubted her because she wasn’t posting about Gotham and she was no longer on the show and there were no hints of her coming back on the show or anything. I’m honestly conflicted because I truly believe either Silver or Lee is Harley. It’s a really tough choice because I absolutely love Lee (Morena), but I absolutely love Silver (Natalie) too! Honestly, I will be happy if either of the two is Harley. A lot of people wanted reasons that she could possibly be Harley, and now I’m awake enough to answer. Just be warned, this post might be a bit long.

Reason number one: She can change her personality on a whim.

When she was with Bruce she made herself appear to be kind and timid, etc. But when she was alone, or with Theo and Tabitha she was cold and self-confident. But she’s not completely heartless. She can be nice when she wants to be. Like for example, when she thought Bruce was being tortured she was screaming for them to stop. She also tried to stop Theo from killing him. So she can be manipulative but she also still has a heart. Harley is kind of the same way. She’s a bad guy but she still has a heart. If I remember correctly Harley and Ivy saved a little girl that I think was getting abused. I honestly don’t remember it that well. So both Silver and Harley can be mean, but also still have a heart.

Silver’s personality when manipulating Bruce.

Silver’s true personality.

Reason number two: Her character in the show doesn’t match the one in the comics AT ALL.

Silver in the comics isn’t related to the Galvan’s in any way. She is also supposed to be one of the first people to figure out Bruce is Batman. Silver is known to be a seductress in both the comics and the show.. well Silver in the comics seduces Bruce for sexual reasons. Silver in the show seduces Bruce to manipulate him for her Uncle. Two totally different reasons. I know in the comics she is supposed to have this off and on relationship with Bruce, but Bruce strictly told her “Silver, I don’t love you. I pity you.” And I think he even said, “I have no feelings for you what so ever.” Or something along those lines. So I don’t see them getting back together (Not that they were even really together in the first place.) Go look Silver St Cloud up, you’ll see her comic version and TV version doesn’t match at all.

Reason number three: ‘You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.’

Silver hasn’t shown a crazy side yet, as far as I know, but from what I remember Harley doesn’t start acting crazy until after she meets the Joker (Jerome). Even though she wasn’t on there but seven episodes (same amount as Jerome) we still knew her character for a while. I think they could have meant this in a variety of different ways. Like maybe the character that is going to play Harley has been on the show a long time (Like Barbara and Lee), we just didn’t recognize her as Harley. Or maybe the character was shown a few times (definitely more than an extra, but maybe less than a regular) and we didn’t recognize them as Harley (Like Silver).

Reason number four: ‘The person is somehow connected to the Joker Cult World.’

Her and Jerome haven’t met yet, but I actually see this as an advantage. Both Jerome and Silver were working for Theo, but it never showed them meeting because Theo killed Jerome before they had a chance to. Silver was connected to Theo and Tabitha, as was Jerome when he was working for them, therefore she is connected to Jerome. Which would mean she’s connected to the ‘Joker Cult World’. So she is indeed connected.

Reason number five: She is still alive.

The last time we saw her was when Tabitha pushed her out the window to escape Theo. Ironic, huh? Considering Joker pushes Harley out the window in the animated series. Anyway, we don’t know where she went or what happened to her after that. All we know is she is still alive. We don’t see her anymore after that episode.. although we do see Tabitha again. She more than likely went to School somewhere, and slept her way through it like Harley did. She could be an intern right now for criminology. The point is she’s still alive. The writers could have killed her off, so why didn’t they? Most likely so they could bring her back.

Reason number six: Little Minx

Let’s not forget that Alfred called her a little minx.. and what does the Joker call Harley a lot? “You clever little minx.”

Reason number seven: Harley’s appearance in the finale.

