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this is snort the dog. he’s green cuz he rolls around in grass a lot. he’s addicted to drugs.

dont be a snort.

Things i like

Sweet guys, guys who can sing, guys with a beard, guys with tattoos, guys with gages, guys that dig the country life, guys that enjoy their hair/beard being played with, guys that dig horror movies, guys that are doms/ daddy doms, chubby guys, non chubby guys, silly guys, guys who tell dad jokes, guys who make silly faces, guys who are respectful, guys who hold the door open, guys who pull my chair out, guys with manners, guys that respect their mother, guys that respect all women, guys who can hold an actual conversation, guys who know a dick pic will get you no where, guys who watch chick flix, guys who are sensitive, guys who are not rude, guys who like chubby girls, guys who like playing with my hair, guys who give bear hugs, guys who are not afraid to be themselfs, guys who know what a belt is, guys who read, guys who listen….

If you are a geek, a bad boy, a softy, a jock, a nerd..

If you are from a small town or in the city

If you are poor or rich

As long as you respect me~
Respect my choice ~
Respect my body~

Chances are i will like you!

Don’t stop being a good guy~
Do not change yourself cause you think all girls like as ass holes~

Not all good guys finish last!

Keep your chins up my dears!

The few times Deacon actually does sleep, he usually ends up crashing wherever it’s warmest.

Most of the time that happens to be Nick.

The absolutely lovely @haalpine finished my commission and I’ve been screaming about it for the past few hours, guys look at how cute it is

They were absolutely wonderful to work with and y’all should definitely check out their commission page, and now I will continue screaming because !!!!!!!

I'm still the captain

(A/N): bearded Steve has got me fucked up

Request: Can I request a story please where Steve is sick of being Cap and doesn’t want to come back to the Avengers until he comes to the base to talk to Tony and he sees the reader who is a new recruit. The reader is training with a total asshole at that point who just keeps shooting something (idk fire or stuff) at her and she starts arguing with him, walks out and runs into Steve? And Steve falls in love and joins again? (Steve please with beard and maybe a dog or something) You’re so awesome!

Warnings: some swearing

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   "You sure you don’t wanna come back?“ Tony asks as he walks beside Steve and his rather large golden retriever named Buddy of all things. 

    "I’m tired of being cap,” Steve sighs as he looks at the floor, at the floor he once used to walk on daily. “I’ve been doing it for years and I guess I’ve just lost-" 

   "Lost faith in captain america?” Tony supplies the rest of his sentence. Steve nods, sighing again. 

   "Captain stood for justice, peace, freedom, I don’t know what he is now but it’s not that,“ 

   "You piece of shit!” A sudden voice cuts Steve’s conversation short. buddy’s ears perk up and he whines at the sound, his head already pointing to the direction of the training rooms.

    “New recruits,” Tony supplies with a smirk. “It hasn’t been going to well," 

   "Yeah,” Steve edges forward, taking a few steps towards the training rooms. “I can tell,”

    “I’m done trying to train you! Reschedule with Tony or Nat or someone else you little asshat-” The voice cuts shorts when whoever it belonged to ran straight into Steve’s chest, grumbling and trying to push away. “Watch where you’re going-” The person looks up, face immediately going slack as they look up at Steve. “Oh my god, you’re- you’re Steve Rogers,” Steve chuckles lightly, nodding his head as he stuffs his hands in his pockets.

    “Indeed I am," 

   "I’m so sorry for running into you, I didn’t mean to-" 

   "Mr. Stark, I suggest you hire someone new because (Y/N) does a fucking terrible job,” A young trainee, only around the age of 19, comes walking out of the training rooms, looking rather rude and arrogant. (Y/N)- Steve assumed- gritted their teeth in restraint as they rolled their eyes, turning on the spot to face Tony. 

   "Tony, this little asswipe wouldn’t listen to me, he kept using those stupid fucking powers and-“ 

   "hey, hey, hey, both of you need to calm down, okay?” Tony looked between the two with a rather serious gaze. “Jason, Go hit the showers, (Y/N) go eat a carrot or some shit, I don’t care,”

    “But Mr. Stark-”

    “Now you two.” Tony rubs at his temples as the two walk away, glaring at each other darkly as they do. “I swear those two are going to be the death of me,”

    “When did you hire (Y/N)?" 

   "A week after you left,”

    “What do they specialize in?" 

   "A little bit of everything truthfully, they have quite the impressive resume,”

   "Hmm, any previous employers?“ 

   "They were an assassin for hire, they were their own employer,”

   "So, what’s their story? Villain suddenly becomes a hero? They accidentally lost a loved one in their line of work?“ 

  "They gave up the whole assassin thing after one customer wanted (Y/N) to take out a family, a pregnant woman, her husband, and their two other children," 

   "So, they have morals at least ," 

  "They do,” Tony smiles, clapping Steve on the shoulder. “You’d love them if you got to know them a bit, gives you the perfect reason to rejoin the team-" 

  "Steve’s rejoining the team?” Natasha smirks as she suddenly walks up to the two men. “Nice beard Steve, makes you look all rugged and stuff," 

    "He does live on a farm now Nat, he has to look rugged,” Nat hums as she nods, her eyes flitting from Steve’s bear down towards his feet where Buddy sat patiently, tail swishing from side to side gently.

