personal fabrication

titania is a fabricated personality and every single thing we’ve said on here was a calculated plan to gain a large following to slander markiplier, and the reason for this was so that nobody would care when we killed him


A superb fuck-ton of clothing references.

Obviously two of the images are too large to see on tumblr (because tumblr’s an asshole, sometimes), so simply reverse-image search ‘em and click on the largest size. The one on the left is quite helpful for cloth in general, and the one on the right is just for creating lace.

[From various sources]

GUYS LOOK i know there’s a lot of really important stuff going on right now. pheonix person. prison. rick’s fabricated past. BUT IN THE CITADEL THERE’S A DIPPER-MORTY AND MABEL-MORTICIA 

EDIT: Alex Hirsch used my picture!!! I feel like royalty

“…don’t ever change.”
“I don’t exist…in anyone’s heart.”
“…what would it take for me to be like you?”

Loved, but lonely on an island in the sea.

i just had to open all of my windows, light 3 candles, and dig out a small bottle of godawful aerosolized bath and body works room spray i’d received as a gift and held onto solely for just such an occasion, and deploy it like a grenade out into the hallway because i swear to god i thought a 6-foot-diameter shit pipe had burst and was flooding the entire floor with a heated river of raw sewage

someone nearby is cooking rotting eggs dipped in boiled diarrhea 

i know i’ve complained about this before but i have never in my entire life, including the time i had to spend the day with my uncle who managed a waste treatment plant, smelled anything this bracing and sulfuric and fecal and it’s so bad that it’s EATING THROUGH THE CLOYING ARTIFICIAL ROOM SPRAY


Code:realize: Number 03: Saint Germain 

As promised, the remaining Mafia profiles. Here’s Saint Germain looking quite the classy gentleman and noble as per usual. He wears a long trench coat over a quadrille-fabric suit. Personally I’m not feeling the pants so much *cough*. In any case, Saint’s signature emblem of the clock adorns his top hat and like usual, he doesn’t open his eyes very much. 

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