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The assumption that you should have your life together by your 20s is a dusty leftover from the 20th century.

In the early 1900s, the life expectancy of the average human was 30 years old.

Even in the 1950s, the life expectancy was just shy of 50 years old.

Being in your 20s in that time meant you were already in the middle of your life. You were expected to be married, have kids, work a job, and keep it up for the last 10-30 years you had.

The average life expectancy (as of 2014) is 72 years old. And it’ll keep rising.

Of course it all depends on various factors. Living conditions, health, safety, etc.

But speaking generally, you have at least 20 more years than your predecessors to do what you want and need to do in life, if not more. That means you could spend your first 20 or 30 years doing jack shit if you really wanted. But it also means that if it takes you years to do something, it’s okay.

If it takes you 10 years to write a book, it’s okay. Write it.

If it takes you 20 years to draw the way you want, it’s okay. Keep drawing.

If it takes you 30 years to be able to express yourself, love yourself, or just to be able to live with yourself, it’s okay.

If it takes you decades just to reach one life goal, it’s okay.

None of your time is wasted.

Support fat people with dark inner thighs and armpits!

Support fat people with keratosis pilaris!

Support fat people with small breasts!

Support fat people with saggy breasts!

Support fat people with unwanted breast growth!

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Support fat people who get ignored by body positivity posts bc they don’t fit your idea of beauty, or have traits you think are ‘gross’!

Support fat people! We’re fucking celestial beings and the world is better for us-ALL of us- in it.