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someone, a fool: video games cause adhd

me, an intellectual: video games provide tactile and visual stimulation and are designed to have a balance between reward (for completing your goals) and challenge (in difficulty of the game) with music designed to motivate the player without being distracting. all of these components work together to create a positive feedback loop that adhd people are more likely to be engaged by and enjoy compared to longer tasks with relatively smaller payoff like chores or even something like maintaining the focus to complete long books and projects 

most to least scary stans

1. jin stans

  • know what it’s like to be oppressed
  • justice for jin
  • argumentative
  • won’t hesistate to put you back in your place if you disrespect jin
  • v fiesty
  • will fight you

hoseok stans

  • definition of chaotic
  • no. 1 hype squad
  • doesn’t ever shut up about hoseok
  • super fucking loud
  • you can tell theyre a hoseok stan from a mile away
  • mic mic bungee

3. jungkook stans

  • FEAR N O T H I N G
  • the fact that they stan him is torture enough
  • demons
  • if you say justin bieber 3 times in the mirror they’ll appear
  • don’t trust them
  • loves drama

4. jimin stans

  • seem sweet :) are actual freaks :)
  • hopeless romantics
  • can go from soft stan to hard stan in a heartbeat
  • thousands of heart emojis ❤💘💖💓💞💕💗💝💟❣
  • most nasty tags
  • will readily drop everything for jimin

5. yoongi stans

  • act like they’re tough shit but are sensitive babies
  • big gays
  • probably the softest stans
  • don’t be mistaken by their shady aura
  • are actually v chill
  • except when you bring up agust d

6. tae stans

  • purely good
  • why would you want to fight them
  • just here for a good time
  • wholesome folks, have many friends
  • can be wild if tae tests them
  • friendliest stans

7. namjoon stans

  • sentimental nerds
  • pretty harmless
  • too busy talking about how much they appreciate namjoon to fight you
  • artsy fellas
  • almost always distracted
  • underappreciated

almost the entire collection of human knowledge is right here at my fingertips… and here i sit reading about the same two fictional idiots falling in love over and over again

not so cute mental illness things:

• do I want to fuck you, or just steal your personality?

• actually fuck you for being better than me I’m just gonna sabotage you

• feeling like you’re not Tragic enough anymore when bad things happen to people you know

• breaking down in public with everyone watching you, and being cognizant of how irrational you are but you can’t stop

• so hyper empathetic that you cry at everything

• *an hour later* “the world could burn before my literal eyes and i could not care”

• those abusive people you finally cut off, but still stalk on social media (and then have a panic attack that someone who treated you badly still has a normal life and people who love them)

• “that post is TOTALLY about me” (it’s not) *vagues them back for 3 weeks*

• literal petty fits when people block you before you can block them

• “hey are you mad? did I do something?? no really, are you mad at me???”

• “i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m s-”

We can’t always change the way others will react to our limitations, but we can choose to be kinder to ourselves and make the best of difficult situations. There’s always another opportunity to try again 🍂🍃

ADHD Awareness

What is ADHD? - It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect anyone, no matter your age or gender. 

ADHD is not just being hyperactive- it is actually broken down into three parts

Hyperactive -  This can include, fidgeting, talking too much/out of turn, you’re often “on the go”, running or climbing at inappropriate times, impulse decisions etc.

Inattentive - This can include, not paying attention to detail, making careless mistakes, being distracted and forgetful, not being able to understand or follow instructions, impulse decisions etc

Combined Type - This type is one of the more common types, it’s a combination of both the hyperactive and inattentive types

ADHD can affect memory, and can cause poor emotional control, this is especially common with the inattentive type. 

What is RSD? - Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) is extremely common with ADHD. It causes us to have unexplained and often irrational emotions (angry, depressed, etc) when we feel misunderstood or rejected. It typically happens instantly. For example: A close friend or relative asks you to stop clicking your pen, and you start uncontrollably crying right after they ask you to stop. These feelings are often incredibly intense, debilitating, and painful

Medication - Many people may be put on medication for their ADHD. It may help, or it might not. Medication is not for everyone. Some people find that fidgeting or stimming helps more, and others find that therapy appointments are more beneficial

ADHD affects your school performance, your overall mental health, relationships with others, and so much more. ADHD is not just about being hyperactive. ADHD is real and valid.

Y'all please share this! Ria was my roommate at NYU this summer and she is literally the kindest person ever and I hate the idea of anything happening to her.

She lives in Durham, North Carolina so if you’re in that area please be on the lookout!
Rayguns & Rocketships
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me to other people: every emotion you feel is valid! you can express any emotion you want as long as you arent hurting anyone!!

me to me: uhm no you shouldnt express any emotion except happiness bc if you express any negative feelings youre being abusive !!!! youre so

manipulative!!! just keep your feelings to yourself until you explode