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a plague doctor: what’s up with that?
answer: we just don’t know.

Full Bodied.

Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content

Word Count: 3.4k

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Drunken Bolsheviks and the Greatest Hangover in History,

On October 25th, 1917 Bolshevik soldiers and sailors stormed the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, former home of the Russian Czars.  Among the wealth and grandeur of the palace, the revolutionaries stumbled upon perhaps the greatest treasure of the Romanov Dynasty; Nicholas II’s personal wine cellar, which housed the largest collection of fine wines, liquors, and cordials in the world.

Having thousands of heavily armed men and civilians in the proximity of the largest cache of booze on the planet was certainly a big problem for Bolshevik officers and politicians.  Already Bolshevik soldiers were carting out kegs and bottles, beginning a Bolshevik boozing spree that would quickly get out of hand.  At first Bolshevik leaders considered blasting the cellars with high explosives, however it was feared that this would severely damage the palace.  Finally Bolshevik leaders ordered the cellars be barricaded and placed under heavy guard while the booze was disposed of.  At first the booze was hauled out in crates to be dumped, however convoys tasked with this duty were ambushed by drunken soldiers and civilians. Finally it was decided to simply pour the booze down the drain.  This plan failed when people by the thousands gathered around the palace drains with buckets.

Finally, the large drunken Bolshevik mob stormed the Winter Palace a second time, easily overwhelming the guards and overrunning the cellar.  Immediately, St. Petersburg erupted into an orgy of drunken rioting and looting.  Boozed up Bolsheviks began fighting or having sex in streets. Rape and murder was common, so were brawls and shootouts among heavily armed soldiers. Many people were killed by stray bullets as soldiers fired their weapons into the air in celebration.  Martial law was declared and a Bolshevik army was dispatched to gain control over this situation.  However, this did little as many of the oncoming soldiers joined in on the fun. After about a month of alcohol induced chaos, the booze ran out, and order was restored in St. Petersburg.  The resulting hangover must have been terrible.


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Summary -  Hey !! Can you do a Ramsay x reader , where the reader is sick and he takes care of her because when they are together he is really sweet ?

Pairing - Ramsay Bolton X Female Reader 

WordCount -  1,61

Requested by-  Anon

Warnings - Strong Language,

As your eyes fluttered open you instantly regretted it. Your head felt heavy, your body ached, your nose was stuffed and your throat felt like someone had stuck a hot metal pole down into your throat. You felt horrendous. On top of that you felt hot and clammy and considering outside snow flurried past your window it was not good. You attempted to get out of bed to begin your daily duties yet as soon as you sat up your head spun, groaning you held your head in your hands to try and get it to stop spinning yet no matter how hard you tried you failed. Feeling a warm hand on your bare shoulder you wanted to flinch at the contact but you didn’t want to offend the person. Offending him if you were a stranger was deadly but if you were to offend him you’d hurt him and that was the last thing you wanted to do.

“My love, is everything alright?” Ramsay questioned.  You shook your head. There was no point in trying to lie to Ramsay, he could see through you like air was invisible.

“I feel terrible. Everything hurts and ache’s. My throat feels like a wildfire. I feel like a wildfire.” Ramsay moved behind you wrapping his arms around you, slipping you between his legs in-case you were to collapse. It was true you were burning up, Ramsay hated seeing you in any sort of distress so he was frantic to think of something anything to make you feel better even if it was a temporary solution.

“Perhaps some fresh air might help. We could take a slow walk around the compound before breakfast.” You would have preferred to spend the day in bed, having the opportunity to rest up yet your feelings were juxtaposed. While you would have preferred to stay in bed, the idea of taking a nice slow walk with Ramsay around the courtyard did sound blissful. While you despised informing Ramsay that was right, he was right perhaps going for a walk could help clear your nasal passage and make breathing a lot easier.

“You know I hate it when you come up with an interesting proposition. Unless it’s targeted at other people then your proposition’s are always correct and precise.”  Ramsay kissed your temple tenderly, he was in fear that if he had kissed you any harder it might cause you some sort of pain or discomfort.

“Love, I am always right when it comes to you. You are just too stubborn to acknowledge so. If you would like, perhaps you could use one of my shirts if you like if you find your dress to be too constricting.” Ramsay ran his right hand through your hair, certain strands were damp from sweat.

