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Bought a few Ghibli related things from Otakon last(last) weekend!

Honestly, I really just wanted to share how SICK this Kiki’s pot & Jiji figures are and how much I love it.  It’s the greatest thing ever.  I need a different plant in it, I just bought the smallest one I could find at Walmart for the time being.  But I do really love my Artbook and No-face plush <3

Just out of curiosity, did any of you go to Otakon?

u ever just thinking…. im v lonely lol but tryna stay calm abt it cuz otherwise u would have a breakdown..but like…everyone has other ppl but u and ur like a lost bitter lemon who is laying in bed feeling so lame. other ppl r out havin fun. dancing. living life. smiling. talking to other ppl. and ur.. just..with the long legged flying spider creature in ur room thinking too hard abt how actually ur just alone and miserable and forgotten and a bit pointless…


I found a precious surprise hidden away in an old, hardly used cupboard- a collection of peculiar stones wrapped carefully in paper towels in a ziplock bag. When I asked my mother, she told me she collected them herself on the beach, and was saving them as inspirations for sculpture.

These stones are known by many names; adder stone, hag stone, and odin stone are a few. I told my mother the legend I had heard about hag stones— that they are powerful trinkets of protection.The stones themselves are very fragile. It is said that when one breaks, it has used its power to protect a life.

There are, naturally, many other beliefs and practices surrounding the hag stone. Rubbing one over a wound is said to ease pain and speed healing. If someone looks through a hag stone, they will be able to see things invisible to the naked eye, such as the Fae. A hag stone can be seen used for this purpose in movies such as Coraline and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Scientifically, the holes in the stones are made by natural erosion, or oceanic creatures that bore into the soft rock.

Until my mother needs the stones to complete her dream of giant sculptures in the backyard, they will be a part of my personal collection. There, I can appreciate their compelling natural beauty that has inspired centuries of tradition.