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✖ - Your perfect girl/boy

Ra, this is embarrassing lol but…

 I want my perfect person to be someone witty;  someone who I can exchange opinions and debate/argue with regarding different subjects (politics, history, art etc..) but doesn’t end up in a fight. I dunno but there’s this spark of passion and tension at the same time when you delve into these debates and it feels… good tbh lmao.  

I want them to also value loyalty, their principles and honor in a way.. I mean, Loyalty is the most important value for me. They can do whatever they want as long they’re faithful and they stick with me through thick and thin.

Also…they gotta be taller than me (I think I’ve said this before) and warm so I can hug them since I get cold easily. :)


I was tagged by @bsidez in what I assume was a selfie meme so here is some pictures of me (with guest appearances from my grandma, my ANGEL DOG mocha who has done nothing wrong and my lovely wife @infinitio-divum )

tried to post some more recent stuff, BUT IT’S HARD BECAUSE I HATE SELFIES BECAUSE MY FACE IS A THING.

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“And some days, when the flowers do not have color, and my throat closes up and the thorns appear on the palms of my hands and I refuse to touch you in fear of hurting you too, you are always there to hold my hands gently, sitting me down and patiently picking them out one by one, speaking quiet reassurances until my hands are free of blood”.

-AMF 8.28.16, an excerpt of a piece I’m working on


Tekkonkinkreet (2006) - dir. Maikeru Ariasu

The screencaps above don’t really let you in on just how intense this film is going to be. Studio 4°C’s animation is the best you’ll ever see. And I mean the best. The story follows two orphans named Black and White who form a street gang against other orphans and gangs alike. Throw in some police officers (some of whom are crooked), the Yakuza, a new crime figure named Snake, and some mystical beast named simply the Minotaur and the whole film spirals out of hand pretty quickly.

Clearly adapted from a much longer manga, Tekkonkinkreet never really bothers to slow down, Ariasu never stops long enough to let you catch up and the film may not make the most sense that first time through - but oh lord is the journey back into Treasure Town ever worth it.

In my opinion - Tekkonkinkreet is the most underrated film out there.



Endless List of Favorite Characters - Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect

↳  Physically, I’m superior in many ways. I heal quickly and I’ll likely live half again as long as the average human. My biotic abilities are also very advanced, for a human. Add to that some of the best training and education money can buy and, well, it’s pretty impressive really.”


I don’t know if this fan is on tumblr but if you are, let me just say you have my highest respect for getting Patrick to take a dorky picture with you, and then making him hold that dorky picture while he takes a dorkier picture with  you, and then making him hold the dorkier picture while you take yet another dorkier picture with him. I only have these two but I like to imagine it continued. I’d really like to open the m&g account one day and see Patrick holding a picture of himself holding the picture of himself holding the picture…