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151222~ [TRANS/Yoongi]         Q: What is your favorite pose at home?                                                   A: (the ones with a ✓ )


SHINee in Dallas Fanmeeting - Fanaccount

- they performed everybody, hello, sherlock,lucifer, view, replay
- key likes watching reaction videos and apparently taemin does as well??
- Minho kept making cute little english comments
- onew wants to play your bf as his next acting role
- fav part of visiting fans in the state : meeting all his fans (Minho)
- what is something that inspired your fashion : im just trying to show my identity in my style (key)
- next aspiration : try to find my own sound, my own identity, his own solo concert in the world (Tae)
- which is your fav song ever written : Odd Eye (Jjong) inspired by his members
- where do you see yourself in 10 years? Jjong : I’m sure we’ll be working really hard in our own fields, at that point Onew & Minho will have lots of movies and Taemin, in 10 years will have his own label
- Key says “YOU WANNA SEE EACH MEMBERS’S AEYGO” (to decide the order of the teams for charades) Tae tries to kill him, Key threats Tae go to first,Tae says “I’m sorry key”
- team onew wins charades!!
- there was a surprise event for taemin’s birthday and he was obviously very surprised and touched and Key asked when his birthday was LOL


[FANACCOUNT] 140523 EXO First Concert: The Lost Planet

it was.. i don’t know where i should start because it was a really looooong wait. i didn’t get the ticket through gmarket so my last hope was to queue at the venue. it was so hectic. i got number 816. hahaha yes you read it right. 816. i’m gonna skip this part because i feel exhausted just remembering it hahahaha -_-
my seat was in front of the hydraulic stage at the left stage. the seat was totally worth it because i got to see jongin and chanyeol and kyungsoo dancing in front of me. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. AMEN.

  • during 너의 세상으로 the added stage on each sides has this flying thing for the member to ride on. guess which member standing at our side? YES YES DO KYUNGSOO. i almost pulled my hair out of the socket hahahahaha. and then this squishy was flying and waving to the fans happily. when he got back and got off from the ride he was smiling and waving to the fans near him. so adorable ;A;
  • when all the members were on the stage during XOXO, there’s this part when kyungsoo was dancing in front of chanyeol. chanyeol smacked kyungsoo on the butt. twice. TWICE. kyungsoo just gave chanyeol his usual ‘dude wtf are you doing. leave me alone’ look. kkkkk
  • saying that kim jongin is a good dancer is understatement. HE IS THE DEMI GOD. PREACH. plus he’s so freaking handsome with that killer smile and handsome face and he’s handsome oh so handsome period don’t touch me *digs a hole*
  • during My Lady all the M members were lying on the floor and dancing. there’s this part when they did hip thrust on the floor AND KIM FREAKING JONGDAE HAS RUINED MY LIFE. the vcr just had to show his face and his hip thrust twice. TWICE. I CAN SEE HIS FACE. that’s not so innocent Mr. Kim.
  • THUNDER. MY FAVORITE. because i just love the song and the choreography was SOOOO AWESOME *^* kyungsoo’s dance has improved a lot! he sways his hip his body here and there letting the beat flows inside his veins 죽을 뻔했어 ㅜㅜ
  • and also during Machine.. baekhyun and chanyeol was talking about baekhyun’s new car and suddenly jongin was there with a car looking-hot-as-fuck but then there’s this tiny guy wearing a hoodie and a cap coming to our side, HAHAHAHA YES DO FREAKING KYUNGSOO WAS DANCING IN FRONT OF OUR SIDE ME DURING MACHINE. how am i coping with my life. the new dancing machine is born *^*
  • they had a surprise birthday cake for suho. he was so shocked he cried ;A; we shouted '울지마 울지마’ but it made him cry harder ;A;
  • and during kyungsoo solo i was frozen in my seat. i was mesmerized. it was so beautiful i didn’t know what to do. got to see him singing live was like ;____________; 경수야 다시 만났으면 좋겠다 ㅜㅜ
My shinee fan-account in Chicago!!!

I was writing this during the concert ^^ and edited it after!!! Everything that’s written as quotes was English, I specified when it was not!

