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Hello bbes!! Hope you all are doing alright and well :) I have been a bit offline yesterday and today cause I’m remodeling my bedroom ahaha ^^”””” so I kept my theme under construction for a good while X’D So I was a bit tired of my old theme and I decided to do a new one, I know summer is almost over but I was feeling like on doing a summer one for this new bnha scans XD They all look so cute with their refreshing ice creams heheh~ Anyways, let’s celebrate summer for a little more :D Hope you enjoy it~ *hugs*


New theme! Well, I say it’s new, but it’s just a redesign of my previous theme essentially. This theme’s called Heliseum, and almost a year after my first Guren theme I still have Guren on my blog, because he’s #1 always.

Why does my header look suspiciously like the old one? Because I’m too lazy to design a new one, but the sizing was wrong so I just remade the old design.

I also darkened the colour scheme a bit! The music is from the God Eater anime OST, and all the songs are by GHOST ORACLE DRIVE.

Please let me know what you think, okay?


i made a basecode.

well. more like i chipped away at my own personal theme code until it became something really basic. the bad news is that it’s very raw and i didn’t beautify it at all for you. the good news is that it’s very functional and already eliminates the bugs and glitches that a lot of established theme makers have in their themes, so you’ll be off to a promising start. i also added lots of notes in the code with links to some helpful websites.

also the only reason i did this is because i was curious to see what kind of things people would make if i gave them a nice basecode. so if you decide to use it, i would love it if you showed me what you made with it. 

code here

update: code is gone

when i released this base code i was expecting people to make it their own. i was expecting people to do something unique and individual with it. instead i started happening upon hundreds of blogs with themes that looked like my themes without the credit, but actually they were just minimally edited versions of my base code with someone else’s credit slapped on. i saw at least 3 people re-release my base code after adding nothing more than a few colour options, and get over 1000 notes for it. it was appalling and i regret releasing this code. kudos to the people who had interesting ideas and used my base code as a stepping stone. but too many people took advantage of this. what most people did with my code was as embarrassing as taking a page from a colouring book after only colouring in the eyes, and then claiming credit for the entire drawing. sounds like something a five year old would do, right? i won’t be re-releasing this code. please stop sending me messages about it. if you want to make a theme you’ll have to learn html from the bottom up. or go leech of the next sucker who’s stupid enough to release a base code on this site.

Please Don't Use Themes from Jublieethemes

The owner has stolen coding from me, the owner of vulcanthemes (whole thing about that here), and certainly many others. She either ignores messages or acts out incredibly rudely.

Jubileethemes’s latest theme, “Precipitous” includes coding for the captions that I used on my old personal theme. I know the coding is mine because I researched for days how to center the captions vertically, and used a method that I had not seen previously in tumblr themes. Lo and behold, she uses it too (right after I make my coding legible), and doesn’t even bother to change the order of the lines of code. She ignored my message, but I can’t ignore her theft.

Tldr; Jubileethemes has stolen coding in the past and continues to do so. Please respect theme-makers and their hard work and don’t use her themes.

ooc.   HO HO HO,  it’s Christmas  -  time!  Which,  of course,  means  GIVING SHIT AWAY.  I’ll go ahead and get right to the point,  this giveaway is meant to spread Christmas cheer throughout the community, and to help me fine  -  tune my own icon - making,  theme - building skills.  

The RULES are as follows:

-  MUST  be following me.
-  MUST  be an rp blog.
-  MUST  have their askbox open.
-  ENDS  on   DECEMBER  25th,  2015.   Prizes will be given out on  JANUARY 10th,  pending no complications or unforeseen events on my end.

The  WINNER  will receive:

15 icons of a muse of  their  choice.
1  header banner.
1  promo banner.
1  theme  (  contained  &  personalized;  code will be given to you over pastebin.  )

LIVE PREVIEWS  of themes I’ve made:   X  ;   X  ;   X

EXAMPLES  of other work of mine under the cut:

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