The writers said Harley is appearing in this season’s finale and is gonna be the launching point for Season four. Once again this could be taken in different ways, but the way I took it though is Harley is gonna appear, like she’s gonna show up in Gotham. The only person we’ve seen on the show that could be Harley, that could just show up is Silver. I think it was Ken Woodruff who said Harley’s appearance in the in the finale ‘is gonna be crazy’. I’m not positive if it was Ken that said this, but I do know it was definitely one of the producers that said it. Silver coming back could be crazy.. Honestly who knows what the writers have up their sleeves.

Reason number eight:Daddy’s Little Monster.
On Harley’s shirt in Suicide Squad, it says ‘Daddy’s Little Monster.” Well it just so happens that Silver’s in an episode of Gotham called ‘Mommy’s Little Monster.’ This episode is the one that Silver’s true colors are revealed for the first time. It kind of reminds you of Jerome in a way. In his very first episode, he was acting fragile and innocent. Then he shows his dark side, his true self, in the interrogation room. Silver was acting like the sweet girl next door type, then as soon as she and Selina were alone she showed her dark side, her true self.

Harley’s Shirt in Suicide Squad.

The list of episodes Silver is in.

Jerome acting innocent.

Jerome showing his true colors.

Silver acting innocent.

Silver showing her true colors.

Reason number nine: She fits

If the show was to stick with Harley’s real appearance and the age thing and all that, Silver would match the most. She has blonde hair.. she doesn’t have blue eyes but I really don’t think that matters anyway. Also she is younger than Jerome, just like Harley is younger than Joker. I know a lot of people are dead set on Harley being younger. I think she was maybe sixteen or seventeen in Season two and Jerome was eighteen. She may be younger than that honestly. Season takes place a year after Jerome’s death. This would make her character either seventeen or eighteen, and Jerome nineteen (or twenty) give or take.

Reason number ten: Just imagine it

Seriously, just imagine it <3 I can picture her and Jerome being partners in crime like Joker and Harley, and Jerome making her distract/manipulate people with her seductiveness, while he steals or something. Silver is an excellent manipulator.. if she manipulated Bruce for her uncle due to fear, imagine what all she would do for Jerome due to love.. because we all know Harley is crazy about Joker. As I already stated above, she’s younger than him, and though I don’t think that has anything to do with it, she’s very manipulable. She proved that in season two, following her uncle’s every command. A lot of people think Harley needs to be someone who can be manipulated easily. Well Silver definitely could.

Reason number eleven: Foreshadowing or coincidence?

Like I said in a recent post, I believe that the show gives us hints and clues. Like the fact that Silver was introduced the very next episode after Jerome’s death. That once again makes me think of Joker and Harley. For me, when I think of Harley I automatically think of the Joker. And when I think of Joker, I automatically think of Harley. They’re a package deal in my eyes. But of course, I think of Joker first because he’s the leader. The more dominant one in their relationship. So for them to introduce Jerome first, and then introduce Silver the very next episode after Jerome’s death, really seems like a clue. Also in Silver’s last episode, she said: “That’s show business.” Both the Joker and Harley are famed in the Batman universe for their showbiz-style roots (Stole that, but it’s true). Also the fact that the writers decided for her true self to be revealed in the episode ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ makes me think it’s another clue.

This picture reminds me of Jerome.

Jerome (Joker) putting on a show for his cult (followers).

A clue in my opinion.

Reason number twelve: Natalie and Cameron giving clues.

