The lie of privacy rant

My mother would gossip to the other parents about my stomach pains, the rashes, my bowel movements and bed wetting when i was a child.

I begged her to not share these things but she would insist maybe one of those catty women would know a way to help.

My grandmother laments my strict diet and shelves of medication to her bible group and I simmer when they make jokes at dinners.

My father complains about the medical bills to his buddies, I hear him on the phone telling a man I’ve never met about the anxiety attacks I have always hidden from my friends.

My sister explains to the people ar the grocery store why I walk so slowly, why I limp, why my breathing is so loud even when i ask her to stop.

My grandfather asks people to pray for my crooked spine, my failing lungs, the way my joints have begun to give up.

They do it because they need to explain why I’m not normal, they do it to vent about the burden.

They say it’s public information since anyone could see.

But that woman in the store didn’t need to know about my bowel movement when i was 13 and burning red with embarrassment.

The church ladies didn’t need to know the amount of pills i take in a day.

I deserved an increment of privacy.

But if you’re disabled in any way you are seen as a small child. Private information is nonexistent, they speak like you can’t hear them, like it doesn’t matter how embarrassed you may be.

And that sucks.

ASL should be taught in schools

Like seriously I think ASL (American sign language) or any type of sign language should be a language choice in school. Just knowing the basics could really help and I think it’s important for hearing (non deaf) people to maybe know a few basic signs. I’ve seen more and more people learning it and I think it’s amazing. It would just be really cool if it was a language choice at schools.

we are young, we play our music loud,drink until we can’t stand, we sneak out, get grounded, fail tests, run wild, we make friendships that only last a month, lie about where we are, cry in the bathroom, try new things, sleep for hours, binge eat, go through lovers like we go through our expensive clothes. we are young,we are the corrupted youth.
we are the hated generation,but they forget who raised us.
—  diaryofasocialintrovert

okay Pristin sounds cool and they even have their own meaning! 

Flash black to Seventeen. Pledis were like 

“okay we have bunch of kids here.. how many do we have here?” “17 sir”  “right, what should we call them?” “…Seventeen… sir?” “Brilliant! Seventeen it is!” 

Few years later… 13 remains

 “What are we going to do with Seventeen name without changing them?! David do the math! Anything with seventeen” “13ppl+3unit+1team=17 sir” “Spectacular! Great! Seventeen and oh dont forget to give this script to Seungcheol.”

maybe he doesn't hit you...

maybe he doesn’t hit you but he reminds you every day how worthless you are until you start to believe it yourself
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he controls what you wear,who you talk to and what you do daily
maybe he doesn’t hit you but every time you threaten to leave him he threatens to kill himself so you’ll stay
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he’ll make you feel guilty for the things he’s done
maybe he doesn’t hit you but you feel as if you have to have sex with him so he will show you affection
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he doesn’t like it when you overdress or wear too much makeup because he’s positive you’re going out to impress guys
maybe he doesn’t hit you but being with him makes your friendships suffer
Maybe he doesn’t hit you but you can’t go anywhere without him knowing precise details.

Maybe he doesn’t hit you..but maybe he destroys you mentally.

NaLu, Fairy Tail & Fanservice

@beautiful-souls-exist This reply got too long not to give it a post of its own. You mentioned some points that really get on my nerves across the FT fandom in general.

Mashima likes drawing ecchi scenes he said it in an interview. If that’s how he wants to draw, it’s his series, he can do what he wants. I think problems occur from people who don’t respect FT in its entirety and are mainly concerned about the ships. They moan about fanservice, complain when there aren’t pairing moments for their ship. Well, this isn’t some lame romance manga that is all about sappy sweet moments, it’s a shonen and if they don’t like that then they can stop watching/reading. If you want that kind of romance, then watch the appropriate genre and don’t expect it from a manga that never promised it in the first place. I would consider any pairing in a shonen manga extremely lucky to get a kiss scene of any form.

I don’t mind the fanservice because Mashima uses it with humorous effect and he puts in more effort (than any other shonen mangaka I’ve seen) into making his female characters relevant. Considering its part of the manga style I find it unacceptable that people use it as an excuse to call Natsu or Gray (or whoever) an abuser. Using these scenes to discredit a pairing as “unhealthy” is a lazy and cheap argument when you’re talking about a shonen manga, that’s been fanservice heavy from the very beginning. I don’t think there’s been one chapter that hasn’t had it. So, if they continue watching/reading FT knowing this, I find it very hypocritical to then bash characters and pairings because of it. Boob grabs (and the like) have and always will be included many anime and manga, whether people like it or not.

