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Synastry can be a confusing subject to look at. It’s already confusing enough to look at your natal chart, imagine how confusing it’d be to combine your natal chart with another person’s! In a synastry calculator, you can be very confused with what you see. So many lines, so many aspects to look at.

Aspects is a very important component in synastry. It’s the connections your planets make to your partner’s. It gives insight to the interactions between you two. While there’s some free-flowing, easy aspects, there’s some hard, challenging ones.

And sometimes, if not managed correctly, challenging aspects can turn into toxic, unhealthy aspects.

A little disclaimer before I list such aspects. Everybody has their own idea of what a “red flag” synastry aspect could be. This is just my opinion on what I think would be toxic and unhealthy. And if you find that you and partner have one of these challenging aspects, don’t just throw your relationship out the door. Every relationship is challenging, and to just completely throw away a relationship just because you see a challenging aspect is foolish. It’s your relationship. Don’t let the stars determine your actions. I personally have one of the “red flag” aspects below, but remember that challenging aspects can also turn to transforming, powerful aspects in a good way!

  1. Moon Square or Opposite Saturn - In this aspect, it can be argued that the Moon person will be mainly harmed, but I believe both people with this aspect will be hurt. The Saturn person will feel that the Moon person is constantly irresponsible, scolding and criticizing the Moon person like a child. The Moon person feels emotionally damaged by this, and if not handled correctly, the Moon person will eventually sensor what he/she says to the Saturn person while the Saturn person will eventually be in the dark. The Moon person could eventually be depressed with the relationship while the Saturn person will not be satisfied.
  2. Mars Square or Opposite Pluto - This aspect is notoriously known as one of the most dangerous synastry aspects a couple could have. There is definitely a strong, notable aggressive attitude the Mars and Pluto person possesses while they are presented in different ways. Arguments can be quite explosive within this pairing, since both people are too stubborn and aggressive to give in. If the two individuals are physically violent, this aspect can show violence and abuse. However, if there isn’t any signs in the charts of each of individual, abuse and violence is not likely to occur.
  3. Mars Square or Opposite Saturn - Unlike the Moon Square or Opposite Saturn aspect, this aspect can negatively manifest into something more violent. With the disciplinary, harsh, and criticizing tendencies of Saturn, the Saturn person will most likely criticize the Mars person for everything they do since Mars is the planet of energy, and everything requires energy. The Mars person could have a need to rebel and openly act against the Saturn person while the Saturn person would have a stronger need to restrict the Mars person. Since Saturn is a planet that represents longevity, this aspect wouldn’t manifest early in a romantic relationship, but rather later into the relationship when both people are comfortable with each other.
  4. Venus Square or Opposite Uranus - In this aspect, the Uranus person will most likely want their relationship with the Venus to be as spontaneous and interesting as possible. However, the Venus person may want romantic structure in the relationship and the Uranus person can resent this. In romantic situations, it can be quite erratic and inconstant, making the relationship quite unsteady and dramatic, especially for the Venus person. Sometimes, the Uranus person can be romantically or emotionally distant from the Venus person.
  5. Venus Square of Opposite Pluto - There is a strong powerful struggle between the Venus and Pluto person. The Pluto person is likely to dominant over the Venus person, and sometimes, this can be hard for the Venus person to accept. The Pluto person can also be quite possessive and jealous when it comes to the Venus person. While there is a strong attraction between the two, the relationship between the two could be quite an emotional rollercoaster. If an relationship were to end between the Venus and Pluto person, the chances of repeating the relationship is slim due to the overpowering passion between the two.

I will probably make a part two of this when I find more aspects!

Tumblr MBTI Community Over Time

Okay, I’ve been around in the MBTI/Typology community on tumblr since before February of the 2013 and, to say the least, I’ve witnessed many strange and bizarre things. Nevertheless, I’ve also noticed some changes and progress over the years.

• At first, there were nearly no sensors around and what you’d often see were intuitives believing they were geniuses for being able to grasp personality theory. “All sensors are probably too busy with their stupid lives.”

• “MY TYPE IS BETTER THAN YOURS!!!!!” You can still come across this, but at least more of us know how silly this is.