Okay, so last night Natalie posted a gif of her and Cameron at the Vanity Fair. Her caption was ‘Jerome & Silver take over? Thank you @vanityfair​ for a beautiful night xxo @cameronmonaghan @gothamonfox’. Several things caught my attention on this post. First, as far as I know Cameron and Natalie have never met before. Like I said, as far as I know.. I’m honestly not sure. Maybe they have met before and we just didn’t know it. They never posted about the other, took pictures together, or anything. It’s like they didn’t know the other existed (figure of speech). I remember stalking both their accounts a while back and if I remember correctly neither of the two were following each other on their social media accounts. Then one day out of nowhere, they’re at the same event together, and they’re taking goofy pictures with one another and mentioning the other in tweets. Natalie is now following Cam on both Instagram and Twitter. I’m not sure if Cameron is following her or not, but still. Another thing that caught my attention was she used ‘Jerome and Silver’ instead of ‘Cameron and Natalie’. So I take this as a clue. On twitter Natalie posted a gif of her and Cam at 3:52 am, where they’re both acting like she’s punching him. Her caption says the same thing as her Instagram post. Then Cameron tweeted her back at 1:21 pm,  which was another gif of them, and his caption was 'Was fun! Grats on your good news!’ This caught my attention as well. They’re all of a sudden having contact with each other, she used their character’s names instead of their real names, and now Cameron congratulated her on her 'good news’. So I decided to do some digging, which wasn’t really digging considering it was her next post. On February 18, she posted 'big news to come!!!! xxo’ Honestly I think that news is her coming back to Gotham and becoming Harley. And the fact that she told Cameron about it, someone she’s never met before and isn’t close to, makes me really think it’s Gotham related :) Also Nat is following Maggie Geha (Ivy) and we all know Harley and Ivy have an off and on romantic relationship. She’s also the right age to date Jerome, date Ivy, and be part of the sirens. I know Selina and Silver hate each other right now, but maybe over time Selina will get over what happened and them become friends. Silver only threatened her and manipulated Bruce because Theo made her, I think I remember him saying 'I need you to ensure that no one else is whispering in his ear until I make my offer.’ This was before she went to Bruce’s and threatened Selina. She was only doing what her uncle asked her because she is afraid of him, and also because her family is all she has.

Reason number thirteen: Natalie has what it takes.

From my knowledge, Natalie is very flexible. She did a back bend on the red carpet, and she also does Arial Yoga. Harley is obviously an expert gymnast, and I believe Natalie can pull that part off. A lot of people don’t want her to be Harley, because they don’t like her character, Silver, but that’s what makes her such a great actress. It’s easy for people to like characters, but it takes someone really talented to make the audience hate their character. I believe Natalie could be the perfect choice for Harley. She has the looks, she’s younger than Jerome, she’s practiced gymnastics (from what I can tell), she matches up with all the things the writers have said, and.. let’s face it, she and Jerome would look so hot together! I still love Lee with all my heart, and I will be thrilled if it is her, but honestly I think I want Silver to be Harley just a tad bit more. I swear I’m not hating, because honestly I love Lee and I also love Jerome and Lee’s chemistry <3 But Silver was the very first person I wanted to be Harley, and now that I’m seeing clues again, I’m really hoping she is.

She was wearing five inch heels while doing this.

Aerial Yoga.  

I know this post probably doesn’t make sense , but these are just a few reasons why I think she’s Harley :)  If you don’t like the idea, that’s fine, but please be respectful is all I ask. I think it’s either Silver or Lee.. I would honestly be happy with either. Oh, and please don’t stop watching the show if it doesn’t turn out who you want it to be. I understand how it could be upsetting, but this is a show, and if you liked it before, don’t let something so little make you stop watching the show. We are Gothamites, we don’t love the show because of ships.. even though they are a big bonus. If everyone was to stop watching shows because something didn’t turn out the way they wanted, then there would honestly be no shows due to low ratings. Like if Barbara was to become Harley, it would take a lot for me to get used to the fact, or at least warm up to it, but I wouldn’t stop watching the show over it. Just be reasonable guys :) <3

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What would it be like if Marty Scrull tried to steal you from your boyfriend?