“As tempting as that sounds, I have no pantaloons and what would people think. Lord Bolton son’s partner too uncouth like to wear a dress. I doubt your Father would approve of the notion either.” Ramsay growled when he heard you mention the gossipers that roamed the street. Ramsay did not care what they said nor did he care for what his Father thought. On the front of Ramsay’s mind was getting you well and caring for you. Everything he did relate to you in some way, he wanted to be successful so he could provide for you. He wanted to give you the most luxurious clothes and the finest wines, he wanted a place for you to watch your children grow up in a place that was secure. Ramsay didn’t care for anyone else’s opinion. Only yours. That was the way it would remain.

“Love I don’t give a fuck what those gossipers say nor do I care what my Father thinks. You are unwell and your comfort means the most to me. So I’m going to get you one of my shirts and I believe I have some pantaloons that might fit you and then we’re going to enjoy a walk together to try and relieve some of your symptoms.” Ramsay reluctantly got out of the comforts of your shared bed so he could begin the day of taking care of his Queen. You walked alongside quietly with Ramsay at your side. He had definitely been right on this occasion. The cold air had dramatically improved your temperature and you did feel slightly better. Did that mean you had completely abandoned the idea of resting in bed, of course not? But since Ramsay had been so kind and caring you desired to spend the time resting in bed with him as your company. Hopefully Ramsay would agree because you beginning to get tormented by the people who had taken to staring at you. Hopefully you were the only one who had noticed. As everyone was well aware a furious Ramsay was not a nice Ramsay.

“Would you all mind stop staring at Y/N? The next person who glimpses at her I will make your life a living hell! I will make you want death!” Ramsay yelled, the people were interrupted from going on about their daily business some bowed their head instantly, there was one who was defiant, there always had to be one.

“What are ya going to do about it? You’re nothing but a bastard. Didn’t ya Father tell ya a bastard is below everyone including us common folk.” Once Ramsay’s hand left yours you knew he was in for trouble. 

“How dare you insult me especially in front of Y/N? Do you have any idea what I’m going to do to you for disrespecting me! For disrespecting Y/N. Your going to beg and plead that I kill you. Love, do you mind if we take a detour to my personal cellars?” Ramsay was furious, he wanted respect, he deserved respect. He could not stand people who were disrespectful towards.

“Of course my love, only if you promise once you’ve finished having fun. We can return to our chambers for the rest of the day.” Ramsay noticed how pale you had become, while he was concerned he couldn’t rush over to you which is what he desperately wanted to do, instead Ramsay took your hand and pressed a soft kiss to your knuckle, chuckling as he pointed a knife towards the man.

“Guards grab this man and take him to my personal cellar. I have decided to make other plans. Inform everyone that I will be taking the rest of the day and the foreseeable future until Y/N is fully recuperated. I no longer wish to see her sickly. I am at my best whenever she is at my side of full health. If anyone disagrees with my idea. Then throw them into the cellar with this man. Until, then I don’t want to be disturbed.” Ramsay began to retreat his and your steps until Ramsay reached his chambers with full intention to take care of you until you got better.

I don’t want to be a cynic. I don’t want to spend my life as a less talented person making fun of more talented people. I don’t want to see other people’s success as some kind of personal attack on me. It doesn’t do me any good. When there is someone like her in the world, someone that extraordinary, and I get to spend my days in her presence, then the only legitimate response is ‘thank you’.
—  Jonathan Tollins, Buyer and Cellar
"Surprise" (Bog King and Marianne drabble) Request #1

She wanted to die. She was curled into a tight ball, cold sweat ran down her face, her face pale and her hands shook as she struggled to hold the bucket in front of her. She felt her stomach lurch and she emptied the contents into the bucket. She spat bitterly as she was forced to come to a dangerous conclusion. It was morning sickness.
A set of knocks rang at her door making her brows furrowed together as her head pulsed painfully.

“Marianne? Are you okay?”

She let out an irritable growl. “Go away Dawn! I’m f-fi-URK!” Green mush escaped out of her mouth and into the bucket. From the horrifying sound Dawn burst through the door to find her older sister on the floor clutching the bucket as if it was a precious piece of gold.

“Oh Marianne!” Dawn yelled, her voice full of worry. She was quickly beside her placing a hand on her forehead. “Oh dear, oh gosh-you really don’t look so good.”

“No! Really?!” Marianne exasperated. “How can you tell?”

“You’re burning up!” Dawn looked around the room and found Marianne’s precious Sprites hovering near her vanity mirror, chattering and cooing in concern for her. “You three, could you please get Marianne a cup of water?”
The three sprites nodded and quickly flew out of the room. Dawn stroked her sister’s hair back in comfort, turning away when she made another slosh of vomit come out. Marianne cursed under her breath, pushing the bucket away as there was nothing left for her to eject. Her eyes were sunken in and her wings felt ten-times heavy, making her lean back against the petals of her bed.

