personal problems

my naem is yak
and thru the porte
i styck my nose
and giev a snoart,

but tunge is longe
and hyer i stand
you giev me bred
i lik yor hand

Jonerys problems.

That feeling when you have to move on with your work but all you think about is Jon and Dany. Like literally thinking about everything like —>

Their first meeting. How first time looking at each other will be? 

What will be the first thing these two will notice about each other. 

Will it include smiles from Dany? Let’s be honest - Jon is too shy and moody to make a first move in any way. Dany is more dominant person. 

How palpable will be the tension between them, so every other person in the room with them or fans watching it can notice it. 

What will be their first love scene? Will it be gentle or wild, do they look to each other eyes before making sweet love?

Fighting against deadly army of Night King and White Walkers side by side. Watching each other fight and thinking “why do we have to meet in such a times?” 

Dany introducing Jon to dragons and Jon’s mind literally being blown away by these creatures. He often wished he had few of them while serving at the Wall. How helpful it would have been.

Dany and Jon talking about Targaryens Viserys and Aemon. Also about their lives experiences as young leaders. How lonely job that really is.

Just bring on that damn season 7, so we all can find out about it.

man i love in stb when bones is talking about spock’s vulcan anatomy saving him because it just wouldn’t be star trek without vulcan anatomy making one immune to certain effects or survive injuries that would have killed a human. just vulcan anatomy is such a great excuse. didn’t pass out like the rest of the crew? vulcan anatomy. didn’t get shot in the heart? vulcan anatomy. 14 inch dick? vulcan anatomy

Self Care

(ooc: H-hello everyone, I’m terribly sorry if I concerned you all. I am…ok, I have closed the ask box for now…I will be taking another break from the internet, I really do need to take better care of myself…I am not good, health wise, and emotionally…I’m tired and sick constantly. I don’t eat like I should, I don’t sleep well, and…I have no motivation for anything, including art, which terrifies me. I tried drawing and I could not stop shaking, it’s my only release yet I can not do it…I’m losing my hair again, which is a bummer, it took forever to regrow the first time, and it’s not easy when people give you looks because you are bald and have cleft lip pallet…I already get enough from people calling me manly. I’ve also have a ton of personal issues that I can not get into. It just made everything worse, everything went wrong so fast, there was so much I am dealing with at once, and I am still apologizing if I hurt you, I really did not mean it at all, I never want to cause anyone pain… I’m going to be honest with you all…I was considering quitting this blog, because of how stressed I’ve felt and guilt for hurting people, but…people still are here, so I won’t leave, not as long as I can help inspire someone else, or make their day brighter for just a second. I’m off topic again, sorry…Yeah, so I will be leaving for a short time, but I will return, don’t know when yet but I won’t leave you all, so please do not worry none! I hope to get my motivation to draw back, it really is my life and scares me that I can’t do it…I will try to post artwork if I do get any done though, I just won’t be answering, I would like to share what I make though, if that is ok?…I still care for you guys. I love you all, hope the best for you and have wonderful days. Sweet dreams and good night, k? Oh! One last thing, sorry I know this is long, but I wanted to let you all know I have seen your kind words that you have sent, thank you for them, dears… they have helped me quite a bit even though I can not bring myself to believe them yet, it’s…really hard to do so, I do appreciate it all very thank you!~)

“Okay then, time to look at blogs that are marked too inappropriate.”

*goes to settings to turn safe mode off*

*leaves and it is still on*

What now?

*turns it off again and it is still on*

Mm’okay, Tumblr…

*turns it off again and it unfollows blogs and is still on*


*turns it off again and is still on*

OH MY GOD! It’s like the child proof locks on my door all over again!


@staff I am a minor. Your refusal to take action is making it so that i, a minor, see pornography and am actively followed by blogs that post only pornography.

This is a direct violation of the Common Decency Act of 1996, as amended by the PROTECT act of 2003. Directly from, the official website of the US department of justice:

“There are also laws to protect children from obscene or harmful material on the Internet. For one, federal law prohibits the use of misleading domain names, words, or digital images on the Internet with intent to deceive a minor into viewing harmful or obscene material (See 18 U.S.C. §§ 2252B, 2252C). ”

People with misleading domain names such as ‘youngervegetables’ or even people whos URL has an actual name within it, are able to interact with minors, despite the fact that they post exclusively pornography.

“It is illegal for an individual to knowingly use interactive computer services to display obscenity in a manner that makes it available to a minor less than 18 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 223(d) –Communications Decency Act of 1996, as amended by the PROTECT Act of 2003).” Again, people who post exclusively pornography are easily able to interact with minors such as myself, giving minors easy access to pornography.

“It is also illegal to knowingly make a commercial communication via the Internet that includes obscenity and is available to any minor less than 17 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 231 –Child Online Protection Act of 1998).”
In addition to photos and videos of sexually explicit acts, these pornography blogs also post links to livestreaming websites and similar, easily giving minors access to pornography.

In addition, these pornography blogs, commonly called ‘porn bots’ also violate the community guidelines, as set by tumblr itself.

“Uploading Sexually Explicit Video. You can embed anything in a Tumblr post as long as it’s lawful and follows our other guidelines, but please don’t use Tumblr’s Upload Video feature to upload sexually explicit video. We’re not in the business of hosting adult-oriented videos”

"Unflagged NSFW Blogs. Tumblr is home to millions of readers and creators from a variety of locations, cultures, and backgrounds who hold different points of view concerning adult-oriented content. If you regularly post sexual or adult-oriented content, respect the choices of people in our community who would rather not see such content by flagging your blog (which you can do on your blog’s Settings page) as Not Suitable for Work ("NSFW”). This action doesn’t prevent you or your readers from using any of Tumblr’s social features, but rather screens your blog’s content from Tumblr users who would prefer not to see NSFW material.“

In conclusion: I do not want to see NSFW content. I have this set in my blog settings, and yet. I can still see them, and I can still access their blogs. I am a minor, and @staff , by your inaction, several laws have been broken, both your own and federal.