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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

Aaaaaaah!! This makes my heart warm, thank youuuuuuu! 

🇹🇭🇮🇳🇬🇸 🇮 🇱🇮🇰🇪 🇦🇧🇴🇺🇹 🇲🇾🇸🇪🇱🇫 (I already can’t think of anything) 

  1. my eye colour
  2. my accent 
  3. my personality 
  4. my sense of style
  5. I don’t think there is a 5th thing so 

I really wish more people would give Royal Pirates a listen and chance. I know they aren’t idols (in age and personality) but their music/senses of humor/styles basically the whole package make them worthy of at least a legit listen. Most K-pop fans list off CNBlue and Day6 when listing off K-Rock. Don’t forget Royal Pirates (and FT Island) too.

college AU where Frank is the enfant terrible of the bio majors- no one has any idea how he has enough time to work on his ridiculous independent life science projects and throw all the parties he does (not to mention maintain his personal sense of style), but somehow he does it. does he ever sleep? who knows

Riff and Magenta are those two weird exchange students- probably from France, although no one’s actually sure about that. constantly judging everyone else and talking shit about them in their own native language. they seem weirdly close, but maybe that’s just how siblings are in France? everyone else is way too uncomfortable to even ask.

Rocky is a first-class jock who is also, inexplicably, heading for a philosophy degree. recruit material for every fraternity on campus, but he’s actually not involved with Greek life. a surprising sweetheart.

Columbia is a dance and performance major, shows up at every one of Frank’s parties in an outrageous outfit.

Eddie doesn’t even go here, just shows up to parties. everyone loves him.

Dr. Scott is that one science professor who has an “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster up in his office. no one’s sure if he’s an X-Files fan or he actually believes in UFOs. could go either way.

Brad and Janet - prospective students. did not sign up for this shit. a bit intrigued, though.

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What specific traits do the Sakamaki and Mukami bros look for in their s/o?

[Mun] マリ: I don’t really mind taking multiple families for these kind of requests. Hope you like it!

Ayato - wild and outgoing personality, big boobs, talent/interest in sports
Shuu - humble and calm personality, cultured, appreciation of classical music, likes slow sex
Laito - outgoing and kind of pervy personality, sense of style, loves to dance, into quickies
Kanato - quiet and submissive personality, loves to dress up, likes chocolate, into choking
Reiji - submissive yet strong personality, good manners, good sense of style, into bdsm
Subaru - stable personality, likes emo music, not afraid to show emotion, enjoys angry sex

Ruki - intelligent and sophisticated personality, loves classical music, ballroom dance, bdsm
Yuma - intelligent, fun, and confident personality, loves gardening, into rough sex/quickies
Kou - outgoing personality, musical talent, comes to his shows, loves cooking, into catplay
Azusa - calm and comforting personality, willing to give blood, loves to cuddle, into knifeplay

This was a comment made on my youtube video about invisible illness that apparently went right over this person’s head. I cannot understand able bodied people, like WTF do you think disability is? It is limitation… also, they’ve literally just watched a 5 minute video of me and assumed they know my entire life. And now disabled people can’t have tattoos or any sense of personal style? We aren’t human? I’m so blown away by this person’s remarks; I wanted to make a response to this but I don’t even know what to say. 

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if someone aims to look like like tony soprano then yeah loafers are grrreeaaatttt. i'm actually sick when i look at the golden detail on top that i forgot how it's callled in english.

@zenlikejen suggested they look like pilgrims’ shoes, haha!

I don’t know, like…I think I’d find them quite….peculiar and not exactly my cup of tea on anyone else, but on Harry…he has developed his personal style and sense of fashion that allows him to wear anything and always look decent and bright in it, in my opinon!

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16 with jas and aria

hope this is okay :)

“You were born at the wrong time.”

One of the greatest joys of Jasmine’s life was watching her daughter find her own personality and sense of style as she was a preteen, discovering the different trends and style that she wanted to wear. Aria was still in a phase where she didn’t mind having her mom go shopping with her, Jasmine savoring every single shopping trip as if it would be their last together.

The two of them end up in a vintage store that Jasmine was half tempted to buy everything out of for herself, watching her daughter walk around the store just ahead of her a she looked through all of the clothes that caught her eye.

Jasmine truthfully could’ve spent hours in the same store if it meant getting to spend time with Aria, the two of them making their way towards the dressing rooms as Jasmine waits outside the door.

She can’t help but smile as her daughter walks out of the dressing room in a vintage jean jacket and pants that she would’ve worn when she was her age, a smile spreading across her face as she watches her daughter look at the outfit in the mirror.