• “Thinkers are horrible people!” And “Feelers ARE DUMB!” Classic. We’re over this, right?

• “Functions?!?!? What’s that!? That’s too complex!” Indeed they can be scary at first, but it’s pleasant to see so many people now have a profound and accurate understanding of them and can explain them well.

• “Fi is the most selfish function of all and it will never be anything else! I HATE FI USERS!!!!!” And “Look at all those Fe users caught in groupthink, following the herd and falling off the cliff!!!” Not always the case. We now know that.

@myersandbriggs is not as active as they once were, but from the beginning, they were a relief to me for they regularly posted quality content from different sources that helped us be more and better informed. They built a huge database that you can visit and easily find much about anything MBTI-related.

• “LOL, why would you bother with the Enneagram!?! MBTI is obviously superior and anyone not fitting the typical descriptions of their MBTI type is clearly defective and will never make it anywhere!” Thank goodness it’s more common knowledge now that the Enneagram plays a big role in the personality and looks into what MBTI doesn’t.

@eilamona made a blog that not only has many cute, smart and funny MBTI interactions, but also many articles that keep us from using MBTI as an excuse to be terrible people or to remain in terrible situations.

• “I can’t stand people of this type because of what I read or people I’ve met, so I come here to continually spread my disgust and hate as though they’re all the same and all deserve to know how awful I believe they are!” This keeps happening but is now more countered.

• “Oh, look at this evil character with a plan. Must be INTJ.” And “Look at this character that’s obviously Ni dom, Te aux and so on. But they’re not evil or physically useless. Type them ISFP or something else.” One of my biggest frustrations, but oh well. You can find a few non-villainous fictional INTJs in the pile.

• “You cannot possibly be the type you claim to be, you ignorant wannabe!” Mistypes happen, yes. But the narrow understanding of type and aggression to tell others what their type is or isn’t seems to have lessened.

• “ENFPxINTJ are the OTP! They’d be incomplete and never grow without each other! ENFPs and INTJs shouldn’t waste their time in relationships with other types! Let the ENFP puke a rainbow on you, stoic INTJ, and make your life wonderful at last!” Admittedly, I’m grateful for a few of the ENFPs in my life (high school friend, second mother, tumblr mutuals) and I’ve seen a few happy ENFPxINTJ couples that are lovely. I have enriching intellectual conversations or moral support with ENFPs from time to time. But honestly, in my case, most of the time I need to take a nap after an hour or so of listening to them, so it’s quite unlikely that we’d work as closer partners. Point is, recommended type pairings are not for everyone!

• We have ISTJs around and they’re much more than how they were often painted. Type descriptions found online can be very unrelatable and cause mistyping (ISTJ I’ve known for years couldn’t relate much to them either). @intj-confessions is an ISTJ blogger and I always liked her blog because of its straightforwardness and humor. I appreciate her down-to-earth anecdotes and practical advice. Plus she’s no-nonsense and calls us out on our bullshit.

• People stereotyping and shitposting like those are the facts. But lately, I’m often seeing more posts that explicitly point out that they’re using stereotypes and are shitposting so they don’t mislead the audience. Thank you for this.

• Things have gotten much more crowded and louder, which has its cons, but it also means there’s more diversity and more you can find to break out of preconceptions.

• More blogs dedicated to tackling biases or absurdity within the community. @kill-that-mbti-stereotype puts it plainly and @mbtisuggestion cleverly makes fun of us.

There’s more, but I had to summarize. In other words, we’ve come a long way.

