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The Trend Bible's Guide To London: SHOPPING & FOOD


London is such a great place for shopping! I find that there are so many different places that have their own unique vibe to it and that’s one of the things I love most about London.


-       Oxford Street: Probably considered to be the busiest area of London. It’s a long stretch with lots of great shops. The infamous Selfridges is also located on Oxford Street.

-       Carnaby Street: Located just off of Oxford Street, this area of London is so great if you’re looking for shops of great quality, such as Monki and Cheap Monday. 

-       Covent Gardens: A personal favourite of mine. Covent Garden has so many lovely boutiques such as Opening Ceremony and a great marketplace.

-       Bond Street: This is where more of the pricey shops such as Burberry are located. Victoria’s Secret is also on Bond’s Street, which is worth going to visit.

-       Regent Street: A lovely shopping location, a bit like Oxford Street but maybe less crowded.

-       Walton Street: Definitely worth visiting. It’s a street with lovely boutiques. The area is really nice.

-       King’s Road: A lovely street with some really nice shops. Definitely a lot more quieter than Oxford Street however there are not as many shops.

-       Westfield: A massive shopping mall with thousands of shops. It’s very practical for a shopping trip in the winter but can be very busy on the weekends.

-       Knightsbridge: Where Harrods and Harvey Nichols are located. Need I say more?

-       Portobello Market: Probably one of the most famous markets in the UK. You can find some great vintage clothes or bits and bobs.



There is no doubt that with London being the heart of shopping in England, there will have to be restaurants to try and top off the whole shopping experience.


-       Hummingbird Café: A café in London with by far the best cakes. You must pay it a visit when you’re next in London.

-       Itsu: My favourite Japanese restaurant in London. You can also sit at the bar, with the food rotating beside you, so that you can pick up what you like. The one I always go to is on Walton Street.

-       Byron Burger: If you’re looking for a true American burger, there is no place that does them better than Byron Burger. It’s a restaurant dedicated to them!

-       Pret A Manger: Translated from French ‘Ready To Eat’, it’s a great in-between restaurant/café. With lots of sandwiches and salads ready to pick up if in a rush. There will sometimes be spaces to sit, but on a busy day it’s rare.

-       Wagamama: Wagamama is great seeing as it offers food from all around Asia. Famous for it’s chicken katsu curry and sweet chili squid.

-       Rainforest Café: Only really recommending this if you are with friends and are feeling like having a bit of a laugh. This café is more targeted at small children (mostly for party’s). But if you’re wanting to surprise a friend for their Birthday, there is no doubt they will love the embarrassment of standing up and having people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to them (sarcasm intended)!

-       Pearl Liang: A bit on the pricey side but a delicious Chinese restaurant.

-       Joe’s Southern Kitchen and Bar: Located in Covent Garden, This restaurant, more like bar, is great if you’re looking for some quality American food.

-       Burger and Lobster: Home to all lobster fanatics. If you’re craving lobster this is the place to go. Keep in mind that it does get very busy so it’s best to arrive early for lunch!

-       Pinkberry: Delicious frozen yoghurt, located in Selfridges. Great for an afternoon snack.

-       Ben’s Cookies: Located on Oxford and Carnaby Street, possibly the best cookies that I have ever had!

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