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What if Someone doesn’t have Retrograde Planets

If someone is born with all planets direct, which means, no retrogrades planets, which is relatively rare, you’re generally a consistent, direct, and persistent person, unlike how other people may delay taking action on something, wait to tell someone how they feel, be conflict avoidant, hesitant, etc. Those with all planets direct in their natal chart charge forward without hesitation, they have less inhibitions, they’re not so introspective, tend to take things at surface value, they don’t spend as much time reflecting on their life, but they have the power to be unstoppable with their goals!

Of course there are often contradicting traits in one’s natal chart, as having planets in the 8th house or 12th house could make a person deep or hesitant.

✨✨✨astrology readings✨✨✨

I’m trying to save up a little extra money and expand my practice, so for a limited time I’m offering astrology readings and natal chart analysis!!

Prices are as follows:

☀️Personality Profile☀️

This report combines your sun, moon, and rising sign in order to paint a portrait of your basic temperament and personality, your strengths and weaknesses, and how to feel most fulfilled in your self-expression!

* $5 for 1 page analysis
* $10 for 3 page analysis

💫 Natal Chart Analysis 💫

This report encompasses the entirety of your life! It describes your personality, a lot of the experiences of your life, and your general path in life. My analysis emphasizes on how to best fit into yourself and unlock any hard aspects or configurations in your chart, but the emphasis can be adjusted per person! For example, if you want me to focus on how you can be successful in love or at work, mention that to me!

* $50 for entire chart OR
* $5 for 1 page analysis of natal house of your choice*
* $10 for 3 page analysis of natal house of your choice
* $5 for 1 page analysis of natal planet of your choice**
* $10 for 3 page analysis of natal planet of your choice

🌟Transit Analysis🌟

This report predicts what is going on in your life right now or during dates of your choice! Oftentimes, a specific event or theme can be detailed! Like the previous report, it’s good to let me know if you’re looking for something specific, such as how your finances are going to be!

* $5 for each week of transit analysis
* $10 for return chart of your choice
* $10 for annual secondary progression
* $10 for annual solar arc progression
* $10 for new/full moon analysis

Just send me a message if you’re interested! I primarily take payments through PayPal but am open to other methods!

*Here is a list of general house rulership, if you’re choosing a one-house reading:
✨1st: personality, appearance, self-expression
✨2nd: money, self-confidence, security
✨3rd: communication, learning style, environment
✨4th: home, your inner space, where you’re comfortable
✨5th: romance, fun, children
✨6th: work, habits, pets
✨7th: relationships (romantic or not), marriage, enemies
✨8th: taboo topics (death, sex, magic, etc.), loans/debt, other people’s money
✨9th: higher education, travel, philosophy
✨10th: career, calling in life, social standing
✨11th: friend groups, social activities and causes, dreams
✨12th: unconscious mind, secrets, psychic powers

**Here is a general list of planet rulership, if you’re choosing one-planet readings:
✨sun: ego, self, energy
✨ moon: emotions, personal needs, reactions
✨mercury: mind, communication, learning style
✨venus: love, money, comfort
✨mars: passion, energy, ambition
✨jupiter: luck, expansion, beliefs
✨saturn: responsibility, cautiousness, authority
✨uranus: independence, impulsivity, intellectual creativity
✨neptune: soft spots, aimlessness, art
✨pluto: transformation, intense emotions, control
✨chiron: wounded area, how to heal self and others
✨true node: area of deficit, where your personality needs to develop, soul path