personal snapshot

Personal snapshot of Burgess as The Penguin celebrating the Austin, TX premiere of BATMAN: THE MOVIE by riding in the Austin Aqua Fest Parade July 30th, 1966 

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

Fanmix for Chloe/Derek from The Darkest Powers series


Misguided Ghosts - Paramore 
Haunt - Bastille 
The Wolves - Ben Howard
Human - Gabrielle Aplin
Howl - Florence + The Machine
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Run For Your Life - The Fray
Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings
Come Around - Rosi Golan
Nowhere Left To Run - McFly 
Falling For You - Colbie Caillat
Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
Skinny Love - Birdy
I’ll Lie Here - Mike Dignam
Something I Need - OneRepublic

Today I finished a really great book by Brit Bennett called The Mothers, it really made me feel a lot, and I was very moved by her story. I recommend it! I also read some poetry about death, that was great!

Springtime is here, April is here, the hardest month of the year, let it be swift!


Barcelona. I don’t keep a journal, but I feel like when I carry a small camera with me its contents become one, intentionally or not. The images are indirectly linked to memories in a way that morphs and fades just as written words on a journal page eventually lose their direct connection to the original thoughts that inspired them. A more general feeling about the time persists and the strength of emotions is reduced though they can be somewhat recalled.

Maybe this tumblr is my journal, even though I don’t share most of the photos I take, particularly the intimate and personal ones. I feel snapshots and loose edits are a cloudy window to the soul, showing intermittent strivings and half hearted attempts to tell a story…

zahnkritzelei  asked:

Being an independent artist of all, which websites or social media gives you the most feedback? Tumblr, deviantart, facebook or twitter? And which site is the best for artists to get noticed the most?

This is my personal experience, but I’ve heard different things from different people.

Deviantart: My home base. I get the most feedback here, but it’s also casual. Mainly for building a solid fanbase. (Took me a decade though.) 
•diverse crowd
•all ages

Tumblr: Impossible to communicate with people outside of asks and ‘fanmail’, both being less than ideal. pros: clean online presence, if you pick a decent customised profile. Image sizing is terrible. 
•crowd: mainly women
•teens to mid twenties

: Vast majority of german fanbase resides here. Not ideal for art though. Image sizing is terrible.
•mid teens and up
•casual viewer

Twitter: Majority of my Japanese fanbase. I enjoy this as a silly casual thing, not great for art either, but good for mobile/tablet users. 
•huge asian userbase (artists)
•casual viewer
•mainly mobile

Instagram: good if you use your phone a lot to photograph your traditional art. con: you cannot upload from your PC. you must use your phone. I use it mostly for personal snapshots mixed with art because posting my digital work is too much of a hassle.
•artsy, somewhat hipster crowd

Artstation: great if you want to get into game art, and be professional. More geared towards western game art than anything though. (mostly blizzard and LoL style, occasional Disney.)
•job oriented
•game- and film industry crowd

Drawcrowd: Asian-centric site similar to artstation. High quality game art in anime style for the most part.
•mainly asian styles

Paigeeworld: Casual, young. not professional.
•manga style 

Pixiv: Japanese site. hard to navigate, amazing for great art and resources.
•anime/asian styles
•mainly japanese crowd 

Tapastic: Great for webcomics. They have a support program for creators and also share ad revenue. 
•US and western oriented
•clean design and presentation

Patreon: Great once you have a fanbase and want to fund a project or bridge the gap between freelance work. Not good for unknown artists or beginners.
•great safety net for freelancers IF it works
•hard work to maintain
•clunky website
•lots of unfinished features

My most active platforms currently are: Deviantart (base), Patreon (income), Twitter (casual).
Professionally I would recomment Artstation, but only if you plan on going into movies, games and concept art.

It really depends who you want to be noticed by. 

Hope this helps!