The thing that some people don’t understand about cosplay and trying to make a career out of it or a name for yourself is that at a certain point you become your own publicity manager. If you really want it bad enough you have to be the one to put the wheels into motion. If you want people to know your name you have to shout it from the rooftops and plaster it on billboards. 

Sometimes popularity is achieved by sheer dumb luck. Example: The quick 45 second turnaround of my Junkrat cosplay with the shitty accent and laugh at the end of it somehow became the most popular thing I’ve ever done in my life cosplay-wise. Absolutely nothing that I have done since then has gotten that much attention and even the pictures of the fully complete cosplay in a professional environment got nowhere near the amount of views as that video did, and it was all due to being put up at a lucky time and being seen by the right people.

I post my stuff because I want to be seen. I think a lot of people who aspire to make a professional career out of cosplay and crafting do. We want to be seen by people, we want our work recognized, and we want to be able to sustain our abilities to make these things on a regular basis.

That’s why I push my Patreon so hard sometimes. Because I want it to work. I want it to work more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life. And I work hard to make sure that I stay as up to date as possible on everything on there.

At some point in cosplay, if you get to that point, you become the only person who can get your name out there and the amount of work that takes is more than people think. The amount of people who actually support you is a fraction of the amount of people who know who you are or even pop in occasionally to like your stuff, and it’s hard to get more because people are more interested in seeing the results than they are in seeing the process.

Publicity management in cosplay is difficult and I respect and stand by everyone who’s making the attempt to get their name out there.

Small rant

It really grinds my fucking gears when I get judged, or sent threats, all because I ship Wincest. I get shit like “it’s gross” or “its abusive”. I admit, incest is quite taboo. Possibly the biggest taboo in most of the United States. I personally am not into it, and I ship Wincest without shame bc I don’t see them as brothers. I see them as two individuals that have gone their entire life taking care of each other and no matter what they do, they always end up with each other.

My argument here is that there are things “better” and ships “worse” than wincest. You wanna talk abusive? How about Samifer and Sabriel? Lucifer fucked up Sam. Messed him up so bad that he was hallucinating Lucifer. It took a glass shard to the palm and Dean’s support to get him out of that hole. And Gabriel. Gabe made Sam watch his brother die over, and over, and over again for shits and giggles. Who tf does that? “But he helped the boys with Lucifer” Yeah. But that shouldn’t mask all the shit he’s done. If you guys don’t see any of that as abusive, holy fuck. Why?

I, as a wincest fan, have not hated anyone for their ship. But when a certain (I will not name) shipbase attacks me for no reason bc I’m a “pedophile” or shit like that, then I have a problem, and just someone mentioning that they ship said pairing, I immediately bunch them in with the bad eggs to protect myself. Yeah, it’s a shitty thing. But I’ve had to deal with shitty people.

Attacking certain members of the cast bc they’re incredibly uncomfortable with your ship, and have EXPLICITLY STATED that it makes them uncomfortable, is uncalled for. Youre not better than them, and you don’t have the right to harass anyone bc of your blind entitlement complex. Please grow up. Or else the show could potentially be hurt or negatively affected heavily.

So go ahead. Send me hate. Tell me I’m “gross” and a “pedophile”. I won’t retaliate. I know who I am. And I’m a proud Wincest shipper. ♡

I’m sick and tired of the Criminal Minds fandom right now. It seems like Thomas Gibson fans are getting attacked for defending him, and saying we can’t stand to watch without him. We’re being called ‘NOT REAL FANS’…I’m done with them in Facebook. Soo gross. I’m as much a fan as them. Seriously, I’ve been here since the start and have put up with all the cast changes and all the messes these people have done behind the scenes. I don’t go around saying they’re insane for still watching. I’m soo not sorry for saying I can’t put up with it anymore. I just want my show’s cast back to what it was. But that I have a feel will take a freaking miracle. I’ll stick to reruns…. And i’ll whine if I want too!

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End rant…. >_<”””

It’s 9:55pm on a Tuesday night

A group of 10 teenage girls come into the restaurant.

“What time do you guys close?”

I say, “We close at 10:00pm”

She replies, “table for ten please”

A little frustrated (because I’m not a fucking hostess/server) I seat them and inform them that a server will be with them shortly.
I have to go to the back and retrieve a server who just got her tips from the day and is packing up to go home.

