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I made a thing because @elidoo gave me the idea and others people might find it useful too :> 

Relationship chart for Vaxus. I used gradient (thanks to @chaitea09 for that) presenting how feelings changed during the game. So for example Vax quickly became friends with Dorian and then he well in love. Meanwhile hardened Leliana always gave him a bad feeling. 

If you want to use it here is the template | transparent background | PS file

update: avaiable charts with extra npcs: samson (tb) | calpernia (tb) | abelas (tb) | krem (tb) | rylen (tb) | harding (tb)


(vax icon by ufficiosulretro)

ASK THE MAYOR ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

1.  your town name?
2. your town fruit?
3. favourite villager?
4. least favourite villager?
5. favourite personality?
6. least favourite personality?
7. favourite npc character?
8. least favourite npc character?
9. favourite pwp?
10. least favourite pwp?
11. Favourite furniture series?
12. least favourite furniture series?
13. favourite animal species?
14. least favourite animal species?
15. Are your satisfied with your town?
16. Do you have more than 1 character?
17. What does your mayor look like?
18. What theme is your town?
19. What’s your town tune?
20. What does your town flag looks like?
21. Favourite flowers?
22. Favourite K.K. slider song?
23. What’s your favourite animal crossing game?
24. Which song do you like best of the soundtrack?

@princestarlord TUMBLR IS REALLY DROPPIN THE BALL W/ NOTIFICATIONS i didnt see this til now!

i mean i get, i can get WHY taako did what he did, but also, like…if they had just Hit Trust things would hav been So Okay for everyone! please!

sterling makes me especially sad b/c when griffin tells us about sterling having aged a lot he says he’s “not the baby man he was before” which, like, really implies to me he was very very young. i think early 20′s, maybe like. 18-19 at the very youngest. he’s not a KID but, idk, there’s something really sad and scary about someone so young and inexperienced being put thru shit like that

They wouldn’t dare tread this far if it was their old self. Their fresher, shivering past version of themself would have balked at the thought. “No way,” Casey imagines a younger reflection saying, shaking their head with a laugh. In this image, their hair is still down to the middle of their back. “No way am I going to the Clay Quarters!

Times and needs change.

It’s days of difficult tracking and playing chase. Hours spent avoiding other Clay Men–Jasper and Frank, their ever-familiar rumble, keeping Casey on their toes… Another day further of backtracking with a sack of provisions. The cavern they’re finally seeking out is in view, but someone has been here first. Bits of the Mute’s life are still left behind, clinging into the clay and scattered over the floor. Casey is struck silent by the sight, realizing just how late they are to the discovery; their surprise is punctuated by their bag dropping to the floor.

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I’m in Bloodborne hell.

headcanon 002 || Head Paladin

Name: Isaiah Reyes
Rank: Paladin Lord ( fo3 ), Head Paladin ( fo4 )
Registration: RY-001HP
Age || DOB: 40 ( fo3 ), 50 ( fo4 ) ||  December 2237
Height || Weight: 6′4′’ || 250 lbs
Gender: Male
Related material: this drabble.

Isaiah Reyes, much like many in the past before they began to take in Wastelanders, was born within the Brotherhood in the Lost Hills Bunker of the New California Republic to a mother and father who served the faction until their deaths. During their time alive, they instilled within Isaiah a sense of duty and purpose to the Brotherhood of Steel. His mother did not die until he was sixteen, then his father when he was merely seventeen, but by then he was already a Senior Knight that held promise to be a Paladin. Their deaths were just a small blotch in his mind due to the fact that they died serving the Brotherhood. There was no better death than that. Thus, it spurred on the man to fully rise up in the ranks in order to surpass his parents who were a Paladin and Scribe respectively. In a way, he did just that in various battles against the New California Republic, Super Mutants, and Raiders where each new success just added to his rank until he became a Star Paladin. 

In 2254, Isaiah made the conscious decision in going with Owyn Lyons and his group to the East Coast so that they can reestablish the Brotherhood of Steel there. The journey was long and rather arduous, but he made it only to be pushed into yet another battle. This time, it was to clean out the capital that was riddled with Super Mutants and the like. Hard won, but worth it because Isaiah came out of it with Elder Lyons bestowing the rank of Paladin Lord upon him once the Brotherhood finally set up within the Citadel itself. A new rank, but one he found to be a perfect fit. Here, he was close with the Head Paladin, taking on as many tasks as he could and never questioning the merit. In his mind he was one step closer to being Head Paladin himself, and he was not wrong. 

It was not until after the battle against the Enclave did that certain position open up with the death of the Head Paladin. Needing a replacement, they looked towards Isaiah to fill in the spot due to his work in the past. A right choice, and one that he took up without hesitation which finally allowed him to achieve his goal. Satisfied with his position, he will not let anyone else take it from him. 

Now, it is not until Elder Lyons and his daughter, Sarah, die does Isaiah’s story finally intertwine with that of Arthur Maxson. The kid, only twelve at the time and newly inducted into the rank of Knight despite some protest from others saying he is too young, still needed a sponsor. That was when Isaiah took up that position with only one thought in his mind: he will teach this child, no matter the age, to be a man in order to prove anyone who finds this given rank to be false. Some, to this day, still believe that Arthur would not have gone through the ranks as fast as he did without Isaiah there to support him. He was the push the kid needed in order to finally become the Elder of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel at the very age of sixteen, making history with each step he took. 

Tough love was a good term to use when it came to his teaching method with Arthur. Some days reducing the child to tears, he managed to drill into him just what exactly he needed to know in order to succeed. Holding a knowledge of the base and those within it is all well and good, but Arthur also needed to know those outside of the Citadel, especially his enemies. Isaiah was strict and his rulings were often almost dictatorial in nature, but a clear success was brought out of it. Arthur improved in combat, in strategies, and within his studies. Once the boy became Elder, he gave most of his gratitude towards Isaiah, who could not have been anymore prouder as if Arthur was his own son.

Stationed at the Citadel during the events of Fallout 4, he is waiting for good news upon Arthur’s return from the Commonwealth. 

;; I don’t think anyone should worry about the ‘canon’ number about certain classes and races and such.

That’s the lore of the world when presented in something like a canonical lore vacuum i.e. here is the world in which your PC is the only WoL, and therefore it is canon that only ten dragoons remain in active service as of 3.x patch content, only a certain number of Mi’qote in the world, etc. in that canonical lore vacuum.

You’re not breaking canon by playing whatever class you want on whatever race you want. This is more a book, from what I have gone through so far, meant for establishing/elaborating personalities for certain NPCs, providing information and tidbits about places and city-states, and expanding on lots of things we already know as well as giving us new content.

The lore book has also been used to correct some NA localization errors from earlier content, so yes, there will be contradictions compared to information we got previously. Keep in mind it’s also the first version of the lore book, and that Japan and Europe will also be getting their own versions – things that were wrong grammar-wise in the book were already confirmed to be tweaked for the Japanese version, so I would not be surprised if there are further tweaks as well.

So don’t freak out! ; v ; Play that dragoon! Have 70 of them! Be a male Mi’qote! You aren’t going against canon. This lore book’s ‘canon’ content is more meant to be applied when there is a single Player Character existing in the vacuum of the in-game story, not to limit your imagination and creativity in roleplay and socialization with other players and characters. Roleplay and playing in-game does not honor that ‘single Player Character existing in the vacuum of the in-game story,’ so don’t feel stressed about thinking you have to adhere to strict numbers of classes/race members/etc. when you’re playing. 

It’s meant to be fun, and this is a supplementary materials guide, not a lore Bible that’ll catch you on fire if you don’t follow it to the letter.