- look here. Marty is the perfect villain.
- he knows you’re not an object to be stolen, a thing to be played with.
- he knows you’re a person, with thoughts, whims, and motivations and he has too much respect for you to outright attempt to steal you
- he knew you’d have to come to him of your own accord
- besides, if he were too… overt in his attentions, you’d sour on him and run even further into your man’s arms. Marty couldn’t allow that.
- so wooing it was
- it started with simple things, like helping you bring groceries in and cutting in front of you in line at the coffee shop, for the sole purpose of paying for your coffee
- then it was bouquets of flowers showing up to your job, with no notes attached
- he’d always offer you his arm when walking down the street, making sure to walk closest to the road and if it was cold out, his coat would be draped over shoulders before you can say anything
- but it was when the photos started appearing that things got… weird
- it was just a simple envelope, but the photos of your boyfriend looking a little too friendly with another woman was another
- the text from an unknown number that your boyfriend wasn’t actually working late was the last straw
- you’d called Marty and was crying into his shoulder
- “He just doesn’t treat me the way you do.” 
- you didn’t see his victorious smirk through your teary eyes and the hug he had you wrapped tight in

We visited both of my grandmas (mom’s mom and dad’s mom) today, who both happen to live out of state and between 2-3 hours away. (So I left at 8am and didn’t get home until 9pm) It was a long day.

Anyway, I got to see my favourite cousin, and she got into K-pop a few months ago. So I got a crash course on K-pop and BTS. (I now understand a great many more things here) They’re very adorable and talented, but I refuse to give my emotions and money away to a new obsession. Like, I just can’t. I’m too devoted to Haikyuu!!, and I haven’t even spent any money on it yet. *sweats nervously because I have so much birthday money and there are many things tempting me*

But it’s so fun to hear someone talk about what they love. It’s like one of the best things. And I totally understand having a lot of emotions and happiness about something. It’s just…so much fun to share that. Plus she loves Haikyuu!! too so I got to talk about the many things making me emotional about that. And I’m going to make her watch the stage play Mm, it was a tiring but good day. I hope you all had a good day too.


Fire destroys – it roars and burns and takes until all you can see is ash.

It flares – maybe out of nowhere

            – maybe if someone lights the embers

            – maybe it was always burning and you just didn’t see it

But fire cleanses.

When it is gone, things can finally come back to life. They can start again.

The scars are still there, they’ll always be there, but they don’t matter. What matters is moving on. What matters is trying again. What matters is rebuilding.

Fire is life.

It is warmth and hope and people know it can hurt but they are drawn to it all the same. People know they need the fire, even as they watch it carefully to make certain it doesn’t spill over and consume everything.

Oh, boy did I wake up salty.

Y’all. I’m just going to….ugh.

Okay. As nicely as I can put it, I have not written 229k worth (thus far) of slowburn and pining for any one person and the demanding that I put certain things in makes me more spiteful and unlikely to do so.

Phrasing. Phrasing could be given more attention to from some of you.

Instead of “I want to see” or “this characters needs to do this this and this” maybe try “I’m curious what would would happen if” or “Do you think so and so would?” instead.

Some of my aggravation this morning has come from getting only three hours of sleep. And some of it is natural salt. And some of it is genuine frustration.

Please don’t demand things of me. And please keep in mind that I haven’t written anything for anyone and if you’re unhappy reading something then stop. And for heaven’s sake, if you’re going to dive into a new story maybe take the time to read through if before going “Oh but why isn’t this happening?” or “I want to see this though.”


So I have another theory.. (I honestly have a lot of theories, but this was actually my first one..) What if Silver is Harley? I have three girls who could possibly be Harley, and those girls are Silver, Lee, and Barbara (please no, I love her character, but I really don’t want her to be Harley). I know it’s far fetched , because Silver St Cloud is already a character in the comics.. but I can always hope lol. I mean the show can change things around if they want. I mean it’s far fetched but not that far fetched if you think about it.

She can change her personality on a whim.. she’s an excellent manipulator. When she’s with Bruce she’s kind, timid, etc. But when she’s by herself or with Theo and Tabitha she’s self-confident, and cold. But she’s not completely heartless.. She can be nice.