So, they are saying that Natsu is an unredeemable character because he’s groped Lucy, never mind everything else he’s done for her. The arguments using fanservice are slights against the character in question, not a pairing. Which as I said is unfair to do, given the fact they chose to read a shonen manga. That has always been heavy in fanservice and will continue to do so until it finishes. The same goes for Gray, does scenes of him groping Juvia or hoping to peek on Lucy in the bath make him a horrible character, no it doesn’t. They are meant to be of comedic value and not taken so seriously.

Some shippers seem to want perfect relationships, where nothing goes wrong, no one upsets anyone else, no events happen that can possibly have any negative consequences or implications (no angst). My answer to the people who expect this is one, they need to grow the hell up and two, perfect friendships and relationships don’t exist. There are flaws in ALL OTPs because otherwise the characters and story would be boring. If I thought my OTP was perfect I wouldn’t ship them. In fact, the relationships that seem perfect are usually signs they aren’t that close, or there are serious underlying problems they are trying to cover up. People fight and do/say stupid things because of emotion because they care enough to feel. Before anyone tells me, I’m looking too deeply into it, characters are usually based on real people and experiences the creator has been through themselves. If they are not, that’s when uninteresting “perfect” characters occur.  

One or two scenes of fanservice do not discount a lot of other nice behaviour, if not for Natsu then Lucy would be very lonely and unhappy. Whether you like Natsu and Lucy as a couple or not, that is a fact, because they are best friends. The same goes for Natsu, before Lucy the only one he would team up with regularly was happy, no one else tolerated his personality like Lucy. Natsu found the ying to his yang when he found Lucy (whether you take that as friendship or lover compatibility is your decision). I view opinions that try to discount this are purely hot air because it is already a cannon concept (pointed out by Mashima many times).

As for Natsu leaving, as much as this may pain some shippers to realise but not everything Natsu decides revolves around Lucy. Natsu is his own person and dealt with his grief by leaving, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t selfish, but it’s what he needed to do. Natsu had to leave because he couldn’t cope with his own feelings. He was probably feeling insecure, inadequate, grief, anger and so on. Natsu can be dense and probably didn’t realise the full impact of his departure on Lucy. However, Natsu showed he cared about Lucy a great deal because she was the only one he sent a letter.

As for Natsu showing up around her house, Mashima has shown that Lucy got used to their presence and it became a routine that she expected. It makes her feel loved and cared for because she doesn’t have anyone waiting for her to get home and the guild can only do so much to fill that void. Natsu does respect her when she clearly needs her own space.

Natsu visiting her, being a constant presence, is something she didn’t realise she needed until it was gone. Such is life and absence makes the heart grow fonder. I believe Natsu leaving made them closer, as their attitude towards each other changed visibly when he returned.

As for the hypothermia scenario in ch. 512, yes, it is a clear set-up for fanservice but it is also a serious scene. The fact that Lucy is willing to put aside her embarrassment, allow herself to be so vulnerable (emotionally and physically) to save someone who means the world to her.  To do this is remarkably courageous (for a young woman), showing a strength and conviction to help Natsu no matter what the cost. It shows that Lucy was very serious when she said she would do whatever it take to save Natsu. You can view it as just fanservice or you can think about what it truly means for Lucy (especially in front of other people, I certainly wouldn’t like to do that).

Read the fucking Iliad. Pretty please.

I love the fandom of ‘The song of Achilles’, or in general anyone who ships Patrochilles, ok?
Like, if you so much as utter the name ‘Achilles’ or ‘Patroclus’ or, hell, even 'Agamemnon’ in front of me I’ll instantly consider you my friend. Just thinking about the fact that there are other people out there who appreciate the classics makes me happier than a kid on his birthday. But sometimes it SHOCKS me how little people really know about them.
Maybe you’re a fan of Percy Jackson, or just casually passing by and happened to get interested. And I KNOW there is actually no canon, since these are stories that have been written thousands of times and were around for generations and generations long before that. But it breaks my little warmongering heart to see people that are genuine fans, and really into the characters and stories, and yet there is SO MUCH MORE they could know and don’t. Every time people talk about their Patroclus headcanon of him being a sweet cinnamon roll I want to yell at them: “Your headcanon is fantastic, and beautiful and sweet but DID YOU KNOW that in the Iliad Patroclus is actually the second strongest man of the Myrmidons and slaughters dozens of warriors before it takes FUCKING APOLLO’s intervention to stop him?”
There are so many other possibilities, so many other roads that the ancient tried while you know nothing about it. They were the first fanfiction writers, the first shippers, so you might as well lern from the best.
If after discovering that Homer’s Achilles was not exactly a feminine and delicate boy you decide you don’t like that, and that a pretty blond teen suits you better than a bloodthirsty warrior, I can very well respect that, and might even agree with you. But if you never read these masterpieces you’ll never know what you’re missing out on.