Taemin’s English!!
“I like drip drop more” “sexy boy” - Taemin
“My favourite actor is Brad Pitt” - Minho
(When it was his turn to be asked an individual question) “Wow what a surprise” sarcasm~~ -key
“Amazing skin” -Minho to key
“You know what Korean cosmetics we support right? Use that one” (the saem) - key also the MC said that the screen wasn’t HD but he made it look HD
“I saw tears in all the members eyes” - Jonghyun (Korean)
“that was only you” - key (English) “liar” - Jonghyun (English)
(They love the word liar…)
“I know I cry a lot but I didn’t cry that night” - key (English)
-argued and fought a lot in their dorm when they were in just one room. No personal space ‘do this do that, don’t do this, you’re phone alarms are always going off’ (translated by translator to English from Taemin’s Korean)

After the fan videos Jinki said in Korean “don’t worry about us, we’re doing alright”

“If you could have an English name?”
Jonghyun - fans said sexy (MC added sexee)
“Sexy key” -Minho (minkey!!!! *dies*)
Onew - already English (no it’s not.)
Taemin - Francesco
Minho - “brad” given by key..
Key - name is already English (lies)

Printer motion was funny from Taemin
2min distracting the fans from Key
“I like movie” “let’s go man” “on the clock” - Minho parroting always..
Jonghyun connect to key like how they have sex in “Avatar”…
Dino jjong for Jurassic park!!
“I’m your father” - low voice jjong
Onew and Minho lost because they had the lowest score so they had to do aegyo, and they had to act how they would be when their girlfriend was upset, and jinki did it alone, and then when Minho had to go he made jinki stay up with him, and he said “you’re my girlfriend” and apparently Minhos solution to his gf being upset is to be adorable and then make out with her..

Minho copy cat
- “Whose team”
- “Liar”
“You are very special to me” - Minho
Key was the last to leave “we’ll definitely come back”

Keys English is UN.REAL. HE IS FLUENT
Dubulge is real
Yaoi hands are real

160210 - EXO in Dallas

“We may not speak the same language, but music makes us ONE.” - Suho

“I’m talking about unnecessary things so we can stay with you all longer.” -Sehun

“Your voices really surprised me!” -D.O

“I could get through the pain because of you guys.” -Xiumin

“If you’re here with your dad, they must be pretty bored/very mad.” -Baekhyun

“I was also very surprised that you sang with us.” -Chen, he also started crying partway through Sing Your Song and missed a line

Kyungsoo was so happy to see all the fans, he kept coming down to the stage to lean towards those in the pit area

Sehun talked about Chris brown 😂 because he wanted it to last longer

Suho spoke the most English but it was silly and cute, Chanyeol also spoke in English often and Kyungsoo said he was hungry

They did the screen thing where they strip and they were so cute!

The stage was really pretty and magical when they performed Christmas Day

Baekhyun cracked a lot of jokes towards the end about the fans who came with their family and their parents were like “they all look the same!” “Who’s that? Which ones which?” He was really funny

Chen seemed really nervous and shocked by all of the fans

They took their time getting off stage, waving to us and saying how they’d see us again

They were touched when fans started chanting WE ARE ONE at the end of the last VCR

Cr: Shawoldubuleader

120810 - my Day. [Warning!] Contains a lot of emotional shit.