“_____, we have a table of ten for you..”

She started to cry because she had been there since we OPENED that morning and hadn’t seen her babies that day.

Obviously she’s angry too, and it shows.
But she’s still attentive to the young ladies.

They don’t get up from the table until almost 11:00 and come to the front to pay.

“Our server was a bitch”
“Our server was mean”
“Our server didn’t like us”

“Your server just wanted to go home an hour ago,” I say.

“It’s her job, she’s getting paid, so what?”

I let them know that she’s worked hard today and wanted to be able to see her kids before her husband tucks them in bed.

They pay, leave no tip for her, and leave the building.

The moral of the story is that it’s not “cute” or “cool” to go to restaurants late at night right before they close.
Workers want to go home.
Workers want to see their families.
Workers want to get sleep so they can do it all over again tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rude or polite.

When we say that we close at 10:00pm, we would really like to ACTUALLY close at 10:00pm. And even if you leave RIGHT AT closing, that server still has to clean up after you.
Make sure the table is clean, make sure the floor is clean, make sure the dishes are clean and put away, make sure they have their tips, and get a manager to walk them to their car.

We don’t care about your $3 tip.
We want to go home.

A warning to Americans...

For those of you who think there’s no way Trump could get into power:

My country just voted to leave the European union. An idiotic decision which is already seeing the currency fall and a country divided by fear, lies and racism.

For the first time ever, I am ashamed of my country. I am so tired of old, angry, white people deciding my future. I already didnt have much of one! I already was sure I was never going to own a house. I am already sure that I was never going to have a lifelong career or a golden pension or anything like that. I’m already aware that things are worse and the more I type, the angrier I become.

I cannot believe we let the Brexiters win. The Brexiters who literally evoked NAZI PROPAGANDA in their campaign. I cannot belive what we’ve done. I am physically ill.

I am ill, I am tired, and I am moving. Fuck this shit. I’m out. Let this country burn with its ignorance. I’m done.

Never underestimate angry, old racists. They voted for the Nazis and now they’ve voted away the rights of a generation.
Stop acting like Alan Rickman is Snape 2k16

I’m sorry, I just have to say that Alan Rickman’s life and career are so much more than just the Harry Potter films. Alan Rickman is not Snape. I’ve seen far too many “Farewell, Professor” posts and it’s driving me nuts. Why are you saying goodbye to Snape? He isn’t a real person who actually died from cancer. A real person who had a long and meaningful career. Do you think his family and friends are missing Snape right now? Absolutely not. They’re missing a real and actual person. Whew. Just had to get that off my chest.

Alan Rickman is not Snape. REBLOG IF YOU AGREE.

You hate suicide squad but...

(Spoliers:) You people forget that this is the first super hero movie with a black “hero”, Japanese FEMALE hero, a Hispanic “hero” 4 girls -which none of which died- and a black bad ass female. The Antagonist was a girl! Why has it taken this long for their to be hero movies like this? I am siting here waiting for my black widow movie marvel. :/ >:0 yes it was cheesy but come on you people should be all over this shit.

Enough is enough

We cannot continue to raise our generation with the ideals of “Black people don’t do that.” Because that’s destroying the what ifs in us black girls. Countless times I’ve thought about taking my piercings out, covering my tattoos and taming my hair in hopes they’ll stop talking about me… That I’ll be accepted.

We gotta stop telling black girls who are alternative that they’re trying to be white or make assumptions of their sexuality because of their stretched ears and piercings. We gotta stop telling black girls with natural hair that their hair is too nappy or they don’t know how to do their hair and need a perm. We gotta stop telling the black girls with a sleeve of tattoos that they’re trying to be white and no man would want them covered in ink. We gotta stop sexualizing young black girls and telling them not to dress comfortably because of men around them, stop demonizing black children and start questioning the male family members and friends that stare inappropriately. Your child isn’t grown the person staring is a pervert and needs to stay from your kids.

Its honestly frustrating when other races tries to keep black people is a status quo beneath them, but it breaks my fucking heart… It brings tears in my eyes as I’m writing this that my own people would rather put me in a box and tell me I’m not worthy of my own race than let me flourish and be myself but and would rather tear me down to their “normalcy” to make them comfortable.

