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hiraeth pt.1

Warning: Spoilers

Jumin/MC (you)

pt. 2 | pt. 3

genre: angst + other stuff lol

Also, thank you @sinfulinsecret for helping me sort out my thoughts and shaping this fic (otherwise it would’ve been a bigger mess than it already is).

A/N: This work is set in a world in which everything at Mint Eye actually happened (V’s dead, Saeran’s back, Saeyoung quit the agency, Rika’s in Alaska). But Seven and MC (reader insert) stayed best friends, they were always friends. This happens a year and a half after the main story.

          Saeran was lying down on the couch, eyes glued to the screen of his Nimtendo DS. Deft fingers moved from one button to another, the sounds from the device being the only ones filling the room. You were sitting on the opposite couch to his, just watching the other twin play, waiting for Saeyoung to come with a bowl of Honey Buddha Chips.
          You were currently at Saeyoung’s place to plan some stuff out for the upcoming RFA party.

           “What are you thinking? You lost or something?” you were indeed lost in though until the redhead’s voice snapped you out of your reverie.

           “Took you long enough,” you teased.

          Seven simply scoffed and dumped the bowl between your crossed legs before letting himself fall on the couch right next to you. 

          “You should feel honored by my fabulous presce- OUCH!” he exclaimed in an indignant tone of voice when you pinched his cheek.

          “You’re really really smart but like… you can be so dumb sometimes,” you wiggled your eyebrows at him and stuck your tongue out. 

          He let out a soft chuckle and threw some chips at you, making you gasp loudly. You eyed him, then Saeran with a happy gleam in your eyes and suddenly you were reminded of the events that happened a year and a half ago, your throat suddenly feeling tight.

          As if on cue the man next to you poked your cheek gently as a concerned frown adorned his face. He was such a great friend.

          “What’s wrong, (y/n)?” he said. 

          You bit your bottom lip, unable to lie to his face, “I just thought of what happened back then… I just… I’m happy that you were reunited with your brother but even though I didn’t know him as long as you did… V just deserved so much better.”

          Your voice was quiet enough for Saeran not overhear your conversation. Seven’s eyes immediately found your own and you could feel the guilt overflowing his body. 

          “But, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but Rika’s,” you added, “She refused help, she abused V, she corrupted Saeran. It’s just… It sucks I guess.”

          You grabbed Seven’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze before looking over at Saeran who still had his eyes glued to his game. You were truly glad that the twins were able to reunite. They both deserved it.

          Seven nodded once before sighing and standing up, beckoning you to follow him. You brushed the crumbs from the chips off your lap and followed your friend into his room. You noticed that there was his car-shaped bed, a couple of bookshelves, a nightstand, a TV, and some stars glued to the ceiling. His room was simple and quite messy.
          ‘He truly is like a child,’ you thought.

          Saeyoung grabbed something that looked like a photo album from his bookshelf. It was weird. You never took him as the person to have photo albums.
          He walked towards his bed and sat down, placing the album on his lap.

          “Well? Come in,” he dusted off the album then proceeded to open it.  

          You closed the door behind you as you made your way into his room and towards his bed, “So, what’s that?

          You let yourself fall next to him, just like he did a few minutes ago on the couch. Your eyes slowly moved towards the item on his lap, a picture of the original RFA adorning the first page. There was Yoosung with his brown, short hair; then Jumin, his expression as stoic as ever, your eyes lingered on his face for a bit longer. Zen was right next to him, a sweet smile adorning his undeniably gorgeous face and Saeyoung was standing next to Yoosung with an uncharacteristic serious expression, and right in the middle were… V and Rika, smiling right at the camera.

          “Why are you showing me this?” you said in a small voice.

          “I wanted to show you what the RFA was like, what V was like. You guys are truly special for me and I needed something to prove that this all wasn’t a dream; therefore I made this photo album. Now, I know you profusely dislike Rika but I think it’s a good idea to talk about this. For me, for you, and eventually for everyone in the RFA,” he mumbled the last part.

          Jumin and Seven didn’t want the others to know about the things that went down at Mint Eye and you disagreed instantly but promised to keep it a secret for the time being. 

