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you know what? i try to keep discourse off my blog but someone has to fuckin say it. i need to get this off my chest. lucretia has an incredibly extensive multitalented skillset as an artist, leader and anything else she sets out to accomplish, is a genuinely amazing and kindhearted person and can achieve the world

Name Generator

I’m the DM for a D&D 5e game, and I had been using my 3.5 DM screen until a player started letting me borrow his 5e one. Last night was the first time I actually looked at the far left panel of it, however, and I noticed that it had tables for randomly generating NPC names, personality traits, flaws, and so on. So before game, I was toying around with the name generator and we were joking about how terrible the names were that it came up with.

Later in the game, the players noticed a boulder moving and, upon determining it was a Galeb Duhr, decided to try talking to it.

Player 1: Did we wake you?
Galeb Duhr: No.
Player 1 (ooc): Is…is it unable to say more?
Me: You asked it a yes/no question.
Player 2 (ooc): We need something more detailed.
Player 3: What is your name?
Me: Uh….oh! *cue all of us suddenly remembering the name generator exists and rolling 3d20* Oh…oh my.
Player 1 (ooc): What is it?
Player 2 (ooc): Is it terrible?
Me: …Degranett
Player 1 (ooc): You ruined my joke! I was going to say “‘The Rock’ Johnson” after whatever you said!
Player 3 (ooc): I can’t wait to meet his less popular cousin, De Asphalt.
Me (ooc): That’s it, its official. That’s how the whole race gets named from now on.

Getting Away With Kidnapping

Context: So after a lengthy discussion, our DM ruled that if a target is charmed, and the charmed effect is ended via the charmed target being attacked, that as long as an Enchantment Wizard was the one who charmed the target, the Enchantment Wizard can include the target forgetting who just attacked them when they use Alter Memories.

Bard: *fails Persuasion check*

Paladin: *fails Intimidate check*

NPC: No! I’m not guiding you all anywhere, and that’s final!

Party (OOC): Well shit. What do we do now?

Wizard (OOC): Guys, I have a plan. Just follow my lead. I cast Charm Person

NPC: Proceeds to guide party where they need to go while charmed.

Party: Proceeds to kill bandits they were after.

Wizard (OOC): Alright guys. Here’s part two of my plan. I whap the NPC with my quarterstaff.

DM: You have successfully whapped the NPC. Your Charm Person ends

Wizard (OOC): So how long has he been with us?

DM: Including when you first found him in town, up till now… 3 hours.

Wizard (OOC): Awesome! I use Alter Memories to make him forget the past 3 hours, including me just whapping him in the head.

DM: And he fails his save. Alright, you all now have a very confused NPC in front of you who doesn’t know who you are, where he is, or why his head hurts. What do you do?

Wizard: Excuse me sir. Are you alright?

Bard: (28 Deception) It seems these men kidnapped you. Looks like you took a pretty good blow to the head. Do you remember anything?

NPC: By the gods! Oh no! These men where my business partners! How did this happen? Why would they do this to me? Thank you so much for saving me!

I think FR’s current problem is the lack of substantial content updates.

You can give us more genes, more familiars, more items to collect but nothing substantial is added to gameplay.

I hate to make the Neopets comparison, but since that site is what birthed this genre I feel it’s not completely unwarranted.

The world of Neopia, regardless of the state that the site is in currently, was really developed. The different regions all had very defined personalities with NPCs who held down their own jobs and helped flesh out the world.
The closest thing we have to that are the Trading Post dragons.

There are/were many different site events with plot and characters with great rewards for participation.
We have monthly copy-paste festivals that have not had any intrinsic changes since 2013.

On top of that, Neopets has a million and one activities you have contests, quests, the employment agency, gambling of many different shades and stocks.
On FR…we have the coli (which doesn’t limit daily drops like NP), we have Baldwin and Swipp…and that’s just about it? (I wouldn’t bring up the fairgrounds because NP has a much larger backlog of games).

I don’t want Flight Rising to just be Neopets with a fresh coat of 2010s paint. I want FR to have its own voice and direction and to build far beyond it’s ancestor.

I don’t expect a four year old game to have the amount of content an eighteen year old one does, but what I’ve seen so far is more of the same and very little effort to expand the world.
I appreciate the freedom on FR’s forums that allow users to make up for a lot of this content…but it should be supplemental, not a substantial part of the game.

When a new festival rolls around, there’s always some mild excitement over what new items will be released, but I feel that the community gets far more excited about big dom battles, or more namely, the user-run events that go with them.

I write out this long post because I know FR can do better, and I REALLY want to see it flourish. I’ve stuck around for three years and I hope to play for much longer.
I keep hoping that once the rewrite is finished, they’ll be able to start working on these sorts of things. But as more and more time passes, I’m losing hope :(


Last game was a very touchy-feely one for Galerna, which was kinda bad news for her since it’s NOT her thing at all….it made for some awkward and funny moments :3

(FYI, this was a one-session side game without Wiven, and the girl in the first two drawings is an NPC wild elf ranger who joined us during that session).

That said, the one time Gal was OK with physical contact was when Rhos hugged her gently towards the end of the session (after some pretty emotional stuff I’m not going to spoil here).  Rhos has hugged her many times, but this was the first time she actually hugged back.

- @adriana-likes-tea


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

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Omg omg same! Im sadly bad at drawing so I cant exactly make a blog for that. But literally that was my entire thought process through the movie. It gave me such amazing boyf riends vibes and in general the friendship aspect that I fell in love with the movie more than I usually do! I get completely what you mean with all that haha -spiderman ask anon

((I would totally make a blog if I had more time but I don’t lol so;;

I’m glad we feel the same way omg…and to be honest I was sitting there like “They’re so cute I love them do I ship them? I think I just might, Ned and his superhero boyfriend”

Honestly I liked Liz but like? She was so…boring? Like she didn’t really have that much of a character to her, she didn’t have a lot of character depth or backstory–I mean they provided that whole spiel with her dad and stuff and she’s obviously smart but. I just remember Gwen from the last Spider-Man movie franchise and she was much more dynamic and actually useful to Peter she helped him a lot? Idk I found Liz boring and while I liked that they gave Peter a POC love interest I just. //shrugs So honestly I probably like Ned and Peter more, even as a platonic friendship, Ned was a much more interesting character than Liz and he made me laugh so much. He’s a good boy

And yeah!! That friendship dynamic is my favorite thing ever, and just the fact that Peter and Ned are always sorta looking out for each other was really great :’) ))

Anon: HECK DUDE I LOVE SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING i would b over the moon if u drew an au for bmc :’)))

((YEAH SAME!! I watched it for the first time today and I really enjoyed it and heck I love Peter’s relationship with Tony, and how Tony sort of becomes his dad it’s so cute how much Tony cares and he’s just like “God I sound like my father” njdnfjdg I sorta wanted him to swoop in and save Peter after he got trapped under that pile of building debris and rubble and them have a father son moment but oh well they had a pretty good one at the end


While I may not have time to do an AU ask blog for it I could definitely do some AU doodles!! Jer and Michael working on cracking the code of that mysterious purple glowy thing, Michael in the Spider-Man mask, just them in general being dorks…♥))