Tumblr Harassment

(Totally ooc here but if I ever find the bastards who harrassed my friend @fat-widowtracer I’ll their arses off and shove them back down their throats! She’s an awesome person who doesn’t deserve the harassment she’s been getting from a bunch of disgusting guys! She loved being here and interacting with people, I helped her set her blog up, and now her fun has been ruined by a group of recent people harassing her.

She could do with some support and kind words right now, so go give her some support if you can please)

An entire city in the Philippines is being controlled by ISIS-linked group. Please pray, like seriously pray for the city of Marawi and its people being held hostage.

ASL should be taught in schools

Like seriously I think ASL (American sign language) or any type of sign language should be a language choice in school. Just knowing the basics could really help and I think it’s important for hearing (non deaf) people to maybe know a few basic signs. I’ve seen more and more people learning it and I think it’s amazing. It would just be really cool if it was a language choice at schools.

we are young, we play our music loud,drink until we can’t stand, we sneak out, get grounded, fail tests, run wild, we make friendships that only last a month, lie about where we are, cry in the bathroom, try new things, sleep for hours, binge eat, go through lovers like we go through our expensive clothes. we are young,we are the corrupted youth.
we are the hated generation,but they forget who raised us.
—  diaryofasocialintrovert
I am an old lesbian.

Things have changed, like a lot!

- Subaru was the car company for lesbians to get out and stay out in. Now it’s Jeep and they don’t even have a Dana Fairbanks!

- People didn’t care that there was a masculine character with a feminine character, like Shane and Carmen. But now people find that odd. They want couples that look like Brittany and Santana.

- Oh and now Butch is a bad word? This one is still lost on me!

- Some of these kids haven’t even seen The L Word. And that was like a requirement when I was younger.

- Apparently we now have to clarify that trans woman that are also lesbian, or people of color that are lesbians are included. Like ma… of course, y'all were always included!
*If you do not include these folks, well you suck, please leave! We don’t want you here bitch!

- There are new lines within the LGBT+ community, ones that divide us out a lot more. Dude, we call it The Family for a reason. We is Family yo, we are all here we are all queer, it’s good.
*And that includes non-binary, fluid, asexual, and all y'all people too!! The +… y'all make the community go from an A to an A+… y'all important and y'all matter!! All y'all.

- Labels have always been an issue, but recently now if you use terminology mistakenly.. it’s a personal attack. But for a long time, you just politely corrected people and went about your day. Like yo I’m sorry I fucked up, but I fuck up my own address (that I’ve had for years) on the regular. We talk wrong sometimes, it’s not always personal.
*and to the folks that do mislabel other on purpose, fuck you, get up off my post!

So… I have some how managed to become an old lesbian some how. And I guess it’s cool. But like… I’m only 24 y'all. I know we progressive n shit… but like I already have grey hairs, I am not ready to be old yet!

Okay, but if a writer shows you their writing - their work, don’t ever take it for granted.

I don’t care if it’s every day, every month, or if it’s every five fucking minutes.

If a writer shows you something they are working on, don’t question why their topics are always the same, don’t groan in frustration or judge the art before even reading it.

Do you know how difficult it is for a writer to show someone their work? To show someone their thoughts and feelings formulated into words?

It’s fucking hard.

We feel emotionally vulnerable in the moment it takes you to read whatever we’ve written.

We feel as though we are bearing a part of ourselves. A part that often goes unseen. It’s like we’re showing you a piece of our soul.

That’s intimate.

That’s a big fucking deal.

So if a writer shows you their work, or even considers it — it’s a sign that they trust you enough for you to see an emotional part of them.

Don’t take it for granted

Don’t fucking disregard or downplay how big a decision like this is. Because trust me, it only takes one bad reaction to change a writer’s mind. To change the way they view you. To break a once formed trust.

There’s a good chance you’ll spend the rest of your friendship or relationship with them trying to get them to reopen up, only to never have it happen again.

Once you shut them down, they will shut you out.

I have a question for the world

How come my best friend is allowed to know, truly from the bottom of his heart that he’s gay, but I’m not allowed to know that I’m asexual??? How come, whenever I mention me being asexual anywhere near my mother or anyone close to her age, people say “Oh, you’re only eighteen, you haven’t even had a relationship yet, just you wait!” So??? My best friend had never been in a relationship at all when he knew he was gay. How come he’s allowed to define his sexuality, but I’m not? How come he is allowed to know, but I’m not? How come I have to make promises to discuss my sexuality six years down the track because ‘Anything could change, and you’ll meet the right guy’. How come that same neighbour had the fucking AUDACITY to say to me “And you know what, in six years, I’ll win” like my sexuality is some fucking contest of knowledge or some shit???

My sexuality is MY sexuality. Not my neighbours, not my mothers, MINE.  I know me better then anyone else, and I spent my years in puberty thinking something was wrong with me because I didn’t get attracted to people like everyone else my age was doing. I didn’t care for it or want it, it made me uncomfortable. I had classmates trying to convince me to kiss someone I barely knew in hopes to ‘fix’ me. I felt broken. I felt wrong. And finally, when I was seventeen, I found this word that described how I felt, and I was excited. I was ecstatic! If there was a word for it, I can’t be broken because someone had to feel what I was feeling to make that word. I wasn’t some unknown entity. I existed on the spectrum. I wasn’t a failed human being.