           You two then started talking about the past parties and some the funny things that happened in the messenger. It wasn’t as lively as it was now but it didn’t mean they weren’t funny.

           Then Seven turned the page, revealing a picture of V, Rika, and Jumin sitting on a couch with Elizabeth the 3rd resting on your fiancé’s lap. You smiled as you saw Jumin in casual clothing, his hair slightly messy, a small smile adorning his face while his hand idly rested on Elizabeth’s back. All in all, he looked adorable. 

           “Oh! I remember that day!” Saeyoung pointed at Jumin’s face, grinning slightly.

          “What happened that day?” you tilted your head slightly in curiosity as you noticed Saeyoung’s eyes started shining.

          “That’s the day Jumin got Elly!” he grinned widely and looked over at you.

          “Oh, my! Really!? He looks really happy…” you trailed off, your mind suddenly filled with thoughts of the man you loved with your entire being.  

          ‘He must be at work right now,’ you thought.

          “So what exactly happened!? How did he react!? Please tell me everything, Saeyoung!” you were so eager to hear about his adorable reaction.

          “Well, I wasn’t there there but they sent this photo to the messenger. But I know what happened. It was Rika who gave her to him. They were at V’s apartment and he was really happy, even though he kept saying it wasn’t a big deal,” he rolled his eyes.

          “Wait. So, Rika gave Elizabeth the 3rd to him?” you weren’t exactly jealous but it made you feel uneasy. Still you were glad that Elizabeth was there to keep company to Jumin before you did.

5 p.m., Outside of Zen’s apartment

           You waited for your friend to come out eagerly. He’d promised that he would take you for a ride on his motorcycle, despite Jumin’s constant reprimanding whenever you brought the subject up. Afterwards you two would just hang out at a bar and talk. And you did exactly that. 

           Time flew by as fast as it did with Seven. You had a great time riding your friend’s motorcycle. It was one of the biggest rushes you’ve ever felt in your life, besides those experienced behind closed doors at your lover’s apartment.

           You lost track of time completely when you were drinking and chatting. Zen always had been a great person to talk to. He was the one person you could always go to for advice and, to be honest, he was pretty fun.

11 p.m., Jumin’s penthouse

           Saying that today had been a stressful day would be an understatement. One of the big deals he was working on had been dropped without previous notice, causing chaos to erupt in the office. That specific deal would’ve been of great use for the company.

           He stepped into your shared apartment and was immediately greeted by Elizabeth the 3rd’s meowing followed by an affectionate rub against his ankles. The man felt suffocated and fatigued, he had a headache and wanted nothing more than to come home to you and unwind.

           That’s when he noticed you weren’t home.

           ‘That’s strange,’ he thought, checking his phone to see if he had any missed calls or messages from you after he noticed you only left a note that spelled “It’s my day off so I’ll be back later! Love you!”

           Just when he thought his day couldn’t get any worse.

1 a.m., Jumin’s apartment

           Crap. It was really late and you just realized you had over 5 missed calls from Jumin.

           As quietly as you possibly could you unlocked this apartment door and stepped inside. You closed the door and placed the keys in your coat’s right pocket.  

           The moment you stepped into the living room he was there. Arms crossed with posture that screamed rage. His face was the most emotionless he’s ever directed at you in a while.  

           ‘Crap,’ was the only thing you could think.

           You only stood there, like a deer caught in the headlights, staring at him. You felt awful. It was late; you totally forgot to call him or text him because you had such a great time. That was no excuse, though. You took a deep breath; ready to wholeheartedly apologize when he held a hand up.

           “Don’t even bother. Where were you?” his voice was like ice and it struck at your heart. He never spoke this way to you.

           But you still couldn’t even bring yourself to argue, not when you had some fault here, “I was with Seven organizing something for the party and then I hung out with Zen.”

           Anger mixed with annoyance flashed across his face, but just as soon as it appeared, it was gone. You sighed and started walking up to your fiancé only for him to turn around and walk away, heading into his study.

           “I have some work to do, go to bed,” those were the last words he said before he shut the door behind him.

