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Getting Away With Kidnapping

Context: So after a lengthy discussion, our DM ruled that if a target is charmed, and the charmed effect is ended via the charmed target being attacked, that as long as an Enchantment Wizard was the one who charmed the target, the Enchantment Wizard can include the target forgetting who just attacked them when they use Alter Memories.

Bard: *fails Persuasion check*

Paladin: *fails Intimidate check*

NPC: No! I’m not guiding you all anywhere, and that’s final!

Party (OOC): Well shit. What do we do now?

Wizard (OOC): Guys, I have a plan. Just follow my lead. I cast Charm Person

NPC: Proceeds to guide party where they need to go while charmed.

Party: Proceeds to kill bandits they were after.

Wizard (OOC): Alright guys. Here’s part two of my plan. I whap the NPC with my quarterstaff.

DM: You have successfully whapped the NPC. Your Charm Person ends

Wizard (OOC): So how long has he been with us?

DM: Including when you first found him in town, up till now… 3 hours.

Wizard (OOC): Awesome! I use Alter Memories to make him forget the past 3 hours, including me just whapping him in the head.

DM: And he fails his save. Alright, you all now have a very confused NPC in front of you who doesn’t know who you are, where he is, or why his head hurts. What do you do?

Wizard: Excuse me sir. Are you alright?

Bard: (28 Deception) It seems these men kidnapped you. Looks like you took a pretty good blow to the head. Do you remember anything?

NPC: By the gods! Oh no! These men where my business partners! How did this happen? Why would they do this to me? Thank you so much for saving me!

I made a thing because @elidoo gave me the idea and others people might find it useful too :> 

Relationship chart for Vaxus. I used gradient (thanks to @chaitea09 for that) presenting how feelings changed during the game. So for example Vax quickly became friends with Dorian and then he well in love. Meanwhile hardened Leliana always gave him a bad feeling. 

If you want to use it here is the template | transparent background | PS file

update: avaiable charts with extra npcs: samson (tb) | calpernia (tb) | abelas (tb) | krem (tb) | rylen (tb) | harding (tb)


(vax icon by ufficiosulretro)

With all the activities going on through out the day, Myrddin was finding more and more time to spend musing on his studies or stealing glances at his notes between sessions. Of course he wanted to support his fellow professors in their endeavors, but as far as many of the lectures went, he had decided to leave most of them to the younger professors. The ones who had been active for more years than he had. That didn’t mean, however, that he was exempt from policing the rest of the week and attempting to break up petty squabbles. 

Every few hours there was at least one fight that broke out that had to be separated. Thankfully, Clyde didn’t make them sit down and talk it out, but instead assigned professors to speak with the students aside, individually, and help resolve the issue. Myrddin happened to get the most recent one.

“Now… Care to tell me what the problem was?”

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as a clear expert of the mass effect line, what are your thoughts on andromeda?

Garbage I still want to buy because I am also garbage.

Gilbert’s story is…really sad. Everything in Bloodborne pretty much is, but Gilbert’s side story really struck a chord with me, even more than Gascoigne.
I think it’s because of his kindness towards the player…but I think it’s even more that outside his window is the the first safe place you find and he seems to be the only one in Yharnam that can relate to the character in some way. Just like the player, he comes from a faraway land in search of a cure for his affliction.
I felt safe outside his window.
When I first started the game, I was new to the Souls series (people actually tried to persuade me to not play it because they thought I would never beat it and just rage quit all the time). The environment of Central Yharnam was stifling, teeming with horrible secrets, and danger around every corner. I was freaked out those first several hours of gameplay. Everything was terrifying. I didn’t want to give up, but at the same time I did. I thought I would never be skilled enough to get through it.
But, then I’d go back to Gilbert’s window, the only place in Yharnam where I ever felt truly safe. I’d gather my thoughts and keep going. I wonder if I’m the only way who feels that way?

I’m rambling…anyway, I wanted to draw him in his three stages I guess. Healthy/normal is in the center, how he would appear when first encountering him in-game is on the left, and finally his beast self is on the right.

It makes my heart hurt. He knew he was going to die and he accepted that. His only wish was to die a human. Instead, he dies by the player’s hands as a beast. When I realized that the beast patient I killed outside his house was him, not gonna lie, I was really choked up and angry at myself for killing him. This game does things to you man. It’s the best game I’ve ever played, and I may not have progressed far at all (if at all) if it weren’t for Gilbert.