Asexuality doesn’t mean I don’t want a relationship. That I won’t fall in love. It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever have sex (though I’m sex repulsed, so there’s a high chance I won’t) and have children. It means I don’t feel sexual attraction. That’s it. That’s all it is. It is that simple. I don’t get crushes on people because i think they look good. My crushes happen because there is some aspect of their personality that appealed to me. Because they are good, not good looking.

Age doesn’t matter. Experience doesn’t matter. My feelings matter. YOUR feelings matter. We aren’t broken, stop treating us like we are.

Read the fucking Iliad. Pretty please.

I love the fandom of ‘The song of Achilles’, or in general anyone who ships Patrochilles, ok?
Like, if you so much as utter the name ‘Achilles’ or ‘Patroclus’ or, hell, even 'Agamemnon’ in front of me I’ll instantly consider you my friend. Just thinking about the fact that there are other people out there who appreciate the classics makes me happier than a kid on his birthday. But sometimes it SHOCKS me how little people really know about them.
Maybe you’re a fan of Percy Jackson, or just casually passing by and happened to get interested. And I KNOW there is actually no canon, since these are stories that have been written thousands of times and were around for generations and generations long before that. But it breaks my little warmongering heart to see people that are genuine fans, and really into the characters and stories, and yet there is SO MUCH MORE they could know and don’t. Every time people talk about their Patroclus headcanon of him being a sweet cinnamon roll I want to yell at them: “Your headcanon is fantastic, and beautiful and sweet but DID YOU KNOW that in the Iliad Patroclus is actually the second strongest man of the Myrmidons and slaughters dozens of warriors before it takes FUCKING APOLLO’s intervention to stop him?”
There are so many other possibilities, so many other roads that the ancient tried while you know nothing about it. They were the first fanfiction writers, the first shippers, so you might as well lern from the best.
If after discovering that Homer’s Achilles was not exactly a feminine and delicate boy you decide you don’t like that, and that a pretty blond teen suits you better than a bloodthirsty warrior, I can very well respect that, and might even agree with you. But if you never read these masterpieces you’ll never know what you’re missing out on.

maybe he doesn't hit you...

maybe he doesn’t hit you but he reminds you every day how worthless you are until you start to believe it yourself
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he controls what you wear,who you talk to and what you do daily
maybe he doesn’t hit you but every time you threaten to leave him he threatens to kill himself so you’ll stay
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he’ll make you feel guilty for the things he’s done
maybe he doesn’t hit you but you feel as if you have to have sex with him so he will show you affection
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he doesn’t like it when you overdress or wear too much makeup because he’s positive you’re going out to impress guys
maybe he doesn’t hit you but being with him makes your friendships suffer
Maybe he doesn’t hit you but you can’t go anywhere without him knowing precise details.

Maybe he doesn’t hit you..but maybe he destroys you mentally.

The lie of privacy rant

My mother would gossip to the other parents about my stomach pains, the rashes, my bowel movements and bed wetting when i was a child.

I begged her to not share these things but she would insist maybe one of those catty women would know a way to help.

My grandmother laments my strict diet and shelves of medication to her bible group and I simmer when they make jokes at dinners.

My father complains about the medical bills to his buddies, I hear him on the phone telling a man I’ve never met about the anxiety attacks I have always hidden from my friends.

My sister explains to the people ar the grocery store why I walk so slowly, why I limp, why my breathing is so loud even when i ask her to stop.

My grandfather asks people to pray for my crooked spine, my failing lungs, the way my joints have begun to give up.

They do it because they need to explain why I’m not normal, they do it to vent about the burden.

They say it’s public information since anyone could see.

But that woman in the store didn’t need to know about my bowel movement when i was 13 and burning red with embarrassment.

The church ladies didn’t need to know the amount of pills i take in a day.

I deserved an increment of privacy.

But if you’re disabled in any way you are seen as a small child. Private information is nonexistent, they speak like you can’t hear them, like it doesn’t matter how embarrassed you may be.

And that sucks.

I’ll never forget the moment I realized I loved you.

The feeling I felt could only be described as a high.

You know, the high you felt before you actually knew what getting high was.

Before you had drugs and problems.

Years have gone by, but I’ll never forget that night.

For so long I searched for that feeling at the bottom of a bottle.

For a while I tried anything that I thought would compare to that feeling.

But nothing has made me feel quite like that night.

That’s something nobody ever talks about with being high.

The low feeling afterwards.

The feeling that nothing will ever be as good as that moment.

So maybe I should thank you for showing me that high.

Or maybe I should hate you for making me feel so low.

Either way, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Because as much as I think about you, dream about you, or try to hate you… I always seem to end up in the same spot.

Missing you.

—  Maybe we were too young / SM

I’ve decided to go on a rant, so for everyone’s sake I’ll make it short and honest.