Three days later, Jumin’s apartment

           No “good mornings” or  “goodnights” had been exchanged, no kisses or embraces, no loving words had left his lips ever since he shut the door of his study that night. Whatever attempt at a conversation you had was only filled by his ice-cold tone of voice accompanied by his stoic face and your hesitant voice. Every time you tried to touch him he successfully managed to evade you. 

           You’d heard from Jaehee what had happened with the other company and the deal that was dropped. You were sure that work would be extremely heavy for the next week at the very least and that you being home so late that night only made added up to his frustrations.  But still, you had apologized for not texting him about your whereabouts that day. He’d dismissed you.

           He had just gotten home and you were set on fixing things. You were standing in the hallway that connected the entrance with the living room, a shy smile adorning your face. You tried your best to hide your anxieties but it was proving more difficult when his cold gaze met your own.

           “Hello, love!” you walked over to him and tried to help him with his coat only to have him step back and do it himself.

           “Hello,” he said nonchalantly before walking past you and towards the living room, immediately picking Elizabeth he 3rd who had been resting on the couch. His eyes softened as he stroked her soft fur and you only felt your hurt growing.

           You shook your head in an attempt to clear your thoughts and made your way towards the couch, letting yourself fall right next to him, startling Elizabeth in the process, which made you feel a pang of guilt.

           “I made dinner tonight! I thought you would be hungry and I wanted to have some quality time with my soon-to-be husband!” you said in the brightest tone you could physically muster but the only thing you received was an angry scowl from him.

           “Can’t you be more careful? You scared Elizabeth the 3rd,” he looked back down at the feline, “Plus, I already ate at the office.” 

           That. Was. It.

           You were tired of this attitude of his. It was too painful. You missed a man that was right in front of you. You knew how difficult he could be at times but this was just ridiculous. What you had done was wrong but you apologized and he still acted this way? No. You wouldn’t have it anymore. You would never apologize for actually being with your friends and having fun.

You stood from your spot on the couch, crossed your arms, and your “happy girlfriend” façade broke, only revealing raw hurt. 

           “Okay, what is your problem? I’ve been trying my best here, Jumin. I know you’re trying to push me away. But guess what? It’s not happening. I want to make this right and you don’t seem to give a shit. I went out with my friends. So what!? I already said I was sorry! I already apologized for not texting you because unlike you I can see past other people’s mistakes and forgive.”

           His hair covered those dark eyes of his and you could see his entire body tensing, “Stop being ridiculous, (y/n).”

           At that he stood up and tried to walk past you but you grabbed his suit’s sleeve and he stopped in his tracks. 

           Slowly, he turned to face you and you were met with a look that screamed annoyance. You felt a knot in your throat as you fought hard to hold back a sob that was so desperately fighting to slip out.

           “What?” he raised an eyebrow and you just couldn’t take it anymore. 

           “Stop that! Stop this! It’s not my fault that you’re frustrated about work! Because instead of actually talking about it to me you decide to use a petty excuse to let out your frustrations on me. I know what happened! A deal was dropped and it screwed everything up! How is that my fault, Jumin? I just want to hear you out and support you and love you and you’re making it impossible!” those words jabbed at his heart and his pride.

           “Stop trying to act like you know me. You’ve only been here for a year and a half. Elizabeth has been here longer. What makes you believe you’re entitled to decide what I’m feeling?” he snatched his sleeve back and his right hand absentmindedly fiddled with it, “While you were out and about messing around with Zen I was trying hard to provide for you. And guess who was here for me? Elizabeth the 3rd. You are…” he trailed off when he noticed that hot tears started falling down your cheeks. You were biting your lip hard, blood starting to trickle down.

          He was still fuming, his feelings were a mess at the moment and the only thing he could fully register was your back slowly heading into the spare bedroom, shutting the door close behind you along with your emotions.


“My question is, we all know how the Doctor felt watching you leave, but what did Peter Capaldi- what was his reaction to your leaving the show?” (x)


My family living in a Kurdish neighborhood pictures taken in pre-war Hesekê

From my family photo album

abitofencouragement  asked:

Imagine Steve Rogers helping people get registered to vote. Maybe in his old neighborhood, maybe in the current time, or perhaps both.

