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What's Your Way Of Progression For Character Creation?

Well, I don’t play much, but when I get my Players to Create their Characters…

I do a Step-By-Step Progress like this:

1. Concept

2. Class

3. Race

4. Alignment

5. Backstory

6. Ability Scores

7. Extras & Fun Stuff

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i need kylux hanahaki disease au where they’re both being affected by the disease because they both believe their love is unrequited when in reality if they’d just talk to each other they’d see it wasn’t

but I need Hux standing on the bridge overseeing everything when he feels a tickle at the back of his throat he tries to clear it subtly but that doesnt work so he brings a hand up and coughs lightly but when he looks down there’s a single blood red poppy petal in his hand

Hux collects and saves every petal he coughs up

Hux is very good at keeping the disease in check while out on the bridge and in the hallways no one knows at all that he is being plagued by the sickness but when he gets back to his rooms at the end of his shifts he’s all but swimming in the flowers that he had held back all day

Kylo finds out he has it when he clears his throat one day and can taste something on his tongue not wanting to swallow it back down he heads somewhere private where he can remove his mask and pulls out a bright orange gerbera daisy petal from his mouth

Kylo lacks Hux’s control and will cough while out in ‘public’ but the combination of his mask and shawl confines the petals inside his face plate to which he must repeatedly remove his mask to dispose of them (in his private rooms, or in some cases into a trash receptacle in an empty hallway)

somehow i need this to have happy ending but i crave all the tension in the middle and all the flowers being coughed up ugh please

Since school isn’t going to be a thing this fall I am planning on doing some shopping tonight for some things I have avoided buying for myself due to the need to save and be frugal. New sheets and pillowcases. A couple of books I have been wanting for awhile. Brushpens and a sketch book since I just discovered that our local Joanne’s has brushpens. I’m not going to let myself go crazy, but it’ll be nice to treat myself again.

hi um a little help


i’m looking at onceler art?? and a lot of it?? isn’t bad???? uhh

so i guess what i’m asking is how can i make myself utterly disgusted with these people’s innocent passtime so i can fit in with you boys?

KYLE: Hey, what’s this?
STAN: Oh, that’s Tumblr’s solution to replies, I think.
STAN: It’s like an instant messaging thing.
KYLE: Well, that’s going to make things more convenient.
KYLE: Now you have a window to tell strangers about our sex life without me knowing.
STAN: Oh my God. Kyle, I said I was sorry!
KYLE: I know you did.
KYLE: But if anyone wants to send us a non-sexual or invasive IM, you’re welcome to.
KYLE: I just wouldn’t expect an immediate response.

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anonymous asked:

Okay, since you wanted to talk about Teen Titans, who's your favorite?

Oh god thats a hard one, this is probably about the original cartoon so i’ll only stick with the characters that appeared in that.

Raven is my all time favorite!! Honestly i loved her backstory, powers, character development, and general personality. I actually relate to her more now then when i was a kid

Favorite guy would be obviously beast boy. Though im pretty sure i wanted to hit him in the head as a kid his personality and the ability to shape shift into animals has won me over

For honorary titans:
Terra was the closest character i really liked next to raven. The emotional roller coaster that she has given the titans, esp raven and beast boy was like a smack in the face when watching as a kid. She definitely deserved a better ending, (and no i will not accept the comic ending) i could literally go on and write a whole meta about it fbdjdk

Kidflash and speedy were also really interesting characters, too bad they weren’t recurred much (they could’ve done more with their relationship with robin)

Jinx if isnt obvious is favorite former villian turned titan

If Lincoln dies: he is a moc and people relate to that.
If Raven dies: she is a woc and people relate to that.
If Jasper dies: he has mental issues and people relate to that.
If Bellamy dies: he is a moc and people relate to that.
If Miller dies: he’s lgbtq and people relate to that.
If Murphy dies: he’s been though physical trauma and also has become a better person in general and people relate to that.
If Clarke dies: she’s lgbtq and people relate to that.
If Monty dies: he’s a peacekeeper surrounded by war and people relate to that.
If Octavia dies: she is a strong independent role model and people look up to her.
If Indra dies: she is a strong independent role model and people look up to her.
If Kane dies: he is a moc leader and people look up to him.
If Abby dies: she wants to help no matter what and people look up to her.

We all relate to different characters.
We all look up to different characters.
If one dies, please remember that there are people out there that truly care about them. Don’t make this harder on fellow fans.

racnel  asked:

You said that Asgore's greatest flaw is cowardice and greatest trait is kindness,does this mean that in your cannon the souls have a flaw as well as a trait or it was just commenting about his personality in general with no relation to soul traits like determination?

Well in my canon, souls have different amounts of certain traits. The trait they have the most of can be considdered their Virtue. The thing they lack most would be their Flaw.