1. The Voting Gauntlet on Fire Emblem Heroes IS a popularity contest. That’s the whole point of it, I have no idea what else you expected it to be. If you don’t like it, then don’t participate I guess? Delete FEH? Live your life?

2. No one cares how many Fire Emblem games you’ve played, or how many of the older games you beat. To be honest all anyone cares about are their favorite characters from the games. Even then, fans enjoy things for different reasons and no one is above anyone else.

Now this last one I know is going to make people mad, but it’s the truth.

3. Fire Emblem Awakening saved Fire Emblem. I don’t care if you like it or hate it, the simple fact is that if it weren’t for Awakening then FE wouldn’t be here today. We wouldn’t have a growing fanbase or 3 new games coming out this year. You don’t have to love it, but it does deserve respect.

So all I’m trying to get across is that no one should be shamed for which FE game they like. Or for which character they choose in the Voting Gauntlet. Or because they know less about FE than you. If this post makes you upset, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry, you’re turning this fanbase toxic.

Stop teaching kids your bad habits!

• Stop calling things that are emotional or silly as “gay”

• Stop using gay as an insult

• Stop telling boys they need to “man up” 
They’re kids, shut up.

• Stop teaching girls that boys are mean because they like her- this leads to accepting abuse filled relationships

• Stop teaching these boys not to show emotion or express themselves, there’s a reason men commit suicide 4 times more than women.

this includes: 
- “Oh, Timmy loves pretty ladies”/ “Timmy loves girls with big boobies/ a big butt”
Timmy is 2, chill out. That’s gross. Just a year ago Timmy’s main source of food was a boob. Kid’s don’t see bodies as sexual until someone teaches them that.

•Stop forcing a sexuality on your children. Let them like who they like and don’t make it weird for them. When little kids have crushes they usually don’t know “liking this girls considered bad because I’m a girl”, unless someone teaches them that. All they’re aware of is “I like being around this person”.

• Stop teaching boys that there’s anything different from a man having sex with 12 people, and a woman having sex with 12 people.

• Stop teaching girls that their athleticism is not worthy of praise or encouragement, but cooking/cleaning is. Encourage them no matter what they’re into as long as it’s healthy.
My point is. Let kids be happy and free, instead of you trying to define their personality.

I have contemplated on whether or not to comment on the 13 doctor being announced on Sunday. 

But, I feel I must say something…. 

I remember three years ago when I was excited that Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th doctor. It was really the first time that I honestly believed that we had perfect casting.  His doctor would be a return to the classic era.  I was so happy and when I found out that He was lifelong fan of the show. I was overjoyed. 

Capaldi was my 1st doctor that I could relate to out of new who.  He had invested his heart and soul into this role.  He had taken time out to go to various different convention.  He meet with fans anytime of the day.  Peter Capaldi set the tone of what an ambassador of DW look liked.  He is a great person as far as  I can tell. I personally feel that he deserves much more better than what he is getting now. 

Three years later….and 3 series down… He decides to call it quits after spending previous months saying that He would stay as long as he could.  What happened? Than it dawn on me today that he was probably pushed out by the BBC.   This new doctor is going to have its own merchandise. This new doctor is going to be spoiled by the BBC. The merchandise is something that was severely lacking in the Capaldi Era. I had trouble finding merchandise geared towards twelve in stores.   

BBC plans on announcing the next doctor after A major sporting event.   One week before the series 10 team shows up SDCC.  A few days after  He had finish filming his final scenes.

I know people are going to say Why are you so upset that they are announcing the next doctor Sunday?  Doctor Who is all about change. 

Listen, I get it. Honestly. But what I am mad about is the blatant disrespect that is being shown towards Capaldi right now.  This should be his moment.  We should be celebrating his time as The Doctor and not worrying about which Tom, Dick, Jessica or Harry is going preceded him. I think overshadowing his final Comic Con as The Doctor is doing a great disservice.  Also, This passive-aggressive retaliation that the BBC is doing  is not cool and  When it comes down to it the ratings is all you care about.  I mean you could have just simply announce it.  But, they had to piggy back off a world event.  I am sure waiting another two weeks wouldn’t have hurt. To be honest I would have preferred not knowing until Christmas.   

I maybe the only one that believes this is wrong.  In the end I guess I expected more.   I am not knocking the 13th doctor. I am sure that he is going to be outstanding.  Most people who play The Doctor usually is.  I just feel with this announcement the focus is not going to be on him and it should not be that way. Not only for him but for every person after him as well.  

I find Tumblr weird, to be honest … 

Like: “there’s a person who has never harmed anyone, never plans to harm anyone, and is just enjoying a totally harmless thing either in their head or through a creative process … I hate them for that”.

I mean, why are people so intent on taking away someone’s happiness just because they disagree with either their orientation or preferred ship or political inclinations or any number of things? If I’m sitting in my little corner, never hurting a single soul emotionally or physically, does it really matter what I think and feel inside the confines of my brain? Does that affect anyone?

Every time anyone tries to shame me, I just shrug.

Why should I feel ashamed of being me?