personal markers


“…don’t ever change.”
“I don’t exist…in anyone’s heart.”
“…what would it take for me to be like you?”

Loved, but lonely on an island in the sea.

Signs as Teachers

Aries: Passionate teacher whose eyes light up when people answer questions and start debates. Grades papers in so much detail it’s annoying. Assigns “going outside” as homework. Absolutely loves Kahoot quizzes.

Taurus: Procrastinates on marking papers, and when a student doodles on the worksheet, they complete the doodle. Rewards students with chocolate every time they get a question right.

Gemini: Students always look forward to their entertaining lessons. Lethal levels of sass and always has cool stories to share. Super neat handwriting and always carries around their personal whiteboard marker collection.

Cancer: Soft-spoken teacher who often gets drowned out by the class. Can be super strict and fierce when pissed off. Cute handwriting and draws smiley faces on every worksheet.

Leo: Loud and intimidating. Their powerpoint slides are always aesthetically-pleasing with great font choices. Has the best studying strategies.

Virgo: Strict when marking papers, examines each paper down the very last detail. Hates students with illegible handwriting, but their lessons are very enriching. Always on time to class, and always dismisses students exactly on time.

Libra: Fashionable teacher who has a different outfit every single day. Treats the students like friends, and very very approachable. Often discusses problems with students over a cup of coffee, their treat.

Scorpio: Their handwriting is absolute chicken scratch. Loves marking in green ink for no apparent reason. Very supportive and often comes up with weird-ass lesson plans.

Sagittarius: The teacher who doesn’t bother with lesson plans. Spontaneously shows videos completely unrelated to the class at hand. Often dismisses the students early.

Capricorn: Marks every paper on time, and their handwriting varies everytime. Ships students and bases their seating plans off their ships.

Aquarius: The teacher who often forgets important stuff, but remembers random facts slightly related to the lesson. Doesn’t bother to bring stationery at all, and their laptop is almost always at 10% battery.

Pisces: Shady teacher who students don’t know a single thing about. Wears either an all-pastel outfit or a totally black outfit. Has cool stationery that they often lend to students.

Some Guzma fast drawings

(In the Spanish version of the game, we have “Skittolate” instead of “Tapu Cocoa” and feel like it makes him x1000 cuter (?))

Be a Planner - How to Plan

I like to talk about a lot of different things on my blog - law school, study tips, notes, books, coffee, and rants.

BUT - one of my favorite things to talk about is planning. 

I think planning is one of the best ways to keep control of your day and other things going on in life. If you’re like me, which I imagine a lot of you are in the studyblr community, then you may benefit from planning too. It’s fun, creative, and functional.

There are several ways to plan - in an app, electornic calendar, or by hand in bullet journals, planners, or notebooks. 

I’ve done most of these, but my favorite is by hand in a planner. I use an Erin Condren planner, and I love it. I think they are great quality and very beautiful.Not to mention, they are pretty customizable. Anything you could want about it is on their website.

How do I use it?

I use an academic hourly planner. I prefer the hourly because a lot of times, I have time specific events or plans. This makes it much easier for me. I fill those into my planner first, including classes and assignments under the class. Afterwards, I fill in my to-do lists usually in the morning or evening. There are tasks to be done in those open windows of time without being too specific. 

On the side bar, I put weekly to-dos. Usually those are not super time sensitive, so I can plug them into a day where I see fit. I use a few stickers from Erin Condren and Krissy Ann designs for bigger events, but other than that all I like to use if pen and maybe a colored midliner or staedlter pen for blocking off time or just adding a bit of color. 

I like things minimal and organized in my planner. Hopefully this gives you a few tips if you want to start planning or are looking to change it up!