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Baby Witch Tips

I’ve seen some posts on tips for beginner or baby witches, so I thought I’d add some too! 

  • Take all tips with a grain of salt, even the one’s in this post. No one can tell you how to practice your craft or what you “have to do” in order to become a witch, it’s all up to you. 
  • While some witches have chosen their path, do not feel obligated to. Choosing a path can take weeks up to years, heck I even know some witches who haven’t chosen one after practicing the craft for years, it may take time and that’s okay, you don’t have to pick one.
  • You may call yourself a witch whenever you feel ready to. Do not let anyone else tell you that you must have “x” amount of experience before you can use the title, because it simply is not true.
  • Practice! Make sure you don’t solely research. A common misconception is that you have to research and fully understand everything before you can start practicing witchcraft which is NOT TRUE! A large portion of understanding comes from practicing, so just try some stuff out! However, you should still be careful and take necessary precautions.
  • If you don’t understand something research it! A good way to gain understanding is to research. However, extensive research is not fundamental prior to starting.
  • Starting off small often helps. Don’t try to take on a task that seems too daunting for you and make sure to take breaks often! Witchcraft can be draining, taking care of your physical and mental health come first.
  • Just remember why you’re practicing in the first place and use that reasoning to better and strengthen your craft! No matter the intent of your spell or curse or whatever you may be doing, being focused and positive will help you in the long run.
  • Lastly, have fun! This may seem silly, but witchcraft is as serious as you want it to be. Of course, you should be careful not to place a curse you aren’t ready to place or to cast a spell that is very advanced for your level, but witchcraft can be whatever you make of it. 

And when I say “literal soulmates” I mean they are bound together by a 100 percent canon mental and emotional link. I literally mean “literal.” Literal…. Soul. Mates.

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jfc i really wish there was a way to search within the instant chat feature. like search for keywords throughout your entire chat history. cuz i know i brainstormed a fic idea with a friend but i don’t remember WHEN and i can’t just scroll back for months hoping i’ll run across it, we talk way too much for that to be feasible, so all that planning is just lost forever.

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… how are they jumping up like that?

it’s a mystery.

or it’s a bone-based op seesaw situation probably

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Your blog is like that one friend who throws kit kats at people's head which is to say Great and I Have A Dependency On It

this is such a specific metaphor i love it

  • *lance voice* “you guys should build the mice a mouse voltron. like a little voltron action figure that could kick your ass. that’d be so cute”
  • how betrayed do you think coran was when red chose lance
    • i mean! he’s proud! of course he is!
    • but like… lance didn’t even have a cape on >:///
  • allura, after meeting the paladins: “are we… friends now?” shiro: “if we say yes will you let us live” allura: “ha! good one new best friend”
  • pidge is currently wondering if green is mad that she’s a dog person
  • hunk toggles between “hype man” and “most embarrassing best friend possible”
    • hunk: [supports lance no matter how bad the comeback]
    • also hunk: “oh is this about your handcuff thing-” “I DON’T HAVE A HANDCUFF THING”
  • hunk: “i dunno about this man. jumping out of planes is dangerous. they say one in five people don’t even make it to the ground.” keith: “??? what do you mean they don’t make it to the ground??? where do they go???”