personal fan art

This drawing. Took so long. I thought it was going to be the death of me. 

But. Let it be known, that I almost quit. Multiple times. And that I cried. Once. And there was lots of angry yelling. And pillow throwing. And hair pulling. There was, literally, blood sweat and tears put into this nightmare drawing. There was also contemplation about whether or not bleach was the way to go. However, I have, miraculously, pulled through and achieved sweet, sweet satisfaction in completion of this gruesome and awesome task bestowed upon me (at this point you’re probably reading this in King Arthur’s voice from Monty Python). In conclusion. My companions. I advise you, remember to always save your work and, in turn, save yourself from the devastating heartbreak and anguish that is loosing your progress.

Thank you. (wtf y am i like this).

Drew a quick sketch just so I can feel that I’ve finished something today. But more than that, I just wanted to fangirl about seeing Iwaizumi in casual clothes. I just like Iwazumi so much and seeing him in my favorite kind of hoodie (the big poofy type one that I don’t know what you call) with a jacket over it is just… sweet sweet icing on cake. And that expression. *sigh*… 

After drawing a lot in Inktober, I’ve gained a lot more confidence in drawing faces, which in turn created an easier outlet for me to spaz about my current fandom(s). So just some heads up, since I might be posting more fan art to let out my inner screaming “fangirlism”.