Honestly I can’t wait until we get an episode where Pearl and Connie have a serious open talk about anxiety or Connie calls Pearl mom and Pearl cries for the remaining 14 minutes of the episode while hugging Connie. 

I just love Connie and Pearl interaction and I really love Connie’s character and I would love to see her interacting with the gems and being even more adopted into Steven’s non nuclear family. 

Re: this post about childhood stuffed toys, here’s my teddy bear, Jamie (yes, he has always been called Jamie). He’s 48 years old: he was given to me when my sister was born, to stop me being jealous I suppose. I just took this photo of him. Do you see that big line of stitches up his stomach? That’s because from the age of 10, I used to hide my slash fic inside him. In order to explain away the incision, I pretended I had been playing doctors, but I left a little hole open where I could put in and take out my stories. They were written in tiny writing and rolled up. He got very very fat with them!  I also hid my fanfic under the carpet under my bed.  There was a mountain of fic under there by the time I went to college.

Does anyone have any photos or stories to share about their fanfic life?  Just curious.

im lowkey weird bc like. i can sit through almost anything in the horror genre without blinking an eye. i’m only sensitive to jumpscares the first 3 times they happen in a respective thing. i can even handle a fair amount of the stuff that usually triggers me pretty well on good days. i can carry on a calm conversation over facebook with my shitty ex if i really need to.

but if i see a clown and wasn’t expecting it i will FLIP THE FUCK OUT

everyone has that one thing they were obsessed with learning about as a kid that never goes away like it could have been years since you last looked something up related to it but the passion is still there man

do me a favour and reblog with what your childhood obsession was like I am so curious about everyone else’s because it can be the most specific thing and it’s amazing