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Mr. Wiener: how is aging up any different than lgbt headcanons-


2016 in review: Blonde Footballers

2016 being the year that it was, many footballers decided to try their hand at blindingly platinum blonde hairdos. And as with any trend, some pulled it off. And some…….. not so much.

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i really loved the way hayley directed it so that there was never an obvious main love interest. she showed us all the individual girls in an intimate and beautiful way, you could see that she admired every one of them. but in the end it wasn’t a story some shitty high school crush, it was about moving past negative people and learning to love yourself.

About Matthew

I know that this was possibly said a thousand times already, but I feel like we need to do something about this issue or at least try. I’m getting seriously worried about the comments that Matthew’s getting on social media and more worried I am that he’ll get mad because of it (and he totally has the right tbfh).

Shit’s getting quite ugly and I don’t like it. There’s tons of things that people in the fandom are doing that are not only dumb af but disrespectful too. Look, I know that Matthew is handsome and that some of you like him only because of that, but please stop attacking him EVERY time he posts a picture of the sky or an animal. Please.

Stop telling him to “shut up” or “to post selfies”. Matthew is not there to give you what you want, he’s a person and as much as you have the right to post videos of cats on your social media accounts or long posts about your life or whatever thing you do, he has the right to be a dork and post dumb messages and post animals, because that’s what he loves. He’s his own person and nobody but him should have a say on what he publish or not.

Everytime Matthew goes out of his way to apologize or to explain why he isn’t posting selfies or anything I feel terribly bad because yeah, he might say it in a joking manner or whatever but I’m pretty sure that deep down he’s getting more and more tired of our bullshit.

Please be nice. Show some respect. You guys will regret being assholes when Matthew finally loses his shit and does something about it. He’s a nice and dorky cinnamon roll and we honestly don’t deserve him, so if you’re going to be love him, love him for being who he is and not only because he’s handsome.

(PS. Not talking about other cast members because I haven’t seen anything remarkable on this matter. But if you do, please say something. Let’s not ruin the fun for anyone.)

some1 reblogged my personal venting post abt not getting cards saying “i don’t get it” and then they reblogged it again saying “after 2 days I still don’t get it” and like, i cannot imagine being that desperate to harass someone for a personal post which is all in all harmless. can you believe someone wants to get a rise that bad???? am i supposed to explain it????? why????

no offense but i really dislike those ExR fics in which Grantaire is super broken/mentally ill and then Enjolras becomes his neurotypical knight in shining armor and saves him. 

I have nothing against neurodivergent R…But please don’t have Enjolras “fix” him and make him be “not broken”. That isn’t how mental illness works, first of all. Disorders are not fixed with love. It can help, definitely, but it doesn’t make the problems go away. Second of all, why is it always Grantaire that’s the one with problems? Why not Enjolras? Why not both of them? If I recall correctly (Forgive me if this is inaccurate - I don’t currently have a copy of the book with me, and I haven’t read it cover-to-cover in almost a year) Enjolras could definitely have neurodivergencies in canon. I understand why a lot of people write R as being ND, given his cynicism and his rants about how worthless life is, but Enjolras can be read that way too, tbh. In the musical we see him becoming really pessimistic and depressive during the battle. In the book we see him as this man who doesn’t smile or laugh much, and is sort of quiet and reserved. Sure, he could definitely just be an introvert that prefers to keep to himself, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Enjolras could have depression. Personally, I always thought of Enjolras as someone who thinks he needs to be perfect. Needless to say, that can lead to a lot of problems. But I never see that written in fic.

Also…he puts other people’s happiness above his own. He is canonly very selfless. The whole point of his character (or one of the main points, anyway) is the fact that he wants to improve the world and make it better for everyone! Not just his friends, not just the French citizens, everyone. And not only could he be rejecting his own happiness in doing so, but he could also get very depressed and anxious and angry when those plans don’t work. Let’s be real here, the world really isn’t always a good place. Not in 1832, and not now. I know that the Les Mis fandom loves Modern AUs in which Les Amis de l’ABC is fighting for problems that we deal with today (some common things I’ve seen written in fanfics are police brutality, racism, and Islamophobia). In those fics, Enjolras is always written as this super passionate guy who never gives up. That’s inspiring, sure, but if I’m being completely honest here…I don’t think it’s entirely realistic? Again, I don’t currently have access to my copy of the book, so I could be wrong, but Brick!jolras has always given me the vibe that he would get really down on himself if his plans to help out the world didn’t work. I don’t want to refer to Enjolras as weak, because he definitely isn’t, but I don’t think he’s necessarily as strong as people write him out to be. He isn’t perfect, as much as the fandom likes to act like he is. He’d mess up. He’d be unable to make a change. And he would hate himself for it, he may even consider giving up. He may see his failures as reasons to stop, rather than reasons to try harder - which is, again, something I’ve seen quite a bit in fandom. 

Apologies, I know this is quite ramble-y and possibly unclear, but it’s just my thoughts. If you need help figuring out what I was trying to say, let me know and I’ll make an attempt to reword it. 

man everything is cultural appropriation now a days I don’t really get it I don’t care if some white girl decides to take something from my culture and use it like as long as it’s not disrespectful I don’t get why people get so much hate for this like what do we all expect? cultures are made to be shared and appreciated that is the way the world grows they’re not supposed to be something you bash a person for

Well he has a pretty name… Hoshiumi Kourai.
(Yes, he is second year wing spiker.)

