personal screencaps


I did my first ever re-draw screen cap! ^^ Original cap on the top, my drawing on the bottom. I chose a cute scene from sailor moon crystal, I think it turned out rather well! :-)

I am doing anime screen cap re-draws for practicing now, so please feel free to suggest screen caps for me to draw! I need all the training I can get :-)


bernie wolfe + @ao3tagoftheday (2/?)


me: ok,,, im not making the mistake i made season 2. If this is like last time, season 3 of voltron isnt gonna be on netflix until 3 am where i live,, there is no way im gonna start watching the whole thing from 3 am all the way through until the end. i was an emotional wreck and half asleep and like crying by 7:30 i cant do that to myself again 

also me, on august 4 probably: