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The first time Yuuri cuts Victor’s hair it’s more convenience than anything else. The summer was really starting off, and Victor’s hair was reaching near mullet stage when he decided it was time for a cut. He asked Yuuri where to make an appointment when, seemingly without thinking, Yuuri offered to do it for him. 

“Phichit and I used to save cash by cutting each other’s hair. It’s just a shave in the back right?” 

So Victor finds himself sitting in a chair in an open door way of the onsen with an old towel around his neck as his crush trims the back of his head. Lets the soft buzz of the shaver mix with the mindless humming Yuuri does while working. Pushing, just slightly, against the finger tips tilting his head every other way. 

Far too soon Yuuri is pulling the towel away and taking it outside to dump out the hair. 

After that it’s just habit. Sitting in an old creaky chair with an even older towel or blanket around his neck while Yuuri cuts his hair. The first time Yuuri asks him to cut his Victor jumps at the chance. While Yuuri is meticulous, Victor is greedy. He uses it as a chance to run his fingers and (after a certain kiss) nuzzle his face into Yuuri’s kitten soft hair. Breath in the smell of all natural shampoo that Hiroko and Toshiya make in the backyard. A smell that now means home more than any cramped Saint Petersburg apartment ever could. 

Autocorrect just called me out.

I was just texting my niece asking if she’d seen the manga panel of Yuuri lifting Victor. I had typed it correctly but as soon as I started typing “Victor” my phone’s autocorrect changed “lifting” to “loving”. 

…I can’t even get irritated at that because where’s the lie.

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ngl i always imagined yuuri and phichit in college as two messes just making it fucking work week by week

Phichit walks in, throws his bag halfway across the room, and says that today is depressed shopping day get ur debit card Yuuri.

“Should I buy these.” 
“They’re 80$ jeans.” 
“I’m buying them.” 
“Fuck yeah.” 
*as they’re leaving the door* 
“Why the fuck did you let my buy 80$ jeans.” 

Why do I always have a death wish for my hands right before a con? I swear. I just burned myself to the point of blisters while flat ironing my hair for the first time in like 15 years. Thank God it’s my left hand and not my right, although I still use my left hand a lot for shortcut buttons while I’m working. And of course the blisters are on the fleshy heel of my hand under my pinky so they touch absolutely everything including my keyboard when I type. 

Because of course they do.

Gundam 00 Headcanons (5/?)

the world is awful and i’m really upset today, so have another (small unfortunately) set of Gundam 00 headcanons. Earlier sets are here, here, here, and here, and just to get everything in one place, the friendly reminders post is here

  • When Allelujah and Marie got married, Allelujah took Marie’s last name rather than the other way around. He gets very excited every time someone refers to him as “Mr. Parfacy.”
  • Chris’ birth name was Alexandra King. Her mother Megan gave birth when she was fifteen, and raised her daughter as best she could, but they lived at or below the poverty line for Alex’s entire childhood. 
    • Years after her daughter ran away at 13, even after she married and had another child, Megan refused to move from the tiny house Alex grew up in, left the porch light on a little later than necessary every night, and always watched out for thick brown hair just like her own in crowds. She knows Alex is more than likely dead…but if she ever decides to come home, she will welcome her with open arms.
  • When they were pre-teens, Lyle snapped about his mum mixing up his and Neil’s laundry one too many times, and found himself with laundry duty every weekend–to Neil’s unending delight.
  • Louise Innovated, going on to live longer than she really had any right to due to the increased lifespan. Saji didn’t, and died in his seventies.
    • Most of the Ptolemy’s crew also Innovated. However, Miss Sumeragi and Lyle did not.
  • Per NinthFeather’s art: Thirteen-year-old Lyle’s goth phase was ridiculous and out of control. His parents made him pay for every dye job and piercing out of his own pocket, but it didn’t deter him for several months. Neil kept the photos for years, for blackmail purposes.
    • (please imagine the crew finding them at some point)
  • Allelujah and Setsuna had to learn English from the ground up when they were recruited to the Ptolemy. Lasse’s and Lichty’s English was rough at first (the AEU doesn’t typically teach it in school) but passable. Tieria was furious with them all, until Sumeragi asked him whether he’d like to just give them access to Veda and download the language into their heads and make it easier on everyone.
    • She knows that’s not how it works for normal humans, and so does Tieria, but it drives the point home all the same.
  • Setsuna is a terrifying driver, sees no point in the speed limit when he has places to be, and thusly gets approximately 10000 speeding tickets on Earth before Sumeragi has to sit him down and explain very sternly that just because they can pay for him to go 30 over the speed limit on a suburban road doesn’t mean they should have to.
  • Allelujah, on the other hand, considers cars to be on the same danger level as guns (only to be handled when absolutely necessary, and then with extreme care) and observes all of the traffic laws to a pedantic T that the others would only have expected from Tieria.
    • When at all possible, the others learned to never put Alle and Setsuna in the same car.
  • Chris and Sumeragi and Ian once dragged the rest of the crew to an amusement park on Earth at some point before their armed interventions. Tieria saw no point to any of the rides or prize stands, and balked at the sheer amount of sugar in funnel cake and cotton candy.
    • Chris dragged Feldt around by the hand, found a stuffed monkey the exact shade of her hair, and begged Lockon until he relented and won the shooting gallery to give it to her.
    • Setsuna will never admit how much fun he had on the roller coasters. However, it turns out that when he’s not the one controlling the corkscrews and high-g turns, he gets really, really motion sick, and puked. Twice. On Tieria’s shoes.
    • One of the roller coasters took photos, and Sumeragi overrode Tieria’s furious objections at such a frivolous allocation of funds and bought a copy. All the non-Meister crew members agreed it was 100% worth it, and hung in a place of honor in the mess hall, super-glued to the wall so Tieria couldn’t pry it off.
    • (i drew this (badly) if you want a visualization
  • Ian was the de facto leader of their fractured crew after Fallen Angels, even before Miss Sumeragi formally quit, but more nights than not, Linda had to help keep him together and work through his grief. After all, he lost his best friend–as well as most of the crew that was less than half his age.
  • He fought Mileina’s appointment to the new Ptolemy, three years later, because she’s only thirteen, and it’s dangerous, and–(and he can’t lose his daughter too, though he didn’t say this aloud and no one but Linda read it in his face). But Feldt talked him down, and said she can’t do her job on her own, and Mileina wa more than qualified. And with Veda gone, with half their crew missing or dead, they really needed all the help they could get.