Sam had to admit, it was pretty cute.  Steve had decided to take some time away from rescuing kittens, defeating aliens, and charming men and women with an aww-shucks smile to help the senior citizens of Brooklyn register to vote.

They set him up with a card table and a stack of Voter Registration forms and pencils and Sam had to say, Steve looked happier with every person he helped to register.   

“Usually, we have to go all the way to Town Hall for this.”  An elderly man in a worn blue jacket beamed at Steve from across the table.  

“Not this year, sir.  Take a seat, I can help you fill in the form, if you like.”

He eased herself into the chair across from Steve, but waved off the form Steve tried to hand him.  

“I’m already registered to vote.  I came because I wanted another picture with you.” 

Steve furrowed his brow. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember taking a photo with you before, sir.”

Which was strange, Steve remembered every fan, thanks to his eidetic memory.  

“I don’t imagine you would.”  He tugged a worn, black-and-white photo from his jacket pocket and held it to Steve. “I saw you on tour, back during the war. Got a picture afterwards and everything.”

Sam leaned over from his place on a nearby armchair (Gladys was kicking his ass in Cribbage).  Sure enough there was Steve hoisting a young, dark-haired boy onto his shoulder.

“I’d –of course.  Sam, can you-“

Sam already had his phone in hand.  “On it.”


The photos went viral – the one from the 30s and the one Sam took in 2016 – and before Sam knew it, Tony was organizing a USO revival tour at senior facilities all over the US.  Steve was terrible at hiding his excitement.  

This photo, may not be much, but the story that goes along with it is so cute! Jackie was in Palm Beach, and the president was on his way, she wanted to surprise him at the airport Like a normal housewife. She rented this convertible and didn’t tell anyone of her plans. When the plane landed Jackie ran down the Tarmac screaming, “Jack,Jack,here I’ll take you!” He was so happy to see her and the kids in the car. He jumped in, and they took off, leaving the secret service scrambling.

The photo and story comes from The Kennedy Family Album: Personal photos of America’s First Family

Behind The Scenes (24/24)

Author’s note: Ah, I’m actually nervous about posting this part tbh. I really hope you all have enjoyed this series! Thank you for reading it! Sorry for any errors

Genre:… Drama

Word Count: 2678

WARNINGS: um, abuse and threats (idk, its a bit intense if you ask me)

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Rap monster turned around and went over to you. He looked very concerned when he saw all the bandages on you.

“Y/n are you okay? Don’t worry, Hoseok updated me on everything. I’ll have someone come in and check on all of you. And don’t worry about Jin. I’ll keep him away from you from now on. You don’t even have to speak to him. Okay?”

You pushed him away from you. He looked a bit confused

“What are in those boxes that you make me deliver?” you asked sternly

“That’s not important right now. Are you okay? How is Yoongi? Hoseok, get Jimin to call the manager and get that guy over here!”. Jhope did as he was told and went off to Jimin’s room

“Are there drugs in those boxes?”

Rap monster froze. All concern left his face and instead he became menacing and serious. He turned back to you and softly, but sternly asked “Who told you?”. His whole aura changed and it was as though he was a completely different person. He came up close to you and glared down at you.

You stood your ground. “That’s not the point! Do you have me dealing motherfucking drugs or not?!?”

He seemed to have snapped back into reality. “Why don’t you and I have a little talk?” he asked calmly. He lightly placed his arm around you and gently yet forcefully guided you to a seat at one end of the table.

He went behind you and began rummaging through the drawers. “So…”, you heard him close a drawer but he remained behind you. “I guess you know now.”

You freaked out, “You seriously have me dealing drugs?!?” you could feel your heart racing. You didn’t think that Suga was actually telling you the truth. The idea of drugs being involved seemed so impossible.

“I have one question for you Y/n.” his voice returned to a menacing and threatening tone.

You began feeling scared. You could feel your heart racing even faster, your palms were starting to sweat, and your breathing became labored.

“Now that you know what I have you doing… Are you still going to do it for me?”