“Do you like this, Mom? I really like this,” She smiles, turning to the side to look at her outfit better, Jasmine crossing her arms as she watches her daughter be excited over the outfit she had chosen.

“You were born at the wrong time,” Jasmine laughs, taking a few steps forward to fix the jacket’s collar, Aria furrowing her brows as she looks at her mom through the mirror.

“What are you even talking about, Mom?” She questions, stepping off the pedestal she had been standing on to walk towards the dressing room once more, Jasmine laughing behind her.

“I mean, you like all the vintage things that I used to like, and not what people are wearing now. You should’ve been born when these things are popular. Just like your mama used to be,” Jasmine explains, not missing the preteen attitude with her daughter rolling her eyes.

“But what if I wouldn’t have liked the stuff when they were popular though,” She challenges, Jasmine laughing as she pushes her daughter gently back into the dressing room.

“You know what I meant, Ari. Your style just isn’t what everyone is wearing right now,” Jasmine laughs from the other side of the door, barely able to hear her daughter’s laugh in response.

Jasmine savored every moment her daughter let her hang out with her like this, realizing the teenage years were quickly approaching and Aria would want to spend less time with her parents. So for now she takes all the eye rolls and snarky comments while they’re shopping when Jasmine comments on something, wondering when it would all come to an end.

Starting from Sunday, November 27th, Hearthome City will begin its First Annual Winter Solstice Festival.

Coordinators will enter, registering their acts as one of 5 categories:
Cute - Cool - Beautiful - Smart - Tough

Cute contestants want to show the world how bubbly-sweet they are!
Cool contestants want to show the world their stellar tricks!
Beautiful contestants want to show the world their grace and poise!
Smart contestants want to show the world their technical precision!
Tough contestants want to show the world their strength and resilience!

Contestants will be judged based on how well their actions exemplify their chosen category, in two rounds:

Dress Up and Appeals!

For the Dress Up round, coordinators dress up their contestants in ways that fit their act’s registered category. The outfit may be drawn, or it may be written out, so long as “#ws2016dressup” is in the first 5 tags of the post.

Judge(s) will consult the Judging Criteria, as well as their personal sense of style, when handing out points. No participant can speak with a judge about the decision until judging has finished. Once a judge has posted their decision, it is final.

For the Appeals round, coordinators and their Pokémon perform routines befitting their category. For example: A Smart entrant may choose to perform a technical feat that requires precision, or they may choose to tell a story with their appeal.

Appeals must have “#ws2016appeal” in the first 5 tags of each post, and should be written as drabbles. You are allowed help from outsiders and other participants when writing your appeals, but you are not allowed help from a judge.

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[Various illustrations of Eve, a brown-haired Autistic white girl who has telekinetic powers. She is shown looking out a window, magically lifting books, holding a sparkler while mesmerized by its light, walking in a cloak, using her superior hearing to help a friend find a lost child, and talking to her mother.]

At age 11, I didn’t have a word for why I was different from other kids (besides “unique” and “gifted,” words supplied by my parents). So even though I had no idea what autism was, I made autistic character after autistic character. These autistic cuties were sensitive and connected to nature, with hypersensitive senses and quirky personal styles. Their development was often at their own pace, ahead in intellectual areas and behind in socioemotional ones. And their quirks inevitably charmed those around them.

Were they Mary Sues? Yes, for sure. They were also fantastic coping mechanisms for an undiagnosed little Autistic girl, with few friends and no explanation for why she was so out of step with her peers.

Celebrating autistic traits kept me strong, even as I faced challenges for which I had no words. I didn’t know why I was so alone, but my characters reminded me that it was okay to be unique, and that I could have worth while being misunderstood.

Eve and her cohorts were my special interest, my reason for waking up long before sunrise and writing for hours. They made me the writer, and the person, who I am today.

And I am proud.


Jeff Buckley photographed by Merri Cyr, Grace Shoot. Arcadia studios, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, December 1993.

“I photographed Jeff for the Grace cover in December of 1993 at my friend Billy Basinski’s Arcadia loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Jeff definitely had his own sense of personal style. The glitter jacket he is wearing is one of his thrift store finds. The shoot went on most of the day – he was a bit nervous because it was the album cover shoot. I wasn’t even interested in the shot Jeff chose for the cover. Jeff saw it on a contact sheet and said, ‘That’s it. That’s the cover. I can tell I am listening to music in this shot.’ The music he was listening to was Patti Smith’s Horsesalbum. “ (…)

“The reason he said he loved the shot was that he said he could tell that he was listening to the music by the expression on his face”.

