personal vs. public

zodiac discourse

geminis are okay but we tend to have a public person vs how we behave/think privately and are called two-faced for that though we generally put out the persona in order to gain approval

cancers are awesome. theyre very emotional and kind of rebellious but theyre all trying their best and every cancer ive met has made me better in some way and taken care of me when i was fragile

libras are manipulative and only sometimes honest about it. honestly? all libras SUCK. sorry if youre a libra you automatically suck 2017 is the year of hating libras. 2015 hated geminis so i get to punch back fuck you. libras like halsey

picses or however u spell it are so uwu but its FAKE DONT LISTEN TO THEM. THEYRE NOT uwu THEYRE EVIL 

capricorns are so weird. excuse me capricorns? do u know what confrontation is. do u kno what emotions are. are you okay.

aquarius are weird too im pretty sure theyre all vegan and drink hipster tea but thats fine i dont really care. i only know one and shes nice

taurus are fake

virgos are all moms. but theyre all different types of moms. like some are nice moms that help you with your homework and make sure you clean your room but others are moms that get wine drunk on tuesday night and force you to be on the soccer team. either way theyre brutally honest and dont play and i like that

sags are the sibling u want…theyre good and they try their best and can sometimes be easily swayed on the wrong direction but when they get ahold of ur manipulation holy SHIT they will KICK ur ASS. theyre protective i luv it

i only know one nice/calm aries her name was karla she was super sweet and shy but she totally Mom’d me. she made me do my hw and took care of me. all the other aries are SHIT theyre so MEAN and EXTRA…..STOP

clockworkrobotic replied to your post “People on here: every single cashier hates you and doesn’t care what…”

Like there are a Set of Stock Phrases I have in response to like 90% of things i hear throughout the day and its not so much I Hate People as I hate having to parrot the same conversations fifty times a day

Okay yeah I understand that that frustration isn’t really aimed at me (that’s why I didn’t reblog any of the posts, because they’re personal frustrations people have) I dunno it’s just kind of stressful because I never know what to think when I walk into the store because obviously I am Just Another Person and I don’t want to be polite/impolite except it seems like every person has a different idea of how in depth u have to be in public but I guess that’s true of everything in life ^^;