“No! I don’t want to do that! I’ll still be your assistant, but I don’t want to do anything illegal like that.”

“Ah, Y/n. If only it were that simple.” He came around you and sat down on the table right in front of you, revealing the large, sharp cutting knife that he was holding in his hand.

You were terrified. You began to cry. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening. This all felt like it was all some nightmare or an elaborate prank. Sadly, with each second that passed, the more you realized that this was all real.

Rap monster sat there admiring the knife. “Y/n this isn’t anything personal. I hope you know that. It’s just I have to do what I have to do. Since you made the decision to not go along with doing deals anymore… The only options I have left is to kill you.” he told you blankly.

“What?!? No! Please!”

“I’m sorry Y/n, you know too much.”

“No! please! I swear I won’t tell anyone!” you sobbed. “Please! You know I won’t say anything! I haven’t said anything about you guys at all. You know I can stay quiet!”

“That’s not a risk I am willing to take. I’ve worked too hard to get to the point where I am now. I’m not going to take any chances and risk losing all I have created.

“Please! Please! Please! Don’t kill me! Please!”

“Y/n, like I said, this is nothing personal… but you know what? I really like you. I’ll be nice about this, I’ll let the guys give you a goodbye before I kill you.” he turned his head towards the bedrooms. “Oh! Yoongi! I didn’t see you there. Go call the guys over for a family meeting.

You looked over to see Suga leaning in to peek into the kitchen. You could tell he was mortified, but he did want he was told and walked back towards the bedrooms.

In no time, all the guys filed into the kitchen. For the most part they all looked panicked when they saw you sobbing and the knife in Rap Monster’s hand. However, they all calmly sat at the table.

Jhope and Suga had their eyes glued on you. The rest of the guys looked to Rap Monster. You finally saw Jin after the fight with Suga. He had a few cuts here and there, but in comparison to Suga, he wasn’t too beat up.

“Okay now that all of you are here…”, he got up and began slowly walking around the table. “Y/n here found out about the drugs. Now, right now I’m not too concerned about how she found out… Y/n informed me that she isn’t interested in knowingly doing the deals, so right now I’m more concerned with the fact that it’s time we say goodbye to her… if you know what I mean?”

Suddenly Rap Monster stabbed the knife into the table in front of Jungkook. “We all know that I would usually do this, but after seeing my little protégé at today’s deal, I feel he should do the honors.”

“What?!? Me?!? You want me to do it?” Jungkook asked frantically.

“Technically, you are the reason she is here in the first place. You always beg me to give you more chances to prove yourself, so here it is.” Rap monster said sitting on the table in front of Jungkook.

Jungkook peeked over to your crying form. “No! I can’t do it! I don’t want to do it!”

You saw as Rap Monster became frustrated. “This shit is your fucking fault Jungkook! Be a man and do what I fucking tell you!”

“Jungkook, just kill the fucking bitch.” Jimin said to him

“Exactly! ‘Kill the fucking bitch’” Rap Monster quoted. “Sorry, Y/n no offense.” He said looking back at you.

“No! I don’t give a fuck! I’m not going to fucking do it!” Jungkook fought

“Well, it looks like maknae is still acting like a maknae.”, Rap Monster said disappointingly. “It seems like I gotta do this shit myself again.” Rap Monster pulled the knife out of the table and walked behind you.

You began sobbing even harder and screamed, “Namjoon! Please! Please! Don’t do it! Please! I swear I won’t say anything! Please!”

“Aaww I’m sorry Y/n” he said softly. He gently removed the hair from your face. He lifted your chin so that you were staring up at him. You could feel the cold blade touch your skin. He ever so slowly added more and more pressure, basically taunting you.

“Don’t fucking do it!” Suga shouted, practically jumping across the table.

Rap Monster froze and looked up at Suga.

“Don’t you dare fucking do it!” Suga shouted

“Why shouldn’t I?” Rap Monster asked, feigning curiosity.

“You can’t!”

“I going to.” Rap Monster said putting more pressure on the blade.

“If you do it, I’ll quit! I’ll fucking quit!”

Rap Monster locked eyes with Suga. They had a stare down for a long time. The more time passed the more frustrated Rap Monster looked.

