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Harry Potter vs Ao3 tags  Part 5/??

Some Gladio headcanons bc omg I just realized I haven’t done him yet:

- Horrible allergies

- Asthma

- Prompto swears you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this tree of a man breathlessly pull out an inhaler

- A playboy! Doesn’t matter if a person is a boy, a girl, or anything else. He’s just really into a pretty face and a great personality

- No gag reflex

- Once swallowed a peeled banana whole trying to prove this fact. Prompto was horrified. Ignis was impressed

- Will throw Noctis if he’s annoying him. He always makes sure he’ll land on a bed or something, though

- Gives Prompto piggy back rides when his feet start to hurt

- Very soft. Enjoys hoodies and sweatpants. Has about 30 different beanies

- “Gladio that’s just excessive, who needs that many hats?”

- Thinks grocery shopping is the ultimate form of bonding

- Likes to read out loud sometimes

- Ignis likes to listen most because he always does the voices of the characters, and it makes him smile when Gladio uses a falsetto

- Can take a beating, but if he gets stung by a bee he’s very dramatic

- “I’m gonna die… Tell Iris I love her…”

- “Gladio you aren’t even bleeding.”