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as we get closer to stranger things season two and (possibly) a new trailer dropping, i hope the fandom remembers that while headcanons are nice, odds are they are just that and not to get upset or mad when the show ends up doing something completely different than what they expected 


… HUH?!

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Excuse me, but… who are you people and where did you come from?

Last time I checked, there were like… 1700?

… Are you all sure you’re on the right blog?! X’D

Omg, seriously, guys, thank you so, so much for this, that’s like… WAY more people on here that I ever anticipated. I’m a little speechless right now.

one of my favorite comedies of all time is a 1966 film called “The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming” in which a russian sub gets grounded on the beach of a tiny Massachusetts island and the submarine crew has to run around trying to find a way to get it off the sandbar before someone realizes that the Red Scare Is Here and it starts an international incident, and the townsfolk end up helping them

it’s both heartwarming and full of some truly inspired comic acting, because all the russians speak in russian to each other and there are no subtitles, but they do such a fantastic job that you don’t really NEED subtitles

NGL, I had my doubts but after seeing the trailer for Close Enough I’m pretty damn excited. It looks and feels so much like Regular Show and yet the vibe and tone is completely different.

Like, I was kind of shocked @ some of the stuff they showed in the trailer (e.g. that caught in the act sex scene, and the fact that everyone is actually swearing onscreen *lmao) but wow. It’s so cool to see this sort of unfiltered form of creativity rise up from the ashes of Regular Show. 

Man, I can’t wait to sit down and finally watch the first episode. It looks insane *lmao

        i feel like half the  and  m.orty  rp community is avoiding me at times, because there’s a very stark difference in the way i operate my blog. i’m worried that people are intimidated by me, or dislike me because i put an emphasis on aesthetic & “purple prose” and that might make me look “elitist?”   or maybe because i’m a “private” blog. the majority of the community seems to prefer minimal aesthetics and they just have fun writing. by comparison, i probably feel very much less open and less accessible. 

      i’m not entirely sure how i feel about that tbh!! like… i fucking adore mortys… ok…. and i love how different each blog is and i’d love to be more into the community?? i like making buddies, and i would really like to talk to more blogs & fans and all that….. but at the same time, i like keeping my blog and my dash looking a certain way. i like the aesthetic and i keeping things clean with like… cut posts and all that nice stuff. especially when classes start again and i wont have as much time to be online aaaaaaa

     i’m not too sure how i’ll handle this tbh haha. but i’ll take opinions if anyone has them.