“You must have caught the stomach flu…” Dawn pondered, her nose scrunched in disgust towards the full bucket.

“It’s not the flu.” Marianne muttered as the Sprites brought her a tall goblet full of water. She drank it greedily, her throat parched and stinging in pain. Dawn brow raised.

“What do you mean? its obvious that its the flu, what else could it be?”

Marianne slowly put down the empty cup turning fully at her sister. There was a part of her that wanted to keep it a secret but there was another nagging part of her that wanted to shout it out to every creature she sees but, she was worried of what type of outcome it might bring. Will her people be frighten, will her father, will Dawn? She shook her head, shaking away the fears as she took a deep breath.

“I’m….” she paused, and let out a large smile. “I’m pregnant.”

Dawn ears perked up and immediately let out a loud shriek of laughter as she dove forward bringing Marianne into a tight and suffocating hug.

“Oh! I’m so happy for you!”

“D-Dawn! Can’t-breath!”

She let go placing her hands on top of her shoulders. “Oh right, sorry! but-oh my gosh!” she clapped wildly. “We have to plan a baby shower! and how long did you know!?-”

“A few…” she shrugged her shoulders. “weeks? give or take.”

Dawn let out a gasp. “Did you tell Boggy?”

“Bog. and….N-no.”

“Why not? he has to know-” she stated softly. Marianne frowned slightly and nodded. It’s true, she had been putting it off, she wanted to wait for the right moment but, she was afraid of how he might act. She and Bog had recently gotten married two months ago but they don’t live together, usually they both switch off on where they want to spend the night and because of their kingdoms they have a lot of responsibilities. Bringing a baby into the mix…will they be able to handle it?
Marianne pushed herself to her feet.

“I need to tell him.” She said clutching her stomach slightly. “I think I’m good enough to fly now.”

“Let me go with you-” Dawn began, standing up with her. “Just in case, now I have two people to worry about.” she smiled, glancing to Marianne’s stomach.

“Y-yeah, okay you can come with me.” It took some effort to get her wings to flap but she managed to fly with Dawn close enough to catch her if her wings ever gave out.
They both landed inside the Bog King’s castle which was an a large trunk of tree, larger than the last one that got destroyed. Marianne walked steadily to the throne room knowing her way around as she tried to find Bog.
She immediately found him surrounded by his chattering goblin people, hearing their complaints and wishes as he sat on his chair with a small scowl. Stuff and Thang were positioned off to the side, writing down the complaints heard and carrying out what The Bog King wanted.

“All right-since there is not enough food, I shall expand our land by sending in some troops to explore-” The Bog King addressed to Thang who feverishly wrote it down. “And open up the food storage and hand out one bag each, just one!” he stressed. “We need to make it last.”

“Yes sire! right away!” Thang exclaimed.

“And put together some volunteers to explore the north side of the Dark Forest, there should be plenty of food there. ”

“You got it BK!” Said Stuff, scribbling it down on the scroll.

Marianne stood at the corridor, not wanting to interrupt him when he was busy. Dawn followed as she saw there was at least a hundred goblins voicing their complaints.

“Winter is upon us and we have no more moss to use as bedding!” One said.

“Go underground and make fires, it should be warm enuf’ to last through the wintah, and get a stockpile of wood.” The Bog King replied waving a group of them off only for the next to tell him their own troubles.

“There has been an outbreak of snakes!”

“Grab some swords and tak’ care of them, and steal any eggs if ye find any.”

“The well has been contaminated on the north-west!”

“Cover it up and fin’ another! There should be a clean stream nearby.”

It was a while before all of his people hurriedly went out of the castle, including Stuff and Thang who has to relay his orders to the rest of the kingdom. The Bog King let out a soft groan as he massaged his head. Being King was beginning to drain him. His ear twitch when he heard soft footsteps entering in. He let out a smile seeing Marianne and Dawn immediately flying up to them.

“What are you doin’ here?” He asked. “This isn’t the day you visi’t….n-not that I don’t mind.”

“U-umm-I just-” Marianne began to stutter as her hand slowly went to her stomach. “I-I just wanted to tell…umm…”

“Come on Marianne!” Whispered Dawn harshly, Bog tilted his head at them.

“What is going on? You wanted to tell me what?”

“Um! Just to tell-!” Marianne was feeling tongue tied. She just needed to blurt it out. “Bog I’m-!”

