personal style!

I really like my new style + tips

I’ve been recently testing different drawing and illustration styles, I found my love for drawing hands and plants, I really feel like I have improved SO MUCH in 6 months.

Looking back at my old art, I can tell where I was trying to go, and what I was trying to create, some of it is a little cringy, ahh!

The best advice in my short time of taking my art seriously is to DRAW EVERY DAY!! Take a sketchbook and mechanical pencil (trust me when I say this) with you wherever you go, so you can annotate or quickly sketch something interesting you see or if you get an awesome idea. 

Remember that something called ‘Art Age’ counts more than your actual age, meaning you could be 32 and only have been drawing for five years, and then a 19-year-old comes along who seems so much better, but they have been drawing since they were 8. It also works the other way around.

I am still young, and I understand that I won’t improve overnight and paint like some of my favourite artists with more than twenty years of experience.

Practice drawing/ painting things that you don’t draw often enough or something that you think you would like to get better at.

I hope that this little bit of experience will be helpful!!

Stay awesome painters!