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It is often difficult to recognize the connection between early-life feelings of imprisonment, and our subsequent need for space and distance in our adult lives. This can be manifest in many different ways: non-committal relationships, career indecision, a perpetual need to live alone, social avoidance, perpetual mistrust of the world etc. For a time, these manifestations can actually serve a counter-balancing purpose, as our spirits breathe a healthy sigh of relief after years entrapped. If all you know is engulfment, it is essential that you have a taste of safety and spaciousness. But, taken too far, our escape hatches can actually become a prison of their own, one that deepens our isolation and prevents us from forming positive associations with the world. Any imbalanced reality has an imprisoning quality. Just because our early-life environment felt like a prison doesn’t mean that we can’t create a different reality-one that is rooted in healthy connectiveness.
—  Jeff Brown

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Ever heard of American Ninja Warrior? It airs on NBC. Imagine Steve going on a celebrity edition of that show and running the course. Maybe with a few of the others (Sam, Nat, Bucky?) running it as well?

Steve had agreed because it was a celebrity charity edition of the show and he wasn’t about to turn down an opportunity to help someone in need.

He hadn’t realized that Rhodey was going to be his competition. He hadn’t realized how excited he was for it, either.  

Sam and Natasha would be competing against one another, and Bucky and Clint had decided that it was only fair they take one another on while dodging projectiles from one another. Because heaven forbid there be a situation in which they aren’t trying to one-up the other’s aim.  

Steve finished the course in record time (he was a little smug, supersoldier serum notwithstanding).  

Steve knew a lot about Rhodey.  That he was patient and kind and had rock-solid boundaries and was fearless. He had no idea that Rhodey was a complete and utter badass when it came to American Ninja Warrior.  He tied Steve’s time.  Without a serum.  And he was definitely older than Steve was.  Kind of.  Depending upon how you calculated.

Point being Rhodey schooled him.  Steve refused to accept that they’d tied.  He’d had the serum and Rhodey just had his complete and utter incredible self. He declared Rhodey the winner and wouldn’t hear otherwise.  

Steve didn’t even know until they were filming the award segment that Sam had beat Natasha and that Bucky and Clint stalled out for three minutes throwing darts at one another before scrambling ass-over-tea-kettle for the end of the course and they were still waiting to determine who’d won based on a photo finish.  

Something to Consider before you Curse: Reversals

Before I get into this: I don’t have any issues with cursing, but I am seeing people jump into them quickly, and even casting them against each other on here so I’m going to explain some shit that people need to know if this is what they want to do.

Before the Three-fold law was brought to the forefront because of Wicca, there were a few commonplace ‘rules’ many, many witches followed, one of which was: To never use your power on a another witch.

This was not because of morals.

This was because there are ways of sending things back to the caster. A witch attacking another witch never ended well for either party (or their loved ones, really, because nothing ever just effects one person), it was essentially declaring a never ending war, because yeah you may have thrown up some protections, but all that has to be done is a reversal spell more potent than whatever protection you gave yourself. Rinse and repeat until one party gives up.

That being said, here’s two reversal spells I have in my book of mirrors. I have adapted them and combined other published spells to make these, so if you happen to have the same books as me some parts may be familiar.

I have tested these.

Hex & Curse Reversal Candle

  1. Get a new candle, you’ll want it to be large. The longer the candle burns the more powerful the spell.
  2. Turn it upside down. Carve off the bottom until the wick is exposed and can be lit.
  3. If necessary, slice the top so it can stand flat on it’s top, upside down.
  4. Dress the candle in any oils or herbs you find appropriate to help you with this. Meditating on it can help if need be. Different curses/hexes are better stopped by different things, so if something feels right, use it. Just make sure it’s safe.
  5. Light the wick, while chanting
    “Let this evil done against me reverse itself, as I have reversed you.”
  6. Meditate and focus your intent while the candle burns. Do it until you feel it is enough. Let the candle burn out. If you stop meditating on it and feel like you should a few hours later while the candle is still burning, do it. When the candle burns out, the reversal is complete.

