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anyone made a art portfolio for college? i need to make one and i’m confused on what exactly i need to make. i’m applying for sva nyc spring semester to be a cartoonist or animator (leaning towards cartoonist)

also like. my plan is to take some community classes for fall semester and get the portfolio ready for spring. (finding out before hand what’s best to take as prerequisites while still getting the full bachelors degree at sva)

i still have other schools in mind but this is the one i think would be best :O

any help is appreciated! thank you

I just want to say that I love frogs

they have faces that make it look like they’re just listening to you rly well

and some of them like to hide in the water with a bit of nose sticking out, like a teeny alligator just waiting to getcha

I mean, even when they haven’t hatched yet, they’re adorable. such smols

they come in lots of different shapes and sizes, like smallmouth round

and bigmouth round

some are rly bright colors to say “pls do not eat me, I am a danger!”

and some look like glowy stars

lookit this one’s foldy toes!!

!! and the bumpy belly!

sometimes they even tuck their legs in like cats do

and let’s not forget they do the thing when they make noise!

frogs are such good creatures



Well, it’s been almost 2 years since I started this blog and yet I feel like it was yesterday. Thank you all for your love, pals. Let’s pray for this hiatus to end soon because I’m running out of images already [internally screaming]

I bought this beautiful print at Comic Con Experience last december from @caiorfmartins to make my room a happier place 🌈 we had a little chat about Mindful Education and how this episode helped me with my anxiety problems. Maybe he doesn’t remember but thank you! SU means a lot to me. I also want to thank every follower because this blog would be nothing without you!

Lara out! [doing that difficult diamond signal with my hands]

My dreams have been so vivid lately.. that sometimes I can’t help but scribble, scratch & sketch out of emotion and document it. Although not every dream is pleasant, those are the ones that interest and draw me in the most. They are the ones that truely get to my core and open up the naked truth of me. It’s so important to acknowledge and embrace these messages aswell, even if they make me feel uneasy at times. Messages from the soul. 🌿


I haven’t posted any art lately cause I’m a fart but also I’ve been super busy so here’s a quick doodle dump to show you that I have been drawing… just not… anything like… nicely. Anyway. Here you go. I may finish the top MML pic but I’m not feeling it now so we’ll see.


please watch in HD, small screen with headphones.

I scream, I cry, I curse, I say I hate it and will never forget. I say I’ll burn everything to the ground if they don’t have a good and happy life but let’s be honest here, I’m all here for the drama, I live for it and happiness is for the fics haha And these two are pretty much the definition of drama itself, my poor babies can’t have like one week of peace it’s sooo rude but man I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 You know what I love the most ? They always -ALWAYS- find they way back to each other. They’re SOOOOO beautiful I can’t even write how much I love them and how much they’re precious to my heart and soul <3
Anyway, I really think this season is one the best we had and I can’t think about the show being cancelled, it’s just impossible !
Oh and I was supposed to wait until the season’s finale to vid again but what can I say ? These two are my worst weekness <3

I have reached a point where I can’t figure out if it’s just an artblock or my depression that is affecting my creativity and ability to focus on drawing, even to vent, I can’t sketch a freaking doodle. Can’t focus on my own comic that is reaching its deadline soon. Heck, I even have completed drawings I initially think on uploading but then I regret and don’t go through with it. So irritated that I want to cry but don’t have tears for it.

Please don’t mistake this for a cry for help, it’s far from that. I just want to explain my unstable uploads and lack of decent finished art for the past months. I made a resolution during the New Year to keep a stable daily art upload this year and I’ve been failing miserably at it.

Hopefully I’ll conquer whatever this is soon and get back on track. Once again, sorry for the lack of activity everyone! ;w; Thanks for your time and have a good day!