We cannot continue to raise our generation with the ideals of “Black people don’t do that.” BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT.

It’s generalised as “man pain” on the show because of all the men grieving their loss in a respectable time manner all while these powerful women who clearly carries the show on their backs take no time in grieving because no one lets them. Don’t even get me started with arguments that proves my point. You don’t want to drown in them. I am not making fun of mental illness. I’m not making fun of anything at all for that matter. “Man pain” is described not to belittle the mental illness, but to show how unequal the pain is felt by men and women differ in this show. Women are strong, yes. No doubt that these female characters are stronger than men. But to see these guys slouch, cry, and pout and drown in their own sorrow and create a mass genocide for example, and when a female character tries to redeem their people’s actions, who gets the blame? Women.

The Ace Discourse is Absolute Bull

We are 3 days into pride week and I have seen my dash flooded with lots of positive representation for the LGBT+ community, and it has been awesome. However, I’ve also seen a surge in people trying to discredit the legitimacy of other’s inclusion in the community. Especially asexuals.

The main argument of ace discourse is that we are “basically straight” because we do not experience homophobia or transphobia. While it may “sound” like a good argument, this is why this not only hurts those of us in the ace community but also everyone else in the LGBT+ community:

1. You’ve immediately claimed that every single person that isn’t gay or lesbian faces no hardships because of their orientation. This is an /insult/ to everyone who experiences attraction to people of other genders, to those who live years of their life believing they are broken and useless because they don’t want/ crave certain types of intimacy, and every person who has had someone in their life try to “fix” them.

2. You’ve just excluded every single closeted person, no matter their orientation.

3. The entirety of the multisexual community has just been shamed as well. And you’re even using the same excuses for kicking us out as you did for them a few years back.

4. This is a fantastic way to reinforce heteronormativity. You’re argument is that anyone that doesn’t experience attraction to the same sex is straight. Which erases not only the asexuality spectrum, but the gender spectrum and the sexuality spectrum as well.

5. This whole thing just turns into a way to hate on others who you don’t understand and aren’t willing to listen to. You are trying to turn the hatred and oppression you face and forcing it onto others to bear. There’s a word for that, and it’s /bullying/. The same bullying you face all the time for your orientation. The bullying that made you want to create and join this community in the first place.

6. You say that we should just build our own community and pull away from the LGBT+ community. Except we can’t. Every single “safe ace space” I’ve ever been apart of has been bombarded by this hatred and negativity. You can’t hate us and put us in a corner and then fill that corner with spiders and expect us to feel loved and appreciated and safe.

7. By saying that “only aces with a non-heterosexual romantic orientation are valid”, you’ve just said that the only thing that matters is the attraction we /do/ feel. That it’s not enough that we feel broken and hated for not feeling sexual attraction. That it’s not enough that so many aces have had people they know and trust try to “fix” them. That it isn’t enough that most of us in a romantic relationship live in fear of our loved ones leaving us because we can’t satisfy them. Nope. You’ve basically said that you’re the only ones that matter. Only your experiences are valid. That we’re making it up for attention. That it’s wrong and makes us broken.

So yes. I do think that the ace discourse is wrong. I do believe that aces belong in the LGBT+ community. All of them. And honestly, the fact that this has gone on so long makes me question how loving and accepting your community is. I hope you prove me wrong.

Exams are dumb. School is not dumb, learning is not dumb but placing a paper in front of a kid and making them sit an hour or more in a room doing a paper that frankly, is far harder than they should be doing at their age, is dumb. I’m sure Mozart didn’t plan for his pieces to be played as music in a GCSE exam, to be tested on, he made his music to be enjoyed, to put his feelings across. I’m sure Thomas Hardy didn’t write his novels, poems or short stories to be analysed in an English literature exam. It’s fucking stupid. The amount of pressure put on kids is fucking insane. And guess what the government wants to make GCSE exams harder? Its fucking shitty, to me exams only show how good of a memory you have. My head feels like its going to explode from the amount of information it’s trying retain and remember for exams. The stress makes me feel sick. I get it. They want to see where we are in our learning. I appreciate exams get us into university etc…But what if my classwork gets an A* but my paper gets a D what does that really show? Half the information goes out my head the minute the exam is over with. Then you have to cope with everyone talking about the exam and how you realise all their answers are different from yours, and you’ve probably failed. The worry you feel until you get your paper back. The disappointment you feel when you get you’re paper back and you see you haven’t done as well you hoped. Or your parents, or your teachers had hoped. Failure. Disappointment. I don’t see how any of this is fair and I think the government really need to spend a fucking day in our shoes. Pressure is placed on us far too prematurely. ( I didn’t mean to post this as a quote it just is )