Hex & Curse Reversal Spell

  1.  Gather 6 blackthorns, or pine needles.
  2. Create a wax (or clay, if burying) image. It does not have to be specific, it can be a generic human figure. If this is a curse or hex, this spell will be able to trace where it came from.
  3. Stick a thorn/needle through each hand, while saying
    “The evil you have crafted returns to you.”
  4. Stick a needle/thorn through each foot, while saying
    “The evil you visit upon me returns to you”
  5. Stick a needle/thorn through the mouth, while saying
    “The evil you spoke returns to you”
  6. Stick a thorn through the forehead
    “The evil that you think and create returns to you.”
  7. Burn, or bury the image

the Timelords and their Companions 

i trust that higher powers are guiding my life and directing me on the exact path in which all of my desires will unfold. I will not live in fear. I welcome all change and embrace that which i do not know. I trust that all things set aside for me, will draw near to me with no resistance. This is my declaration.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (original) Drinking Game

-Drink every time someone plays a card that doesn’t exist irl. If you do this during season 4 have a liver transplant on standby.
-Alternatively, drink (or sip) whenever someone plays a card you own.
-Drink every time the animation style changes.
-Drink every time the power of friendship wins the day.
-Drink whenever the “heart of the cards” is mentioned.
-Drink whenever Kaiba voices the gripes of the audience (like that one time after the Noah arc when he basically said “this whole filler arc was a waste of my time let’s forget all about it"👌🏻).
-Take a SIP for every last-minute/last-turn ass pull strategy.
-Chug from the bottle when a character says a line that is actually cool/funny/scary.
-Drink every time someone explains what Pot of Greed does. Seriously this happens EVERY TIME SOMEONE PLAYS IT.
-Similar to the last one: SIP whenever someone explains basic rules or does simple arithmetic (ex. “800 plus 500 is 1300 ATK points!!!).
-Drink every time a person declares something "impossible”.
-SIP when Yami goes all Dan Green and super-dramatic-shouty on his opponent.
-Chug whenever Yami and Kaiba actually get along/work as a team (don’t worry this only happens like twice).
-Drink whenever someone’s soul gets nicked (via shadow realm, seal of Orichalcos, etc). Make it a double if they stay gone for more than one episode.


summary: you just love hugs.

Shawn was talking to some of his labelmates at a small party that Island was having, to celebrate the release of some albums and singles. You were over by the food, talking to James, when he got called over by his manager to talk to some other musicians. You tossed the plastic cup you had been drinking from, and made your way over to Shawn. You wrapped your arms around his waist, and his arm found its home on your back. He continued the conversation he was having, and you just listened to it, zoning out a little. Shawn’s thumb was rubbing your shoulder, and he laughed at something the man said.

Once he left, Shawn looked down at you. “What’s up, babe?” He asked, rubbing your back.

“Nothin’. Just wanted a hug.” You said, smiling.

Shawn hummed, squeezing you. He kissed your forehead before you two walked over to the food, and Shawn grabbed a small plate and loaded it up with food, and you just grabbed another drink.

Shawn was in the kitchen of his childhood home, doing an Instagram stream, making some pancakes. You saw he was bus flipping pancakes, so you tip-toed across the floor, and your arms wound around his sides. The singer jumped a little, and you looked at the phone, which showed that Shawn was smiling. “Goodmorning,” You whispered.

“Morning, baby.” He tapped your arm, and you released him long enough to grab the batter, and a plate to set the finished pancakes on. But as soon as he was back to the griddle, your arms were around him.

“So,” Shawn spoke into the stream. “All she really does is hug me. I could be doing literally anything, and I can just expect her to hug me. She’s like a koala.”

The team had two hours to kill at the airport, so you and Shawn walked over to the Starbucks that wasn’t far from the gate. While waiting to get your coffees, a few fans came up to Shawn. He took photos with him, and they wanted to talk for a little, and you two didn’t have anywhere to go, so you four talked. Your arms were around your boyfriend’s waist, and his hand was on your back. “I think it’s so cute that you guys always hug!” One of the girls said, and you blushed, tucking your face into Shawn’s chest.

