personal photograph (2)


Artist~ SA

TRANSLATION by me! Valerie

Sakura: Sasuke-kun! look!

Sasuke: …

Sasuke: What’s this?

Sakura: Clothes~ Kiba recently 

        introduce me a

        photographer~ would you

       like to wear this and

       mmm take a picture?

Sasuke: I refuse.

        look at the time to do this.

        Should i be in my ninjutsu 


Sakura: I see…

Photographer: Sakura-san!

         we have to prepare the 


Sakura: Immediately!

Sasuke - she have to listen to him- 

Sakura: Sasuke I’m sorry, I will

              go first.


Sakura: Thanks for wait.

photographer: The christmas decorations 

      are installed like what you


      Sakura-san i have the feeling

      that will be very beautiful-ah.

Sakura: Thank-you!

Person 1: Haruno-san, do you have 

              a partner to be 


Person 2: If not, i can.

                 Onee-chan & I together.

Sakura: Ah? this…

~Sasuke take the jacket~

Sakura: !

Sasuke: I will.

Sakura: Sasuke-kun…

Sakura: Then, we have to try clothes

Sasuke: No need to go so fast.