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I never want her to calm down ever (x)

  • Me: I read Killing Stalking chapter 27. Nothing can hurt me more than this! :D
  • Me: *reads Royal Servant chapter 34*
  • Me: Nothing can hurt-
  • Me: *reads Super Lovers chapter 30*
  • Me: Nothing-
  • Me: *watches Hitorijime My Hero episode 2*
  • Me: F U C K

by the way guys, i found the ultimate cure-all

if you ever feel bad for whatever reason, just imagine baymax giving you advice and offering you some help

me: DC needs to stop turning all their female villains into anti-heroes. It comes across as them saying that women can’t be complex and set in their ways, that they’ll easily bend from their principles and that women must be good and nurturing because they are women. Plus it ignores the fact women can be just as malicious and malevolent as men sometimes


me: ……………………anyways


“We are quite unalike. Dean Winchester is a typical hero, always running into battle first, a very distinctive personality. I am a very peaceful person on the other hand. I don’t like adventures, not that I’m afraid of losing, but I think my life is really good right now. I don’t feel the need to change anything about it now. In real life, I’m very gentle and a go-with-the-flow person." 
Happy 37th Birthday Jensen Ackles  ♥
March 1st 1978


I redid my room and literally pulled all of my nerd stuff out of my closets and splattered it on the walls.

Really though, I had so much art and posters building up that I’ve bought from conventions that I needed to put them somewhere besides a folder so I just covered my walls with everything. xD

I’m going to put up whatever fanart and gifts you guys have drawn me too, so I’m excited for that. ouo

Edd Gould,

It’s been three years now. Three years since the world lost an incredible person, three years since the night I cried and cried at your passing. It feels so long ago, and yet also as though it were yesterday.

Despite that, I also remember watching Zanta Claws III five times the night that it came out. I remember watching the early zombie episodes when I was ten, as my friends played in another room. I remember WTFuture’s release. I remember a whole lot; this is saying something as I’ve forgotten a majority of my childhood.

But I never forgot you.

Happy Edd’s Day. That’s what today is, for me at least, and many others who were also inspired by you. Thank you, because you are my hero, now and forever.

Yours always,