So yeah, how should I start…?
Actually I will tell you my whole day today.
Let’s start with this:
I didn’t sleep, because I came back very late from TS and wanted to go to Music Bank before 6 AM. So at 5 AM I walked to the bank and wanted to get money, because I didnt had money with me. I tried all my cards but I didnt got money at all, yeah… I went back to my Hostel and checked my bank account, okay no money there. I wanted to call my mum then, but haha it was like 2 AM in Germany and no chance… Time went by and it was almost 5:30 AM, I started to panic… At my Hostel there was no staff because it was so early so I needed to wait… I was totally frustrated, because no one came… At 8 AM finally there was someone and it was actually pretty embarrassing to ask the staff to lend me money, but gladly they did. So I took a cap and arrived at KBS around 9:30 AM. I ran to search B.A.P queue and let my name wrote down. I was actually pretty sure that B.A.P would come late today, but guess what… no. I went to the place where you wait when the stars arrive and met 2 friends. I asked them if B.A.P already came and they said yes at 8 AM. Next thing I got more depressed from.Gladly they took pictures so I could see what Jongupie was wearing… or well… I wish I wouldnt have seen this. He didnt wear my cap, remember I asked him the day before if he could wear it please? Well yeah he didnt. He wore the same as the day before. I felt really sad at that point , because the day got worse and worse for me. I tried calming myself down by saying: Ah ‘maybe he wasnt allowed to wear it’ and stuff like that, but when my friends told me that the cap that Daehyun wore was a present from a friend of them… Yup you probably know what was going on inside me then. But even with this I was sure he had a reason why he didnt wear it… like a real reason and not like because he dont likes it or something. Jongupie is definetly not the type that is like that. He uses a lot of fans presents and reads all letters. Somehow I survived by cheering myself up. One happy thing today was that it was Jongups Member day so we got his photocard! But… that girl sat behind me got signed card… lucky girl t.t Pre Recording normally should have be at 2 PM but it was delayed until 4 PM almost… and it was very sad today. Like they only performed 2 times… 10minutes or something. Normally Pre Recordings are like 30 Minutes…
So yeah after this I went home, rest a bit and got ready to go to TS, even though I decided to dont go there today, because I was still kind of sad. I wanted to write a letter to Jongup and tell him that I was sad, but in the end I didnt, because… I dont want him to feel bad. I only want to see him happy. I decided to go shopping before going to TS, so I went to Hyewha and looked out for stuff for Jongupie. I cheert myself quite well up and told myself ;3 I didnt buy anything expensive today, or clothes. I just bought an ugly octopus, because yea Jongupies taste is a bit strange and I think he will like it.
It’s this one ->

It’s pretty tiny and it’s like for mobile phone or a bag or what else to put on.
And I wrote him a letter~ I wrote that I wont give up and give him so long presents until he will use or wear one! >.< Fighting!
So at TS there were quite much fans, 3 Jongup Fans.
They came out and walked from TS to Dance Studio, I didnt saw Jongup first so I just ran in front and found him then… tiny boy. One Jongup Fan already walked beside him and the manager also… argh why <.<
I just called him and gave him my present, but insetad of walking with him I just went back to my friend who walked with Daehyun and yea… did nothing <.<
When they went in we both sat down on a bench and waited~ Gladly they came out just a few minutes later and it seemed like Daehyun changed his clothes. The van drove back to TS then and Jongupie and Zelo went in, the others not. Daehyun and Himchan went home and Youngjae and Yongguk to the radio. A few fans left so we werent much fans anymore. My friend and me waited at TS until like 0:20 and the other fans left already so we were only 2. But she left also then because she left also then and I wanted to wait because Jongup was still inside.
So I sat there alone like for 1 hour. Then Jongup and Zelo finally came down the stairs, I was happy. Jongup saw me but when they came out they went to that cordi nuna in the car and blablabla her like 5 minutes and I just stood there like: ehm… hi I’m here t.t… u can talk to that girl everyday guys… but i will leave sooon…’ thats actually what I thought… I felt pretty uuseless and somehow I just wanted to leave then.. I mean Jongup saw I waited there… he knows I’m his fan.. I was alone… I waited just for HIM so long and he… yea ok .___.
When they FINALLY finished I went to Jongupie and showed him my attendance card and told him I went to every single performance they had. He just say good and thumbed up to me and smiled ofc. Yea that was my conversation then lol. When they left Jongupie waved to me out of the car ahhh so cute >.< That cheered me up a bit.. but just a bit. I wanted to leave so I went down the street and saw the van at the mart and Jongupie just came out of the van, I waved to him and said byebye, he smiled and waved to but he wanted to grab my hand, but I didnt realize and just walked by… omg… after like 2 seconds i realized and decided to wait in front of the mart then. Zelo was in the car and he could have watched me all the time, that was pretty scary XDD I sat there like 3minutes… srsly what was he doing in that mart?!
Okay he came out then and I went to him, I told him in a very sad voice actually… that I will leave next week and go back to Germany… he made just his usual 'ah’ I also told him then I will miss him very much and that I dont want o go… And he just didnt say anything… like nothing at all no reaction, just looking at me. Seriously that was like the worst moment ever. That are moments I’m jealous of Himes or brainboxes, because their bias talks at least, like really talking blablabla and Jongup just being so shy .____. When he went in the car he opened the window and waved to me again, okay that was totaly cute again…. sigh.
Emotional shit reloaded.
So people… why is love actually like this. I mean.. I would fuckin do EVERYTHING for Jongup. I am not even joking. He made me sad a lot of times, I cried because of him many times. But I dont care about this all. if I smile because of him, if he make me happy, everything if like forgot. I can never be mad at him for more than a few hours, he could probably hurt me as hell and I would still do everything for him. Thats probably pretty strange for you to read. I mean you probably think like: dafuq? how can she even love him? bla and why is she even telling us that shit and she should get a fuckin real life. Yep. I hear that often. But I dont care.
No one in my freakin fucking real life made as happy as Jongup did. NO ONE. Oh and since I met him, talked to him and even touched him. HE IS PART OF MY REAL LIFE OKAY.
So… those up and downs are so horrible actually.
At one moment they give you that special feeling that you are someone special to them and one moment later you are just a fan like everyone else.
When he said my name… when he greeted me and not the other girls… I felt like the happiest person alive. But when he is like today or yesterday I just want to cry and sdfusidfn. Even though I know Jongup is just being Jongup and I love him like he is and I never want his personality to change, like that he start suddenly talking like nonstop or doing fantalk or fanservice or whatever.
i cant believe i wrote so much… i cant believe i tell you this actually.
but you should know… you are my followers and i feel connecting to you, somehow.
if this post actually gives you a strange opinion of me then its okay if u unfollow me, i just really needed to let this out because yeah… i just needed to.
let me say one thing.
I am a happy person. I am happy with my life. I am happy with everything that happend so far. I wouldn’t change anything. I don’t regret anything. I love someone who will never love me back and I’m okay with that. I just want him to be happy okay… T_T
Can you do me a favor…? Please dont reblog this post. Thank you.
(i dont think this will read someone at all lol…)

