personal transition plan

anonymous asked:

I'm an afab genderfluid person who plans on transitioning and i know i really need to tell my boyfriend that i prefer being called date mate or boyfriend but i get really excited and smile like crazy when he calls me baby girl. how to i tell him that without sounding like i'm faking my gender? sorry if this is confusing

Well, maybe talk to him about calling you baby boy instead of baby girl? Before I figured myself out fully I adored being called baby girl but it also felt off in a way, but my partner calling me baby boy is just…. A+++++++++ Phenomenal

Just tell him honestly, or have a conversation about what gendered languages you prefer in which contexts. I’ve seen cisgay couples that will call each other “sister” “queen” and other typically “female” gendered language [Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda are one famous example of this behavior in fact].

Stay lovely~