So a little birdy told me some people say sensors are dumb???
  • These are sensors i know irl who are incredibly smart af (its 1 am and im sleepy sorry if i write something stupid)
  • ISTJ: so my schools head prefect last year was istj + my bff's lil sister is an istj shes 15 literally a genius gets the BEST grades and also won "sports girl of the year" at my school (youngest person to win)and gets home at 9 pm after training and still gets amazing grades and shes the kindest person ever too
  • ESTJ: literally know three estjs whom i adore and admire, two of them were in the honor roll+prefects and the other was head delegate of the MUN team with me and the three of them take no shit from anyone and have "leader" written all over their faces and are just overall incredible and wow
  • ISTP: this istp friend of mine is so smart and like in every scenario you put him he will be so smart and nice and stay kind plus he gives the best advine also he's the new head delegate at my school's MUN team and is making great things
  • ESTP: my aunt!!! Industrial engineer who graduated with rlly good grades and got a great job in the cement industry and had to put up with a lot of sexist crap from her peers and when she quit her job to take care of her triplets she got so many offers to work from home cause she was so good!!
  • ISFJ: isfjs are the most studious people ive met and they work so hard!!! And this one isfj friend my whole class loves so much she was really smart and helped everyone else with their work and things they didnt get and always reminded us of the homework we had for the next day and when we graduated she wrote each of us a letter!!!
  • ESFJ: my mom's an esfj and shes so smart and organized and such a good parent and also one of my closest friends is an esfj and she is, with isfjs, the most studious person ive met and overall determinated as heck like she wants something, makes a plan to get it and achieves it, always! Its so weird because she goes to lots of parties and goes to the gym a lot and does swimming and has a bf and still has time to be in the honor roll?? Like what
  • ISFP: literal ray of sunshine friend who, ok dont kill me cause this is a stereotype, but i swear she is like the most amazing artist and the director of Zootopia liked her fanart!! But she is more than just art, she puts light and happiness in everything she does, be it a ppt presentation, Model UN, acting, singing, science but not math (she hates math)and makes everyone smile even when she is going through the hardest of times (and believe me, she has gone through a lot)
  • ESFP: my cousin!! At first glance she is your stereotypical popular and funny esfp..truth is since we were little she taught me so to use power point, movie maker, how to draw, how to act, how to everything! She was in our school's honor roll not only because shes smart as heck but because if the teacher said "make a ppt presentation on polar bears" she would make that plus a sculpture plus a song (this example is true im not even exaggerating) and she is always putting a special "plus" into everything she does
  • Sensors are amazing bye

Crowdsourced Air Monitors Could Help People Breathe Easier in Cities

by Michael Keller

People living in towns and cities across the U.S. generally rely on state and federal authorities to let them know when their community’s air quality is cause for concern.

Monitoring station coverage varies depending on what state you’re in. Even if a monitor is down the street from you, the number of pollutants it sniffs for might be very different from another unit acrosss town. One station might be monitoring for ozone and nitrogen oxides, while a distant one might be on the lookout for sulfur dioxide and tiny particulate matter. That isn’t a recipe to give a consistent or personally very useful assessment of the air you’re breathing.

And for many people, an air quality monitoring station isn’t nearby. The state of the air on individual blocks or in neighborhoods is often unknown. But what if the job could be shared, with sensitive government equipment remaining in a dispersed network across a city while interested citizens provide data between the stations?

A European project called Citi-Sense is looking to do just that. Their goal is to develop sensor-based networks that are crowdsourced by citizens who measure the environment and conditions in urban areas.

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Who is you like the best?
  • Shikadai: My Dad
  • Inojin: My Mother
  • Chouchou: Slim technique
  • Shikadai and Inojin: that not even a person...
  • Mitsuki: it's **********
  • others: sensor...?
  • Himawari: Mommy and Daddy!
  • Boruto: Sasuke ochan!
  • Sarada: Seventh Hokage
  • Boruto: what are you talking about Sarada, Sasuke ochan much much better than my shitty dad!
  • Sarada: ... Are we gonna do this again (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ==== ┻━━┻
  • others: ...「(°ヘ°)
  • Sarada: of course my papa is the best! baka Boruto! 。゜(`Д´)゜。
Daily Post

Ok, so I’m going to do a daily (hopefully) post about my feelings about different MBTI types.  I would like to look back on these and reflect on how correct I was.

Today, I met a Sensor. How, you may ask, do I know? It is simple really, as Sensors have a distinctly stupid vibe to them that is unparalleled.  I could instantly tell from my amazing intuition that this person was a lowly Sensor. Moments later I was proven correct, as this Sensor walks towards a pack of Sensors and began talking slowly, laboriously, as if mere thoughts were a stretch, which they were.  I smiled pityingly at the inferior minds, because of no fault of their own, they were born with less potential than Intuitives.