Something changed in the clique and I don’t know what it is. Maybe everyone is on edge because these amazing songs are being played over and over until suddenly they lose all depth? Perhaps it’s the fact that in one single night, the boys became a top alternative band. They’re more popular than Panic! these days. You think Tyler and Josh aren’t the same either. But that’s because people grow up. Tyler’s music style has changed slightly. Josh is more open with his personal life than ever before. Maybe you don’t like Heathens and maybe you welcomed it with open arms… It doesn’t matter. Maybe you’ve been a fan since the beginning, 2009, and maybe you became a fan when you heard Stressed Out, Ride, or Holding Onto You on the radio.. It doesn’t matter. Maybe you know every single fact about the band or maybe you only know their music… It doesn’t matter. Maybe you drink and smoke weed so you’re unaffected by Josh’s personal decisions, or maybe you’ve suffered a loss and you feel certain anxieties about Josh smoking or drinking (because that’s all you guys seem to worry about anymore). It doesn’t matter. Josh and Tyler are going to continue doing what they are doing no matter what any of us have to say about it. - We were supposed to be a family. Remember that when you decide to spam Josh with “stop drinking” comments or when you start hating on a new fan. Remember who we are supposed to be, a safe haven and a home to those who don’t have one. Remember that next time you decide to start a petty argument over a life the isn’t yours. Stay alive. Stay together. |-/

Marriage and kids aren't for everyone

I for the life of me, do not understand why people adopt a ‘don’t knock it till you try it’ attitude when it comes to other people not wanting to get married or have kids. It doesn’t work that way. This isn’t like trying on a piece of clothing that you can decide is not for you after trying it on in the dressing room. ‘Wait until you have kids’ or ‘You’ll have a maternal instinct’ are/can be completely invalid. Did you all suddenly forget about mothers that abuse their children- where are those supposed maternal instincts that comes along with motherhood??? Same for all abusive parents.
And what happens if they try it and discover that they were right all along; marriage and 2.5 kids aren’t for them? What do you expect them to do? Are they supposed to just up and say, ‘Well it’s been swell, but I realized what I felt all along was correct: I’m really not into this married with 2.5 kids life. Hasta la vista!’. No of course not, because then they’re the selfish ones, despite the fact they were pressured left and right into a situation they never had any desire to be in.
If being married and/or having kids makes you happy, great. Good for you. However, don’t go trying to impose your idea of happiness onto other people when everyone has different views.

Sometimes I hate seeing the bombshells blogs of black women. Yeah these are very beautiful women, and I understand you wanna show the world that black is beautiful (because it is). But you must understand that ALL black is beautiful. This means the ones with little butt, and the ones with small boobs. The ones who don’t know how to do that perfect eyeliner and those perfect eyebrows. The ones who don’t have those voluptuous curves. The ones who have type 4 hair and those who have type 5 hair (And yes it does exist.) Bottom line us as a whole ARE BOMBSHELLS and to only view one side of it, what’s deemed as beautiful by society is kind of irritating to other black girls and women like me that can’t relate because I look nothing like them.

Okay I don’t even want a relationship right now. But when I do, I swear, I’ll be the best girlfriend ever. I won’t be a total brat and I won’t get upset over nothing. I won’t stop you from hanging out with your friends and I’ll trust you 100%. I won’t make your life difficult, I’ll be with you to make it better. You had a bad day? I’ll give you hugs and play a video game with you. You’re angry at something or someone? I’ll listen to you vent for hours and tell you what I think. I’ll take random candids of you just because I think you’re adorable and super attractive. I won’t be with you to stress you out. I won’t be confusing. I’ll say what’s on my mind and I’ll always be honest. I’d never cheat on you because if I decide to be in a relationship with you in the first place, you obviously mean the world to me. I’ll laugh at all your jokes and you’ll have my amazing sense of humor. I’ll support you in everything you decide to you and I’ll stick with you through it all.
—  I hope you do the same for me