9th of July, 2015 @ Thistle Hotel Johor Bharu, Malaysia.

Hummels was probably the nicest out of all of them, showcasing an evident chivalry! He took time and signed my jersey meticulously and even posed for another selfie when it was intended to be with Schmelzer. I even had the time to utter that three words to him (excuse me for not having the ability to control myself), only to get a chuckle, nod and a cheeky grin. It was obvious all the players were irked and uncomfortable by the how hot the weather were seeing how they rushed and ignored all the fans, yet Mats still managed to put up a grin and was beautifully friendly to all of us. He was the last one to leave the venue and get to where they were supposed to be. No wonder he’s the one who’s wearing the captain band on the pitch. His attitude on the pitch and during the prize-giving ceremony, an absolute leader, definitely an absolute gentleman. Thank you for the photos and the autograph, I love you, Mats! Echte liebe.

Hope to see you again soon 💖

160103~ [TRANS] Q: Your charm point?                         Yoongi: Personality            Hoseok: Eyes??


140716 [Fan account] UKISS Japan Live Tour 2014 Tokyo concerts

FINALLY MY FIRST FAN ACCOUNT OMG ;u; This could be (one of) the happiest day in my life, filled with both joys and tears, for finally being able to see them in person. Though exhausted, I seriously couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It’s really a memorable concert.
A small note, it’s REALLY LONG, a bit detailed, and /slightly/ Kevin focusedㅋㅋㅋ Also, if you’re planning to go to the concert and have fun and experience it yourself, I suggest you do not continue readingㅎㅎ

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Took an impulsive trip to the city to see the Met Gala red carpet and help i-fans represent for Wu Yifan/Kris Wu. It was such a delight seeing all the chinese themed outfits and celebrities showing up to appreciate Guo Pei’s Chinese fashion showcase party.

Thank you Kris for pushing your way to the front of the red carpet to see us. Thank you for waving and greeting us so much when we chanted your name. Thank you for staying as long as you could to be with us until someone told you to get inside. Thank you for being an adorable smug butt and making silly faces too.

I enjoyed everything about this day, even the difficulties. Please have a good time in the city while you’re here and a safe trip home~ Good night~

[TRANS] 140208 Hanjin Tourism Event "B.A.P Welcomes U" Fanaccounts

B.A.P Personal belongings giveaway items:

Yongguk: Same type of incense he used while working on ‘First Sensibility’ 
Himchan: ‘Chanie’ (designed by him) tank top 
Daehyun: A t-shirt he bought himself 
Youngjae: Used pants 
Jongup: His coat from 140113 Idol Sports Championship 
Zelo: A personal bracelet

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