“Later I found out there was quite a bit of controversy about the cover selection. Management didn’t like it because they thought the glitter jacket was too effeminate. Others at the company thought the image was too much of a pretty boy shot. Jeff fought very hard and insisted this image be on his cover. It became a big, big thing, and he wouldn’t budge.” - Merri Cyr, Rolling Stone Australia (September 2015) / .

the signs as i've experienced them
  • aries: sweet and funny and has ZERO chill. will be a lil gay with u but is an amazing friend and technology WHIZZ.
  • taurus: smartest person you will ever meet, kinda socially awkward but underneath is a very caring and funny person, stubborn af but is open to idea from ppl they like.
  • gemini: two sides to them. one side is a lil ray of sunshine and the other is a slay hoe with a resting bitch face.
  • cancer: introverted and quite smart, forward thinking and will stick up for you no matter what, very social justice orientated and complete mum friend.
  • leo: brave and courageous but has no idea what the fuck is going on the majority of the time but is still and adorable little puppy.
  • virgo: SLAY AF. very smart and have the bEST SENSE OF HUMOUR. can talk with them for hours and you feel the strange need to protect them at all costs.
  • libra: very nice person, amazing sense of style, strong willed and a force to be reckoned with.
  • scorpio: resting bitch face but extremely nice, doesn't like affection and has slay eyebrows, likes country music and always sends articles from the snapchat magazines to all their friends.
  • sagittarius: crazy. no chill. gives great hugs and is hella tall, eyeliner constantly on fleek and while they can be weird af they are lil rays of sunshine.
  • capricorn: one of the slayest ppl you will ever meet, will literally fight the sun even though they're hella short, best laugh ever and is very affectionate.
  • aquarius: strong and beautiful and hides pain very well, someone you can love without even knowing them.
  • pisces: i have never met a pisces in my entire life but 'm sure they are lovely people


ATTACK OF THE CLONES: While in hiding at Varykino, Padmé is determined to deny her feelings for Anakin and remain loyal to her job and duty. Yet when they are alone and Padmé can finally dress as an individual, she unconsciously choses a dress that reveals her true feelings for the Jedi.  The beautiful - yet revealing - gown features a removable cape of rare feathers and a long beaded choker.

DESIGN: Iain McCaig looked to the styles of the 1930s for inspiration for this leather gown with mermaid-style skirt. The gown is meant to be representative of Padmé’s change from TPM to AotC; she is no longer a 14 year-old Queen, but rather a 24 year-old woman and this figure-hugging dress effectively demonstrates her mature, more personal sense of style in AotC. Story has it that George Lucas himself originally came up with the design for this dress, much to the amusement of Natalie Portman and the cast and crew.

People in the BJD Hobby Who Deserve Some Love

lordhigheverythingelse - I’m pretty sure we all know Arthur, but he is amazing and a wonderful friend, and you should all consider getting a faceup from him if you haven’t already because he is just that good.

nephilem-of-the-woods - beautiful precious cinnamon roll who is very kind and very sweet and deserves all the love in the world. Their dolls are beautiful and so is their artwork and they deserve all of your love.

madjawdolls - incredibly creative, beautiful person who has a killer sense of style and originality. Have you seen their dolls? They are all beautiful and detailed and amazing. She is incredibly creative and talented, and I suggest you check her blog out!

feileastram - do you need an amazing person to follow? No? Shut up, yes you do. Feileastram is a terrific person and their blog is so wonderful and full of adorable pictures of their tiny centaur babies, Gerdy and Petunia (and Oliver too, but he’s not a tiny centaur). They also love Marvel (major Sanna points here!!)

smallstuffdolls-bjd - She (?) is the cutest person ever, and so sweet; she makes tiny crocheted critters for dolls and it is precious and adorable. Super fun and easy to talk to, I love them. Also, they have a frog bjd named Froggy and he is super cute and makes me want one too.

Go follow these wonderful people, and add your own friends to this list! Everyone deserves some love :)

something i think is interesting with Crocodile is that, from what we can understand, his ideal of the Pirate King is a very romantic notion of piracy

i mean. just look at this outfit. this isn’t something that reflects Croc’s personal sense of style, which is way more high-class and gangster-like. but it does reflect his idea of what the Pirate King would–should?–look like, which is a far more romantic version of piracy.

i mean–Goldenweek’s line here is ‘Color’s Trap: Rainbow of Dreams! Become whatever you wish!’ so we know this is what Croc wants to be..

idk, it’s just something i find interesting