Like for example, when she thought Bruce was being tortured she was screaming for them to stop. She also tried to stop Theo from killing him. So she can be manipulative but she also still has a heart. She told Bruce in her last episode “you can’t even imagine the things I’ve done. There’s no hope. There’s no going back to normal life.”

She hasn’t shown a crazy side yet, as far as I know, but from what I remember Harley doesn’t start acting crazy until after she meets Joker (Jerome). ‘You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.’ Even though she wasn’t on there but seven episodes (same amount as Jerome) we still knew her character for a while. I think they could have meant this in a variety of different ways. Like maybe the character that is going to play Harley has been on the show a long time (Like Barbara and Lee), we just didn’t recognize her as Harley. Or maybe the character was shown a few times (definitely more than an extra, but maybe less than an regular) and we didn’t recognize them as Harley (Like Silver). 

The writers also said that the person is somehow connected to ‘the joker cult world’. Jerome and Silver haven’t met yet, due to Theo killing him.. but she was connected to Theo and Tabitha as was Jerome, therefore she is connected to the ‘joker cult world’. Also the last time we saw Silver was when Tabitha pushed her out the window (remember when Joker pushes Harley out the window? Coincidence? Probably.) Anyway we don’t know where she went or anything, all we know is she’s still alive. She could have went to School somewhere, she could still be in Gotham, or anything. But the point is she’s still alive. The writers could have killed her off, so why didn’t they? So they could bring her back.

I know in the comics Silver is supposed to have this off and on relationship going with Bruce, but Bruce strictly told her “Silver, I don’t love you. I pity you.” and I think he even said “I have no feelings towards you what so ever.” Or something along those lines. So I don’t see them getting back together (not that they were even really together in the first place.) Since her and Jerome haven’t met yet the writers have the perfect opportunity to bring her back and introduce them the right way.. or close to it.

Another thing, On Harley’s shirt in Suicide Squad it says ‘Daddy’s Little Monster.’ .. Silver’s in an episode on Gotham called ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’. Plus she’s blonde and though she doesn’t have blue eyes (I don’t think that really matters anyway) she has the rest of the appearance of Harley. She’s also closest to Jerome’s age.. which I heard Harley is younger so she fits the description once again.

Let’s not forget that Alfred called her a little minx.. and what does the Joker call Harley a lot? “You clever little minx.”  Another coincidence? Probably lol.

Also the writers said Harley is appearing in this season’s finale.. Once again this could be taken in different ways.. Like the character turning crazy and turning into Harley (Like making the costume and all that.) But the way I took it though is Harley is gonna appear, like she’s gonna show up in Gotham. The only person we’ve seen on the show that could be Harley, that could just show up is Silver.

Also as you can see in the picture above, Natalie (the actress) does Aerial yoga.. which she would have to be at least a little flexible. So if she was to become Harley, she could probably pull off the expert gymnast part.. at least with a little practice.

So I think Harley is either Silver or Lee. Maybe Barbara, but she’s too much of an obvious choice and too much doesn’t add up with her. Who do you all think is Harley?  

Impeachment Inevitable

Salon: Trump has been trying to govern by impulse, on whim, for personal retribution, for profit, by decree ― as if he had been elected dictator. It doesn’t work, and the wheels are coming off the bus. After a week!

Impeachment is gaining ground because it is the only way to get him out, and because Republicans are already deserting this president in droves, and because the man is psychiatrically incapable of checking whether something is legal before he does it.

Impeachment is gaining ground because it’s so horribly clear that Trump is unfit for office. The grownups around Trump, even the most slavishly loyal ones, spend half their time trying to rein him in, but it can’t be done [read on]

i’ve decided to make a lil masterlist with a total of #45 traits and #17 labels put in alphabetic order for you to use for your muse ! i know that i’ve always struggled a lot coming up with traits and labels when filling out an app, and i wanted to try and make it at least just a tad bit easier for you than it’s for me ! i ask of you to please not copy and paste as your own, and of course encourage you to like or reblog this if you found it helpful, thank you !

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