personal sketchbook tag

This is the first drawing of my demonsona Alæru I’ve made in a while, with a full outfit design and everything~

Her versatile chaos magic is god-mode, but she’s terrible at using it for the majority of the story @cyanea-capillata and I have been writing together. Like me, she’s ace and demiromantic.


If I were one of the Chocobros… (I’d be a bad influence)

And then Prompto took a photo of Ardyn freaking out while Gladio strangled me and Ignis wondered were those suffocation noises were coming from…but I was too lazy to sketch that as well. Pff.

(Excuse me, but what good are warp powers if you do not abuse them?!)

I got permission to make fan art of the Truth in Hyperbole series by @sanjuno but it’s 2:33 in the morning and I don’t know which scene to do so I guess I’m doing all of them

 What’s in my bag tag 💼

I was tagged by @soft-almond thank yoou love 💕 

Sorry if you did it already but uh I tag @noonicorn, @simwithsparkles @afrodemplumbobs @jusstsan @liubez @thesimmerwithshimmer @tigresssimmer @pawstblr @nadinemaee @andromeda-sims ofc everyone who wants to!

As you can see, in my shitty bag I have my wallet, lip balm, a book, glasses, a pad, some money cause I throw money everywhere in my bag lol, sketchbook, charcoal..