Shawn laughed, hand moving in a circle on your back. “We’re like two puzzle pieces, we just always fit together best like this.” He said, and the girls bid them goodbye not too long after, having to go catch their flight.

“Like two puzzle pieces, huh?” You asked, looking up at Shawn.

Shawn saw Josiah taking some photos, and  it was just before the concert, so everyone was just hanging out in the back of the arena. You were, surprisingly, attached to Shawn’s side, holding a conversation with Dave. “I’m surprised Shawn hasn’t declared a personal bubble yet.” Dave joked, and you snorted.

“What?” Shawn asked, looking up from his phone.

“Dave’s surprised you haven’t forbidden me from hugging you.” You said, hand going to fix his hair.

Shawn shrugged, looking at his bassist. “I don’t actually mind her koala-ties.” You groaned, letting go of Shawn and walking away.

a/n: i’m using my hotspot on my phone to post this because my wifi gave out. rip. 

Oswald Cobblepot felt safe with Edward Nygma, but sometimes – he didn’t want to. –Only In Dreams, @okimi79

A love among the ruins pt 2


Pairing: Taehyung / Reader.

Genre: Royalty AU, smut, fluff, dirty talk, cum play (Oh boy..)

Summary: As a maid working for the royal family, it is your job to serve those who are above you. You know the rules and are supposed to keep them, however said rules become harder and harder to follow when put into actual practice.

Word count: 5,971

Notes: Whoop whoop, there is smut! This part isn’t especially angsty and the smut only really comes at the end. I was listening to Bedroom hymns by Florence + the machine when I was wring this, so you can listen to that if you want an audio to go with this. Especially for the smut scene  ;)

→  Part One | Part Two | Part Three.


Now,–the country does not even boast a tree,
As you see,
To distinguish slopes of verdure, certain rills
From the hills
Intersect and give a name to, (else they run
Into one)
Where the domed and daring palace shot its spires
Up like fires
O'er the hundred-gated circuit of a wall
Bounding all,
Made of marble, men might march on nor be pressed,
Twelve abreast.

Robert Browning, Love among the ruins

The upper halls of the castle were dead quiet, so silent that the only noise bouncing along the walls was the soft tread of your feet against the stone floor and your shallow breaths that puffed out from exertion. A bundle of sticks were pressed close to your chest, the sides being supported by your arms that curled around it so that you could shuffle the weight from one side to the other from time to time the muscles in your arms already complaining against the strain. Really this should’ve been a job for someone stronger than you, not that you weren’t capable; you had proven your skill already, but collecting firewood was a strenuous job, particularly tiring for someone of your size. Usually it was one of the younger more robust servers that would help with hauling said weight in, one of the errand boys bumbling into the kitchen each morning with a cheerful tune and an armful of twigs for the fire. However, recently communication with the neighbouring countries had been especially high, meaning that the poor boys was sent riding to great distances in order to exchange notes between the kings, Which only left the maids, the butlers, the cooks and the guards to deal with the the more taking jobs, and the guards were so overrun and the butlers so elderly- taking on the job seemed like the only thing you could do.

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Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.” Bonus if that’s the first time person A has ever declared their love for person B.

The Donor Story - Part 2

*Alphys is standing beside Papyrus, twiddling her fingers*

Alphys: Oooohh where has he gone off to? And what’s taking him so long?? W-We don’t have time to dawdle at such crucial times like these. Andrew can only hold on for so long.

Papyrus: Do not fret, Alphys. I’m sure that Faris will return shortly! He probably had to take care of a few things. You know, last minute errands.

*a black portal then appears before them, and Faris steps out of it along with Yousra*

Papyrus: Ah, there you are, Faris-oh, and you brought Yousra along! No wonder you left in a hurry *waves to Yousra* Hello, Yousra! It’s good to see you again~!

Yousra: *nods in greeting* Hello, Papyrus.

Faris: I told Yousra what you told me about the donor, and she wanted to come along. I hope you don’t mind…

Alphys: *smiles* Oh no no, it’s perfectly fine. Being surrounded by friends and family a-actually helps to relieve stress. Now then.. *adjusts her bifocals* A-Are we ready to go?

