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date a guy with a heart of gold and a moral compass made of steel. date a guy who speaks in poetry and literature references on a consistent basis. date a guy who commands with great ease and a playful sparkle in his eyes. date a guy who’s willing to bend and break the rules and go to ends of the earth for the ones he holds dear to him. date a guy who doesn’t give two shits about the prime directive. date a guy with 23 temporal violations and the largest temporal investigations record on file. date james tiberius kirk.

  • Me: OMG you have to watch Voltron!
  • friend: what's it about?
  • Me: *thinking* Tell them how it's about these five really smart teenagers who find the most deadly weapon in the universe. Tell them how it's about war. Tell them how it's about slavery, genocide, and experimentation on prisoners. Tell them how it's about magic. How it's about hope and unlikely heroes. Tell them how it's about ancient alien civilizations. Tell them how it's about self-sacrifice. How it's about finding a family when you have none. Tell them how it defies gender roles. Tell them how it's diverse. Tell them how the animation is amazing. Tell them how each character affects you personally. Tell them about how it made you laugh until you cried and broke your heart.
  • Me: *aloud* gays in space.

I’m sure someone somewhere has talked about this before BUT

I absolutely adore the idea of Castiel healing Dean with kisses instead of his standard forehead boop. Like after a tough fight that has Dean all bruised and battered, Castiel just comes to him without a word and starts placing gentle kisses against a bruise on Dean’s cheek or a cut on his lip. And I like to think he can choose not to heal everything all at once, that maybe he takes his time to literally kiss Dean better one kiss at a time. And it’s not just about reaffirming that Dean is still alive and that they’re together; it’s also about comforting him and making sure he knows he’s loved.