    “And who’s this cutie?” Nat asks as she crouches down, scratching Buddy’s ears affectionately.

    “This is buddy, I found him snooping around my yard one day and I decodes to take him in," 

   "Well sounds like Captain America has been having fun up on his ranch,"  

   "Yeah,” Steve nods, smiling gently as he does.  "I have…I miss the compound though,“ 

   "Ah, did I just hear Captain America say he misses the compound,” Tony smiles excitedly, unable to hide just how elated he was.

   "I’m not saying I’ll come back, I’m just saying I’ll think about it,“ 

   "He’ll think about it!” Tony cried as he hugged Steve tightly. “He said he’ll think about it!”  

  “Remember how you said you’d think about it?” (Y/N) chuckles around a mouthful of ice cream, the chocolatey substance dribbling down their chin. “And cut to a year later you’re the team leader once again," 

   "Oh hush,” Steve muttered as he poked (Y/N) with his foot, too tired to even lift his arms. He’d been training all day with (Y/N) and needless to say they had kicked his ass, they were fucking amazing at fighting and Tony wasn’t exaggerating when he said (Y/N)’s resume was quite extensive. 

   "Tell me again why you came back,“ 

   ”(Y/N), I’ve told you a million times before-“ 

   "I know, but I love hearing why,” Steve sighs as he cracks an eye open to look at (Y/N) who was trying to look cute and innocent as they pulled the chocolate coated spoon out of their mouth.

    “I came back because I had a crush on you, I wanted to see you more," 

   "Yeah?” (Y/N) smirks as they recline onto Steve’s chest, his arms already coming up to wrap around their form. 

   "Yep…and because of that decision I found the love of my life-“ 

   "Oh, you’re such a sap,” Steve smiled as he pressed a kiss to (Y/N)’s temple, letting his lips linger there for a moment before pulling back.

   "You know you wanted to hear it, don’t even deny it,“ (Y/N) hums as they nuzzle into Steve’s neck, sighing softly once they found they were perfectly comfortable.

   "I suppose you’re right…” The two fell silent for awhile after that, just laying together, holding each other, listening to the other’s breathing, their heartbeat, the way (Y/N)’s breaths became shallow whenever Steve gently kissed them, or the way Steve would nearly purr when (Y/N) raked their hands through his hair. The moment was peaceful, reflective, absolutely wonderful, that was until there was a loud bark and suddenly there was a large, rain soaked dog standing on both of their bodies. 

   "Buddy!“ Steve chastised, trying to push to large dog away from himself and (Y/N). "Personal space big guy,” But Buddy didn’t listen, instead he merely plopped down on their legs, head resting on Steve’s chest. (Y/N) chuckled as they reached down to pet Buddy, a light smile to their lips as they did.

    “He just wanted to cuddle too,” Steve groans and shakes his head as he lays back down, arms rewrapping around (Y/N). 

   "He’s fucking soaked (Y/N), your legs are going to be freezing when he gets off and then you’re gonna do that evil thing where you wrap your legs around me and try to freeze me to death,“

   "Hmm, damn right I am,”

   "I didn’t become team captain to have fucking freezing legs,“ 

Also the plot of Gundam 00 doesn’t happen “so humanity could meet aliens

It’s because humanity’s saying WOOHOO SPACE let’s explore Jupiter and build three orbital elevators and some space colonies and keep going from there

And Aeolia Schindberg facepalms, saying you jokers think you’re ready to meet intelligent life but you haven’t even gotten the hang of interacting with humans yet

You have racism and greed and terrorism and war everywhere. Your governments are fighting over fossil fuels even though we have solar energy, selling weapons to mercenaries and then doing nothing about the damage it causes, refusing to help other countries in need of aid even though they’ve been ruined because of you, and experimenting on kids to create super humans who can handle the hardships space without seeing anything wrong with that

No one cares about each other because no one understands each other

Pull your shit together, figure that out first, and then you can get back to me about meeting aliens


Wow I know it’s late but I just hit 2,000 followers ?? Wild. I never imagined that this blog would become what it has and I am grateful for all of you that enjoy what I post. Seriously. I never asked for the support that I’ve gotten, I really just enjoyed reading and writing all these dumb little space stories.

Exploring the weird quirks of humanity makes you appreciate it just a little bit more, and hopefully, it gives you some hope that humans are not all awful. We’re pretty cool, too, and I’m glad we’re experiencing that together.

Thanks to all 2,000 of you! Keep being nerds

10 Drastic Ways Supernatural Would Change If Dean Were Openly Bisexual:

Obviously it would be a complete upheaval of the show we’ve all come to know and love!  For example:

1.  He would openly check out men.

2.  And even flirt with them.  Subtly, of course.

And very smoothly.

3.  There might be recurring male characters with whom he shares a “profound bond.”

4.  Though of course, they’d need good chemistry, and maybe some visual symbolism (sparks flying, anyone?).

5.  Dean would probably check him out a lot – subtly, of course.

6.  There would be lots of long, soulful glances.

7.  And increasingly little personal space.

(Guys, leave room for Jesus.  Come on.)

8.  Several antagonists would be motivated primarily by keeping them apart. 

9.  There would probably be lots of mutual pining, which both parties assume to be unrequited. 

10.  LGBT viewers would get onscreen representation that would be neither permanently killed off, nor written out after one or two episodes.