Faris: *looks at Yousra, then up at Papyrus, and finally Alphys, nodding* ..Yes.

Papyrus: Hey Faris, you should make a portal that’ll take us to our hometown!

Alphys: Oh, could you? It’ll save us time getting there!.. U-Unless it takes up too much of your energy.

Faris: I’ll be fine. Let’s go *he snaps his fingers, summoning a black portal*

Papyrus: *clenches his fists, his arms trembling* This is so exciting! I always wanted to know what it’s like going through a portal!

Faris: It’s not really that big of a deal. It’s like walking through a door.

Papyrus: Still! Transporting from one place to another in a single step.. It’s like one of those video games!

Faris: Video.. games..?

Papyrus: Nyeah, you know, where you use these warp holes to solve puzzles and.. *takes notice of Faris’ confusion* Not to worry, I’ll introduce them to you once you get your new body, okay? We can play the games together then!

Faris: … *somewhat smiles* I look forward to it.

Papyrus: Nyeah! Then let’s go! *he bounds straight through the portal*

Alphys: *talking to herself* H-How does he have all this energy this late at night..? *she moves in close to the portal, observing it carefully* Incredible.. I-I wonder if there are any side effects.. *she then takes a cautious step through the portal*

*all that’s left are Faris and Yousra. Faris is eyeing the portal with hesitation*

Yousra: *glances at him* You okay..?

Faris: Mm.. it’s strange.. going back. I was different then when I first awoke. I hurt people..

Yousra: You were angry, Faris. You were hurt, too.

Faris: *grits his teeth* Because of one person. That one person who declared war on us and compelled his people to follow him like sheep.. He destroyed many lives, including mine, and I took it out on everyone… *his expression softens* but you know… being revived has been bittersweet. I may have lost all my friends and family back in battle.. but if I hadn’t have been brought back to life in this timeline, I wouldn’t have met any of these great people. I wouldn’t have met Papyrus.. I wouldn’t have met you.. So in a twisted sense, I am.. thankful.. to be alive again.

*Yousra smiles faintly, twining her hand in his*

Faris: *smiles back at her, then faces the portal, taking a long breath and exhaling* Okay… I’m ready.. to move forward *he then steps through the portal with Yousra, hand in hand*

*Trisha stays behind, waving to the two as they disappear beyond the portal. The portal closes once they’re through*

Good luck.

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so why do you suppose so many crit people insist that the less exciting episodes are filler? the crew said there was no filler, and yet fans are continuing to call it filler and are acting like the show is wasting our time with these episodes; these episodes that are honestly not that bad and can be pretty good if people would just look at them in a different light


I can’t think of any SU episode that didn’t develop the characters or our view of them in some way. The closest thing that came to filler in my opinion was ‘Future Boy Zoltron’, and even THAT is a stretch, because it introduced a new character and developed Mister Smiley. The same with ‘Onion Gang’ – introduced new characters and developed Onion.

A lot of fans throw around the term ‘filler’ loosely. It’s their way of saying “episode(s) that didn’t personally fulfill me”. Which is rude. Just say you don’t like it if you don’t like it. Calling it filler is denouncing the episode’s importance to the series!

There’s a difference between ‘filler’ and ‘episodes you can skip without missing any plot that will leave you confused later’.

Prompt 129

Soulmates AU where everyone falls in love like the two lead characters in every romantic movie; there is bound to be drama, an exaggerated declarations of love, passionate kisses in the rain, all of those tropes that makes even the most secretive of closet romantics swoon.

Person A is honestly happy with how their life is at the moment and isn’t really preoccupied with romance and such. Recently, their best friend Person C has run off on a smitten quest to find Person D and declare their love in some fantastical way. So, for the mean time, Person A is a bit lonely.

One day while randomly walking to a café (okay anywhere really but in my mind it’s a café) Person A hears a sweet sounding love song and feels enticed to follow the tune of music. The moment they make eye contact with Person B, a series of cliché romance tropes happen. Feel free to choose these tropes and begin Person A and B’s grand (and a bit cliched) love story.