Breaking down the Kanji - 
Hoshiumi = Stars (hoshi) // Ocean (umi)
Kourai = Light (kou)  // To come (rai)

Regarding Yuu

Since most people are complaining about him, I thought that I might as well write some positive things about the character.
I’ll admit from the start that I love Yuu, he’s my favourite character, but I love other characters too, such as: Mika, Crowley, Kimizuki, Mitsuba (my queen), Ferid, Narumi, Yoichi and Krul, even so I never felt such an urge to protect the others, mostly because, I never saw people talking shit about them or,in some cases, I could simply understand the various point of view regarding certain situations or discussions.
When it comes to Yuu though, I sometimes thinks that some comments are just unfair, so much so, that it makes me think that some people just don’t care enough to even try to understand his character or his position. Of course I myself, might have misunderstood him too, but the point is that sometimes people don’t even try to put themselves in his shoes and that (sometimes) makes them assume incorrect things (there’s nothing wrong with that of course).

Let’s start!
People says that he is reckless, that it is his own fault that he ended up being a demon and that he needs to learn from his mistakes:
Yes, Yuu is to some extent reckless, and yes, it is his own fault that he is now a demon, but sometimes people forget that most of the times he is forced to make mistakes by the situations at hands. Most of the times, is not Yuu being reckless, but him coming to obvious conclusions before the others,and coming to realize that he is the only one that can actually change an otherwise seamless situation. An example is when he takes the decision to become a Seraph to fight off Kureto, and stop Kimizuki’s sister (possessed by her own Seraph).That was him understanding that he could only save his teammates with that power  (other options were non existent in that contest, they would have 100% been dead without the Seraph) and then being forced to accept Ashuramaru’s proposal to stop that unstoppable being possessing him, before it was too late. He did the right things to save the people he loves by their unavoidable death (who would have saved them then? Mika? Nope. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t have done anything for them), he was forced by the situation to act the way he did. That’s just the result of Kagami writing a story were the ‘‘‘’enemies’‘‘‘ are actually way more powerful than the protagonists (that’s a nice change btw), so much so that the protagonists cannot do shit about it, other than being forced to resort to other sources of powers that are not good, but still are their only option to survive.

People saying Yuu’s been mean to Mika in the recent chapters:
I think that people tend to forget that Yuu’s half a demon now, so much that (in ch. 47) even Ashuramaru couldn’t understand if the one to respond to him was Yuu or the demon. In the previous chapters Yuu seemed to be is usual cheerful self, but actually wasn’t, he was just preteding to be (exactly like Mika did when he was little) to not worry the others because 1)He doesn’t care about himself, and thinks that his family is top priority 2)Telling them that he actually didn’t remember things/didn’t feel emotions as strongly as before would have been useless. Even if he seems to be ok, he really is not, he’s just a really good actor. He’s so mixed up with the demon that he himself, probably, doesn’t know what are his thoughts and what are not. He was mean when he told Mika that his family was slaughtered too? I don’t think so, I don’t trust the official translation that much, I do think that he meant it in a more neutral way,something along the lines of–> ‘‘ehy, I know buddy, your family was mine too, remember? So I know what you mean’‘.
And even so, he probably didn’t mean to hurt Mika, he was just stating a fact (remember that he doesn’t feel much emotions anymore, so he probably didn’t notice his tone, and there were vampire attacking his friends, so he was too concentrated on them to really thinks his words carefully, again though, I don’t think that he was mean at all). He said that he wanted to kill Mika in the same chapter, you say? No, that was the demon talking, and Yuu trying to warn Mika (and to stop the demon from saying such awful things to him) to go away from him, since it was too dangerous to stay close. Saying this, I don’t remember people being so harsh to Mika when he refused to drink the Squad blood and actually threw it on the floor, I actually remember them being understanding over his behaviour (I was too), but yet people are harsh on Yuu for saying something that wasn’t even mean (like at all)????

Yuu is stupid’’:
No, he really isn’t and never was. Even as a kid he was pretty smart. Yes he said things like ‘’I’m going to Kill vampires’’ daily, to lighten up the atmosphere and to give the kids hope, but exactly like he himself said, he didn’t thought that that was actually possible. He even was the only one to be skeptical about Mika’s plan, telling him that that wasn’t a plan at all and was dangerous. 16 years old Yuu then was smart enough to ask Guren to help him save Mika, by using the fact that he was experimented on to his advantage. He even used what he knew of Mika (that being a lot) to use the right words to convince Mika to drink his blood and to follow him while he was going save his friends so to not being separated from him again. Yuu’s really smart, always was,he’s just a really emotional person, and that sometimes makes things harder for himself.

Lastly a Friendly Reminder that Yuu deserve happiness
‘’He was lucky he had a family/friends unlike Mika’‘ <— I read those kind of things a lot, but truth is that Yuu only made friends 4 years after escaping Sanguinem, actually just a bit before reuniting with Mika (and he actually started to consider them as such after meeting with Mika again), so yeah, he passed those 4 years alone (yes, he had Guren, but that’s about it), feeling ‘survivor guilt’, being probably affected by depression, and gripping to his desire for revenge to force himself to live (since he had nothing else). He’s already living with the consequences of his choices (being 50% a demon and Seraph, if he was really being rewarded by the outcomes of his choices then he wouldn’t be either of those things right now. In the end, Mika and Yuu are just following the plan that someone else planned for them) so it’s unfair to say that he is not. He’s just fine with everything if it means that his beloved ones are safe, isn’t that normal? Mika himself did the same when he let the soldiers of the JIDA hit him while trying to retrive Yuu.