Rap monster furiously threw the knife into the living room, practically throwing a tantrum. “Fine! I won’t fucking do it!… But she definitely not getting away! Tae! Go bring my USB and the laptop that’s on my desk!” Then he went down to you and angrily whispered. “Y/n you’re so fucking lucky right now! You won’t die today, but I’ll make it my goal to make you wish you did! I will do everything in my power to ensure you don’t say a fucking word about anything!”

V soon returned. He timidly placed the items on the table. To your horror you realized that the laptop was your laptop. Rap monster stayed quiet for a bit and paced around the table.

“Okay, I’ve made up my mind! Y/n you’re going to be staying with us 24/7. No matter what, you are never going to leave our sight! No family, no friends, no school, no car, no money, no computer, no phone, no place of your own, not even your own room!”

“Namjoon, be reasonable here.” Jhope peeped.

“Shut the fuck up! Just shut the fuck up!” Rap Monster shouted.

He turned back to you and spoke a bit more softly, but he was still terrifying. “I don’t know if you remember the last time Jinjin was over, and I said I had an errand to do, leaving you here with everyone else… Well, I went by your place and did a bit of snooping to get a better idea of the type of person I was letting into my home. I hope you don’t mind that I took your laptop, but it’s not like your allowed to use it anymore.”

He turned on your laptop and plugged in the USB. “Before I get to what I found on here… Let’s take a look at what got you here in the first place.”

You couldn’t see what he was doing but you heard a lot of clicking and heard him turn the volume all the way up.

“Now Y/n. I don’t want you to even think about running away from us. If I catch you trying to escape, two things are going to happen. One, I’m going to release this video…”, Rap Monster turned the screen around for all of you too see. You were mortified when you saw what he was playing. It was a video of you and Jungkook in his room the night of the party. The worst part was that you could clearly see your face the entire time and clearly hear your voice.

“Wait, this is the best part.” he giggled. Rap Monster fast forwarded the video to where Jungkook was climaxing. This meant that he had a video of the two of you from beginning to end!

“So! I’m going to send this video to everyone you know. To all your family members and all your friends. And don’t worry I’ll send them multiples of the video every day and mail them pictures, so that they have a good mental image if they ever see you again.”

He closed the video and placed the laptop in front of you. It was opened onto your photo album. He began scrolling through your pictures, pictures of your friends, your family, of your past coworkers. “You have a beautiful family Y/n and you seem to have a lot of friends.” Rap Monster commented as he clicked through the pictures. “So after the release that video of you and Jungkook. I am going to kill every single person in this photo album. I’m going to make sure that they know you are the reason they are going to die a slow and painful death…. Now after that I don’t know what I’ll do. I might kill you, but I might also let you live so that you can just live with all that guilt. Don’t worry, I’ll figure it all out later.” He laughed.

“Okay! Okay! I promise I won’t try to run away! I swear I won’t do anything!” you cried.

“I haven’t forgotten about you Jungkook!” Rap Monster shouted, still glaring down at you. “Because you didn’t do what I fucking told you to do, because you couldn’t keep it in your fucking pants to begin with, I’m going to punish you too…one way or another!” he warned. “Tae! Go get me the knife!” he ordered.

V did as he was told. He retrieved the knife and handed it to Rap Monster. Rap Monster went behind you again. He grabbed a handful of your hair and jerked your head back so that you were looking up at him again. This time he was staring down at you. “Yoongi! Y/n! I want you to know that I’m being serious here. Just because I won’t kill you, doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate to do so if you ever cross me!”

Rap Monster dug the tip of the knife just below your neck and dragged it along your clavicle. You let out a horrible scream as an oozing mark was etched across your collar bone. You could feel the warm blood pour down your body.

“Jimin, did you ever call the manager?” Rap monster asked, admiring his work.

“No, you called us in here before I could…” His voice was calm, but he was noticeably shaken.

“Call him! Get him to bring that friend of his over here and to take a few of you to Y/n’s place to go pick up her stuff. Do whatever it takes to make him get here right now.” He ordered. “Tae! Yoongi! You two go get that extra twin bed from the basement and go put it in Jimin’s room.”

