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This just hit me, has anybody done like an AU with character swaps but instead of Yuuri as the legendary figure skater who ends up mentoring Viktor, we have Yurio (27) as the figure skating legend who decided to take a year to become a coach.

And Otabek (23) who came in last the previous year as Yuuri who suddenly has the tiger of Russia showing up at his home to let him know he is now coaching him?????

And we have Viktor (16) as the newcomer about to do his debut in the senior division who Yuuri (17) saves from a mob of fans. Viktor doesn’t remember but Yuuri was at one of Yakov training camps and always admired Viktor.

Then they become friends because I mean they both love poodles and ice skating, and basically this is just a mess and it doesn’t have to follow the same story line but I think it’d be fun to read.

there’s probably an alternate universe where cannibalism is widely accepted and Survivor is less about winning a million dollars and more about staying alive because the person who’s voted off each week is like, the meat ration for the next week… food for thought

its weird how language works culturally. i dont just mean like words and their implied meaning (like saying large vs big vs huge and how they all give you a different mental image), though thats something else i think is rad. i mean like how some things can only be understood through shared cultural experience.

like if i wanted to describe my boss, id tell you that his name is brian, that hes from new england and that people call him “bry-bry the tie guy” and he loves it. that he is perpetually cheery in a way that makes me think of the manager of an olive garden or red lobster. not the asshole manager, the manager who is weirdly passionate about his job.

id say that, and i feel like itd give you a very specific mental image that would fit him pretty accurately. and its weird bc like without the shared culture those words would mean nothing.


… I mean I should have known this given how I both requested AND paid for one but I honestly forgot about it until now, completely, fucking coMPLETELY, and I only remembered because I also forgot I had a Jared photo op reserved, and remembered it yesterday when I was moping about how I only have an autograph and my J2M photo with him and that’s not enough Jared, and now I was like…. but wait……… if I have both a Jared single photo and a J2M photo….. did I also reserve a photo op with Jensen….???



Your useless Saint Seiya-Related space trivia fact of the Day:

The Libra Constellation, guarding over the oldest living Gold Saint of the XX century, is also house of  one of the oldest known stars, dating back to almost 14 billions years ago. 

While the true age of this subgiant, affectionally known as  Methuselah star,  was pinned down only in 2013, his status as one of the oldest objects in our galaxy dates back to some observation in the ‘50s. 
Whether this fact served as an inspiration for Kurumada to come up with the concept of Dhoko (aside from the obvious Yoda vibes) or if this is just a fortunate coincidence, well, we might never know.

Okay but hear me out (OtaYuri headcanon time)
Trans Otabek
It would make a good reason why Yuri didn’t recognize him from the training camp 5 years prior
Imagine 12/13yo Otabek trying his best in men’s competitions after competing in women’s earlier
And him noticing Yuri’s “eyes of a soldier” would also make sense (at least imo)
Just… trans Otabek

I really wanna make cat claws. A jewelry like mechanism that has sharp retractable claw like tips that only extend when the fingers are posed a specific way. Like relaxed you can use your fingers normally during everyday use but then you curl your fingers and the tips extend and you can scratch tf outta whatever.

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The "just eat a random person" idea is still too fucked up, draw it back a little at least like don't care who they are or what they're doing but they eat them and later let them out

this is my blog and my ocs? lol let my ocs be evil ok.

Hogwarts Houses as Proposal Ideas
  • Gryffindor: top of the Ferris Wheel, putting the ring in their s/o's food or drink, sky writing, a billboard, hiking to the top of a nearby mountain/hill/nature trail and dropping to one knee at the summit, secretly has the moment recorded by a mutual friend, flash mob, a little drunk but completely sincere, something video game themed, accidentally proposes during an argument, within a week of dating
  • Hufflepuff: middle of an open field at sunset, out of the blue, in front of friends and family, proposes with a substitute ring (gum wrapper, ribbon, etc.), Netflix and Marry Me, a trail of flower petals leading to them kneeling, a cake shaped like an engagement ring, on Valentine's Day, with a pun
  • Ravenclaw: puts the ring inside a hollowed out book, on third year dating anniversary, makes a PowerPoint of all the reasons they should get married with the last slide saying "Marry Me?", a scavenger hunt, a riddle, spells it out with an algorithm
  • Slytherin: fancy restaurant, a work related event, large family gathering, tricks their partner into thinking something completely different is going to happen and then BOOM they're down on one knee, traditional style of their culture, after a long argument

Just some quick Seven and MC having a future cat headcanons:

  • Seven is totally that person that tests the cat to its limits. He always does the Lion King thing (it never gets old), will grab the cat at any given opportunity to cuddle against its will, constantly jokes about turning it into the next Longcat, and insists on buying little holiday cat sweaters or costumes (it’s well established the cat hates this and takes them off immediately). 
  • The cat quickly warms up to MC and hangs around while just they are at home. As soon as Seven shows up, it’s back to hiding (can you blame them?)
  • MC therefore does most of the feeding and grooming stuff. Seven tries, but if the cat comes running to the food dish and sees it’s him, they hide under the table until he moves away from the dish.
  • Every so often Seven tries to make peace with the cat using cat toys; at least this entertains the both of them. He also tosses them plenty of treats, and manages to hold back anything but gentle petting. Just as the cat begins to warm up to him again, he’s back at it with the Lion King cat raise (Dammit Seven).
  • The cycle repeats endlessly
  • MC is both thoroughly amused and frustrated by these two’s relationship
  • There’s a lot of “How are they letting you do that??” as Seven gets jealous when he sees the cat sitting in MC’s lap to be petted
  • Also a lot of friendly taunting from MC-“Haha, look who came to cuddle!” & *does thing the cat wouldn’t allow Seven to do but since they trust MC it’s fine*
  • The cat admittedly doesn’t hate Seven, it just wants its personal space (he’s cool with MC so he can’t be all that bad)
  • If the cat notices Seven is sad or crying it will nudge him or crawl onto his lap (this never fails to cheer him up)
  • All the cat feels ^^

I haven’t slept because I’m 5,000 words into the most pointless crossover I have ever written. A Harry Potter x The Martian crossover.

Basically Harry is part of the Ares 3 mission and gets left behind too. Since, let’s face it, you could order him to leave somebody behind and all evidence could irrefutably say they are dead until you are blue in the face and he still wouldn’t leave (sorry Commander).

5,000 words and he hasn’t even gotten to Mars, it’s 5,000 words of background shit about how he came to be part of the mission and the shit he’s done and he’s just now entering astronaut training.

(I’m also working in omgcp stuff!!! Don’t worry this is a passing fancy, but need to get it out of my system since there was literally only one crossover that was nice but super short and the idea now haunts me).