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Congrats Kit on Your Engagement...

I just want to take this time to congrats Kit on his engagement…I’ve read everyone’s comments on the matter and I just want to take this time to congratulate him on this big milestone for him…

Everyone knows I love Kit…and I want nothing more than for him to be happy and have a healthy filling life. He’s inspired me to be so much in my life (with my fanfics of him, this helped me publish my original short stories and poems).

Marriage can be a roller coaster (trust me…I know…I’m 10 years in LOL). But I know for a fact you will make an amazing husband and life partner to your bride.

I wish you nothing but happiness and love on your next chapter in life!

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The original prototype sneakyUSB Kit, and my EDC. Can you tell it gets ridden hard? I carry what I make.

So the things I added to my kit are a folded up $20 bill and a razor blade. May toss in some of my gold bullion and nab a ceramic razor, but for day to day this is a great little kit. Just a few little things that give me just a bit more back up.

With the sneakyUSB Kits, currently I am down to 1 kit in stock… yikes! I have been snoozing a bit I guess. I’ll be ordering more stock to make the picks tonight. Everything else Is good to go though. Thanks to all of you that have nabbed one, this is a fun project for me and hope to keep it going.

More developments as well, I have been talking with some sneaky sorts developing a new OS/Linux Distro that would be a perfect fit for these. This is pretty early in the game, but I’m really excited by what we have talked about so far. Keep an eye out for updates!


One possible version of a PSK or personal survival kit .

 All the above items fit into a belt wearable pouch in this case a Kifaru GPS pouch , this can also then be fitted to other kit such as packs or to a larger knife sheath via the malice clip  .

My personal choices for this kit include energy tablets ,small survival tin , a Spyderco Native 5 , TOPS folding saw , Boker Ti VOX tool with bottle opener and tungsten carbide breaker .

A Leatherman PS4 multi- tool , refillable Peizo lighter with fuel window and built in red LED flashlight , Fire steel wrapped in jute tinder with tungsten carbide striker and a silver foil emergency blanket .

 Also included are a Fenix PD20 180 lumen with SOS and strobe with a 66 hour run-time on low 9 lumen setting plus a spare CR123 battery in a Delrin case, a Cyalume 10 hour Visipad , wet fire tinder and several feet of Kevlar sleeved cord from

 The small Tin is 11cm long x 6.5 wide and only 1.3cm deep meaning its compact enough to stash away in clothing if I need more space in the pouch .

It features a basic personal first aid kit compromising of steri-strips ,plasters , disposable gloves and a resuscitation shield and water purification tabs .

The lid features a mirror circle , 3m orange high reflective and a GITD dot , £40.00 in tenners , x3 4hour mini Cyalume light sticks and a micro fire-steel with needle .

Also included are a folding razor /saw , mini tungsten carbide saw , photon freedom with a 12 hour run -time , P38 can opener , surgical blade and a custom made fire spark'er with jute tinder wrap .

All these items can of course be interchanged with other kit depending on the carry needs and environments traveled in and would always carry a more comprehensive first aid kit as standard .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from

Giveaway Coming Soon

So, C and I had wanted to do a giveaway when we hit 10k followers; things got too hectic and we never got around to it. 

I’m trying to decide whether to do the giveaway at 15k (1,790 followers away) or at 20k (6,790 followers away) and what to give away. I’m a high schooler without a job, so I can’t buy fancy-shmancy items (especially if I’m going to be willing to ship internationally) 

So somethings I will be for sure giving away (most made by me)

  • Simple knit/crocheted scarf in color of your choice (I actually don’t know the difference, but anyway, made by me)
  • Personalized mug 
  • Winchester “Survival” Kit (Cute goodies including a flannel shirt and more items to be announced)
  • “Winchester Diploma” (You’ll be titled an Honorary Winchester)
  • A One Shot with your name written in, characters and plot of your choosing (maybe illustrated, who knows)
  • Winchester Mix CD (Starting out with Carry On Wayward Son)

Items I’m considering giving away: 

  • A “hunter’s journal” (just a cute empty journal for you to document your findings)
  • A good book

I’m blanking on what else… if you want to leave suggestions on what I can give away, just leave a reply or a message. 


PSK (Personal Survival Kit)

Rather than buy a pre-packed PSK you should carefully research and source the components.

These are some of the items that I have selected based on my skills, knowledge and training. They will fit in a 2oz tobacco tin or SUMA container :

○ Wire Saw - split rings removed and replaced with cord.

○ Photon Freedom Micro Light - ‘find me’ photoluminescent disc added.

○ 14mm SERE Button Compass - 'find me’ photoluminescent disc added.

○ Blanket Safety Pin, Safety Pins, Titanium Tooth Pick/Needle and Sewing Needles.

○ Water Sterilisation Tablets and Alcohol Wipes.

○ Signal Mirror.

○ Mini Light Sticks, Micro Firesteel, Ceramic Razor Blade, FireSteel and Folding Razor Saw.

○ Tornado Whistle.

○ Zero Dark Self Adhesive Credit Card, Luggage Tag with Sniper Tape and Electrical Tape.

This is not a SERE, Personal Recovery, Restraint Escape, E&E kit so you should not be packing handcuff keys, shims, lock picks etc. those items are carried and concealed on your person.


My back-up personal survival kit packed with the following:

  • FRS (Folding Razor Saw)
  • 1.5” (4hr) )Light-Sticks x 2 (NSN6260-01-209-4434)
  • 10ft Natural Jute Tinder
  • 10ft Tech205 Cord
  • Zero Dark Credit Card
  • SERE Buttom Compass
  • Micro Fire Steel
  • Water Purification Tablets

With the current items and vacuum packed sealed bag it measures 83mm x 70mm x 8mm so will fit comfortably in most pockets.

There is room for more kit to be added but that would increase the size and weight making it more likely to get left behind in a bag. 

This is not a listed item; however if there was sufficient interest I would make a small batch.