“Oh fuck no! I don’t want that whore staying in my room!” he shouted, suddenly not so shaken about the whole thing.

“Jimin! Namjoon is the damn leader, whatever the fuck he says goes!” Jin shouted.

Rap Monster threw the knife into the sink. “Hoseok, go take Y/n and clean her up a bit.”

Everyone did as they were told. Rap monster went over to your bag and confiscated your phone, your wallet, and your keys.

Jhope remained quiet as he cleaned up your wound a bit. He just let you cry everything out. V and Suga brought a moldy, old twin sized mattress and put it in Jimin’s room for you.

The manager soon came and Jimin, Jungkook, Jin and Suga went you your place to bring some of your stuff. In the meantime, the manager’s friend stayed behind and stitched up the gash on your collar bone. It was Rap monster’s orders to not to give you any type of pain relievers or anesthesia. For what felt like hours, you felt him painfully stich you up. He would have done it faster but you had to stop him because it hurt too much.

After an hour, the guys came back from your place with trash bags of your belongings, it was mostly your clothing and your bed sheets. As you took your things into Jimin’s room, Suga and Jin were getting checked up. Jhope helped you as V and Jin were soon getting lectured by Rap Monster. Jungkook and Jimin stared as Jhope and Suga helped you move your things. Jungkook was sulking but Jimin was fuming. He was giving you insult after insult as you got your bed together.

It wasn’t long before Rap monster came into the room to inspect everything. In one hand held a hammer and in the other he had pieces of metal. Without a word, he slammed the door shut and began hammering something into the wall and through the door.

When he was done, he came back inside. “Do you like this little lock I put on the door?” he asked pointing at the piece of metal nailed to the outside of the door. “Don’t worry, this ugly one is only temporary, I’ll have a better one later.” As he had his back to you, his voice was normal, but when he turned to you, he was instantly back to being terrifying. “I don’t want you trying to run away in the night y/n… From now on you are going to be locked in this room whenever I fucking say so. I don’t give a shit if you’re hungry, if you’re sick, even if you have to go to the bathroom. If I lock you in here, then you will stay in here. I am the one who is going to decide when to let you out… Now the rest of you go to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow.” With that, that Jhope, Suga and Jungkook left the room. “Actually, Jungkook, go to my room. I need to talk to you.” With only a menacing look, Rap monster shut the door and locked it.

That night was your first night in your new prison.

SIDE NOTE: This is NOT the official ending. I am actually in the middle of writing Behind The Scenes 2. I originally had wanted it to be just one, but there is just so much that goes on. I really hope that you all stick around for BTS 2. If you have any questions about the series or my part 2, feel free to send an ask or to message me. Thanks for reading! :)

Italian Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano (1903 - 1944, centre) with Hitler’s interpreter Paul Schmidt (1899 - 1970) at Hitler’s residence, the Berghof near Berchtesgaden, Germany, 13th August 1939. Ciano is looking up as he is photographed by Eva Braun from an upstairs window. Under this picture in her personal photo album, Braun wrote ‘Up there is something forbidden to see - me!’. Discussions at the meeting included the invasion of Poland.

Hayley had had fun with Janessa, but she was really ready to just be with Chandler. She hated how attached to him she was already but being around him was so calming to her, and it felt so right and real. She peeked her head in the door, grinning at the sight of him in his living room. “Hey!” She said, letting herself more fully into the apartment and dropping her bag of books with a thud. She sat in his lap and smiled sheepishly. “I couldn’t decide what to bring so I brought them all. I like travel, it’s a thing.” She had also brought personal photo albums, excited to help him plan something.

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams photographed by Michael White.

Over the last 50 years, theater producer Michael White has befriended the very top of the A-list. Now, at age 78, his life story is being told to those unable to get beyond the velvet rope in the new documentary, “The Last Impresario.” To promote the film, which hits theaters in the U.K on Sept. 26, White has opened up his personal photo album, filled with candid snapshots of the who’s who of Hollywood, fashion and the recording industry. It’s simply a must see. [x]