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Support fat people with dark inner thighs and armpits!

Support fat people with keratosis pilaris!

Support fat people with small breasts!

Support fat people with saggy breasts!

Support fat people with unwanted breast growth!

Support fat people with cellulite!

Support fat people without hourglass figures!

Support fat people without smooth curves!

Support fat people with unwanted hair growth!

Support fat people with calloused feet!

Support fat people who get flushed easily!

Support fat people that are red all the time!

Support fat people who get ignored by body positivity posts bc they don’t fit your idea of beauty, or have traits you think are ‘gross’!

Support fat people! We’re fucking celestial beings and the world is better for us-ALL of us- in it.

appreciation post for my butt because even though gaining a lot of weight over the past year has been super hard I finally have enough energy to get to class and make it through weeks without sobbing myself to sleep!

sometimes i seriously grieve for no longer being underweight, like, seriously. I get mad at myself for eating. I get mad at myself for not losing weight. and still, with eating more regularly I have enough energy to power through those thoughts. also, I’m happy now???

recovery is raaaaaad!

twenty-one years on this earth and i only just learned that there are three different identified patterns of female orgasm and i suddenly feel so much better about myself. so if your orgasms are nothing like the ‘normal’ earth-shattering, screaming, uncontrollable orgasms you see commonly in media like movies or porn or even read about in books, in magazines, in fanfiction, or even see in your female partners, then please know that there’s nothing wrong with you. there’s nothing wrong with having a quiet orgasm, a small orgasm, a continuous, controlled orgasm, pleasure that doesn’t peak energetically… you’re perfectly normal. you’re just experiencing it differently. 


I’m looking for more blogs to follow because I’m new to Tumblr. So like/reblog this if you are a blog that posts about the following: asmr, stimming, schizoaffective disorder/outreach, PTSD outreach, positivity, eating disorder recovery(No thinspo accounts please), non binary outreach, bisexual pride/outreach, and anything cute and positivity related :) also I post about all these things so if you would like to follow me!!!

Today on why the BMI scale is pointless
So I’m officially weight restored y'all - I’ve maintained above my target weight since December and am officially overweight according to the BMI charts!! That caused me a ton of stress at first, and especially when I realized I weigh more than most of my guy friends. How about that ingrained misogyny, thinking it’s shameful for a woman to take up more space than a man?
Well, I’ve realized that I don’t really give a fuck anymore about my weight. I can do cool shit with my body like run three miles without stopping or haul tree limbs for 7 hours or hold a shoulder stand for five minutes. If it requires me to be “overweight” to do those things, so be it. Fuck anyone who says otherwise.


inside my body is now the best place to be (because its mine and filled w/ sunlight) ☀️🌱