Woozi has such a bright future ahead. He’s one of those few truly talented people that you will meet them once in every 100 years….

You are the pride of the fandom Jihoon…. You are our pride.

Honestly I'm tired of all this Slytherin = Evil shit

Like really? No. Not all of us are “evil” nor do I want to pride myself on being in the “evil” house. This is a stereotype and I’m not going to be the person going around and supporting it. Being in Slytherin does not make you evil, it does not make you a bad guy, it does not mean you’re on the side of Voldemort or any other bad wizards or witches, it does not mean you have to be a death eater, and it does NOT MEAN YOU’RE EVIL OR WICKED!

I “love” how with the reveal that Tracer is a lesbian, people have already just boiled her down to “Overwatch’s lesbian character.”

I will never understand Tumblr’s logic with wanting homosexuality and stuff to not being a big deal anymore but at the same time those same people boil down characters to “The gay character” and make a big deal about being gay or whatever. I’ve had people who introduced themselves to me as “Hi I’m [insert name] and I’m gay too.” Ok who cares? Do you have such a lack of personality that the fact that your sexuality the most interesting thing about you? I would react the same way if someone told me they were heterosexual, because it does not matter.

If you want homosexuality and stuff to not be a big deal, stop making it a big deal and stop getting upset every time someone doesn’t congratulate you for being gay. As cheesy as this sounds, be the change you want to see in the world, want homosexuality to not be a big deal, stop making it a big deal or trying to make it important when it isn’t important.


This actually makes me really sad. Like I can’t explain why but it does.

You know he has to care enough about his comments on his videos to disable them. He cares that the people that watch/leave comments don’t really care about what he’s doing or are even remotely interested in his content-which he worked really hard on btw.

If you have ever made a video or tried to, then you know how much time and effort gets put into making one, and for people to just start commenting random shit promoting their channels or just stupid things to get likes, is honestly ridiculous. The comments are for giving feedback to the creator who puts their time and effort into making something they hope people will enjoy.

And to cover up genuine comments with something like: “If you enjoy this channel, then subscribe to me!!!!”
Is just disrespectful.

Just stop.

God, I feel like I could go on about this all night because it just upsets me so much and I don’t even make videos!!!

I really just want to see a change in the YouTube comments. Rant over.

Why do people think it’s so terrible to be a millennial? Did gen x also get this kind of bile and disrespect from baby boomers and I just don’t remember it happening? Did baby boomers get crapped on by the silent generation and nobody talks about it now? I just don’t understand all this hatred and disgust. So we grew up with the Internet, so we didn’t have to hike through the snow uphill both ways to school with no shoes, so we don’t have someone dying from consumption left and right, so what?! What about millennials is so terrible that we deserve this derision from literally everyone??

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I love it when jisoo doesn’t have his makeup on and had his natural healthy sun kissed bare-face on. He does look amazing with makeup. But his bare-face man………. Its a whole new level of beauty. Its feels so raw….. Its just so attractive aNd hot. I dont know how to but it into words but it cleansed my soul. Its almost feels like for the first time in a very very long time i can breathe fresh air……………… what a blessing.

*EDIT* THE NAME OF THE MOVIE IS SPLIT (Might as well give you guys a bit of a warning here, just in case. Cursing, stigma, and negative portrayal of DID)

Please for the love of God do not see this movie. Everything about it demonizes DID and is 100% incorrect. As someone who knows friends and has a partner with said illness, this is completely inappropriate and fucking wrong. DID is an illness that develops after severe trauma, and is there to *help* a person to avoid bad memories. The fact that, once again, people who fall victim to mental illnesses are portrayed as fucking criminals is so fucking wrong on so many fucking levels. If you buy a $15 movie ticket to see this piece of shit, I have lost all respect for you.

Plus yknow it’s M. Night Shyamalan that guy who directed that crap movie Avatar the Last Airbender.

If you feel the need to speak out against the stigma here is an address

M. Night Shyamalan
Creative Arts Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067