Quand après un an de relation indécise, je lui explique 2h durant que je le quitte pour de bon, car je doute de ses sentiments et que jai besoin d'être rassurée, et qu'après un court temps de réflexion il me répond “ça te dérange si je me touche? ”.

I’m gonna live!

Or so the doctor tells me… 

It is NOT strep though… they gagged me and checked. 

They don’t know what the hell is wrong with me… Fever… no congestion and a sore swollen throat. 

Doctor wants me out of work till Monday… which means I am sitting on my ass staring at mindless TV… Im trying to write but when the fever spikes it is hard to concentrate at time. 

They gave me some shit to gargle with that numbs my throat… and my lips… holy hell it is terrible btw. 

But I WILL LIVE! I PROMISE. I appreciate the messages and concern from everyone! <3 <3 <3 Love you guys!!!

my favourite paranormal memes:

  • circling something really obvious in red
  • ignoring the really obvious thing and instead circling something completely irrelevant in red
  • #confirmed
  • [cryptid] is real he sucked my dick behind an arbys
I need to tell you guys about the time I was almost swept off to another dimension on a ghost train or something

Because honestly it was… a really weird experience tbh

So a few years ago a friend and I were in Belfast, and it was getting towards evening time in the winter so it was already pitch black but still kind of crowded from the Christmas rush. We headed to the train station to get a train home and these trains were fairly regular, like about every thirty minutes or so which is pretty regular for that country, trust me. The trains varied from the newer, nicer ones to the ones that probably hadn’t been updated since the seventies, but they were all relatively decent and no cause for concern. 

Or so we thought. We caught our train at the usual platform, but no sooner had we got on did we realise something was kind of off. This train was old, and kind of shabby looking. We made a few jokes and sat down anyway, figuring it was one of the older trains that we’d just never seen before, and things passed relatively normally. The train pulled out of the station, and it was only as we were picking up speed that we realised we were the only ones in the carriage. This was highly unusual, because it was still peak time for people starting to head back, and it being so close to Christmas, the train should have been packed. We couldn’t have got on an out of service trains, because they wouldn’t go to a passenger platform if they weren’t taking passengers, and with all the other trains needing platforms there would be no room for them. They would go to a separate part of the tracks out of the way. We were completely stumped.

We put it down to just weird timing and figured the other carriages probably had people in them, and tried to relax. The train was sort of rickety and unusually loud, and it didn’t exactly sound like what you would expect from a train. I don’t know how to describe it, but there was a kind of odd, distorted quality to the sound of the wheels on the track; it was sort of muffled but also louder than usual at the same time? Kind of like when you have a dream and wake up still hearing the sound from it, and it sounds both quiet because it’s fading from your ears but loud at the same time because it’s in your head. That’s really the only way I can describe it.

We quickly noticed something else that was weird. Several minutes passed, and we didn’t stop at the usual stop. We didn’t even go past it. Several more minutes passed and we absolutely should have stopped at at least two stops. There was nothing, and there was no train guard to check tickets, either. By now, we’re really freaked out. We’re passing through places we recognise, proving we’re on the right route, but we’re not going through any of the right stops and the train isn’t slowing. This probably went on for a good six or seven minutes, even though we should have been out of Belfast by that time. Finally, the train started to slow, and pulled into the first station it should have stopped at, only minutes after leaving the original station. By this point we’re so freaked out that we know we’re getting off the train, so we stand and go and wait by the doors.

The train stops, and the platform outside is empty – again, very unusual for this time. The doors thankfully open and me and my friend hurry out onto the platform, and almost immediately after our feet touch the platform, the train pulls away. No one else got off the train, and as it passes, we see there’s absolutely no one else on the train. No passengers, no guards. The driver would have been at the front so we didn’t get to see if anyone was there or not, but the train was completely empty. We watched it go along the track a short distance, and then the lights simply vanished even though there was nothing there to obstruct them. No trains on other tracks, no tunnels, no curves. That part of the track has great visibility, but the lights just vanished into midair.

We look at one another, and then suddenly we realise we can hear noise, and the platform behind us is packed with people. We just jumped on the next train with a crowd of other people and tried not to think too much about what would have happened if we’d stayed on that first train.