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2/5/2015 Jean/Dress Pairing 

I never thought of pairing a dress over jeans, until now. This gorgeous slip dress (similar here and here) I bought more than a year ago now, off ASOS, and have only actually worn it as a dress during the summer. I thought I would change things up and layer it over my trusty black Topshop jeans, using the belt to accentuate my figure and not have the dress hang loose. I was bound to freeze at the restaurant we went to so I threw on a long cardigan from H&M (similar here and here).

“I used to play dress-up in my living room, and I’ve never stopped. I love looking weird. One day I might look like an African Queen, and the next day I’ll look like Sporty Spice. I’m from Eritrea, a small country in East Africa, but I was raised in Sweden, where people are so toned down. When I walk to the train, people stare at me and make me feel uncomfortable. But if I put myself in jeans and a T-shirt, then I’d be uncomfortable. This is my comfort zone. I don’t read fashion magazines or fashion blogs. What I’m wearing, I bought on the street in a country where people hand make the clothes.” - Ellen Elias. For Ellen’s full story, watch her What’s Underneath episode!


(Blackfive coat, Gypsy Warrior top, Mango skirt, Tory Burch slip-ons, Kate Spade Saturday bag) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

My not-so-new appreciation for light, slouchy spring coats in chiffon or other lightweight materials is back. Suddenly, this kind of silhouette isn’t so unattainable anymore for us tropical country dwellers. Been loving this flowy, laid-back look recently, and as much as I’d hate to admit it, it has a lot to do with my recent out-of-town trips to Punta Fuego and Balesin. After almost 27 years of existence, I think I’m only starting to know the meaning behind “relaxing”.