“Marianne’s pregnant!” Shouted Dawn in exasperation only to cover her mouth. Bog’s mouth fell agape.

“Dawn!” Scolded Marianne. “I was going to tell him!”

“Sorry! Sorry! I just couldn’t hold it in!”

“Ugh! I can’t believe you!” They both turned back to Bog to see his reaction but he stood there as if he had turned into stone, his mouth open in shock unable to process the news. Marianne lifted up her hand slowly, waving it in front of his face.

“Helloooo~Bog?” No reaction. She let out a sigh. This wasn’t the type of reaction she was hoping for. She snapped her fingers. “Bog! Bog!….the baby!” she yelled. He shook his head stumbling back. She reached out for him afraid that he might fall over but he held himself steady thanks to his staff.

“A…ah baby?…y-you said, you’re carrying-our baby?” he asked in a whisper unable to believe it. Marianne face fell.

“Y-your not happy about that?”

“H-happy?” he gasped and slowly let out a grin. “I am beyond happy!” he yelled out picking up Marianne in his arms. She let out a soft laugh as he drops her down gently while holding a large smile. “I must tell mother! I must tell everyone in the dark forest!”

“Whoa maybe we should slow down and-!”

“Stuff! Thang! Get in here!” His two minions quickly ran inside hearing his loud calls.

“What is it, Sire?” Thang asked, almost fearfully. He let out a small shout as Bog grabbed his shoulders shaking him slightly.

“I’m going to be a father! A father!”

“I-uh-r-really? congratulations!”

“I need you two to spread the word, and bring everyone here in the castle! We are going to celebrate with a rounds of ale and wine, and get it from my personal cellar, we must drink with the best of the best!”

“Yes Sire!” saluted Thang before rushing out of the room, screaming out the news with Stuff following close behind.
Marianne let out a breath. She didn’t expect for him to tell “everybody” but at the same time, she was glad that he did. She never seen him so happy, even at her wedding day. Now with the weight on her shoulders gone. She can finally relax and watch everyone drink ale and wine in the baby’s honor, Griselda knitting wing-warmers, and Dawn planning the upcoming baby-shower. Now all she needs to do now…is tell her father.
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I hope you like it. I wanted it to be out as soon as possible, and hopefully I shall make it a three chapter one story soon. ^_^ there are so much I can do with this in the future!

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France likes to pamper those he loves with gifts, and often. For everyday gifts he chooses petite things, like decadent pastries or sweet smelling candles. For special occasions, he brings more elaborate items–entire meals and desserts, and stylish, expensive clothing from the best designers in Paris. 

Sometimes he announces his arrival ahead of time, and sometimes he surprises his loved ones–either way, he’s always laden with bags of wrapped gifts, never expecting anything in return.

Unless he’s visiting England.

England, who will never be outdone, and who cannot bear the thought of receiving a gift and not reciprocating like a proper gentleman, can usually be found snipping the most fragrant red roses from his own garden, and picking the best red wine from his personal cellar. He’ll also have a knitted jumper or hat and scarf if the weather calls for it, all of which he made ahead of time, fully expecting the Frenchman’s arrival.

France will eventually arrive with a box of homemade chocolate truffles, a tin of top notch tea, and a bottle of Sherry. England will be waiting for him, roses lush and sweet in a carefully arranged bouquet, two glasses of fruity red wine at the ready, knitted gifts wrapped in royal blue paper and topped with a simple white ribbon. 

These days are usually spent in England’s sitting room, France snuggling in his new knitted clothing (after a snobby remark or two, out of habit,) the box of truffles shared between them, the wine sipped at a leisurely pace. They don’t get much done other than casual conversations, even sometimes forgoing any arguments, choosing instead to enjoy each other’s gifts. After all, spending time in each other’s company is a gift all its own.

Not that you’ll ever hear them admit that.

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC

Amarone Classico Bertani is a timeless wine that expresses the unique style that Bertani has always dedicatedly pursued. It is a classic style that does not need to change because it is always up-to-date. Amarone is made from Corvina and Rondinella grapes grown in the Tenuta Novare  hills, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, in vineyards devoted entirely to producing drying grapes. Bertani has been making Amarone Classico Bertani since 1958, it is the perfect harmony between time, nature and man: we devote all of our know-how and our passion to it, with a long waiting period and great care. The grapes are set aside to dry on the “aréle” (racks made from bamboo canes), according to the traditional production method. Fermentation in concrete and ageing in large barrels for at least six years give it a stable structure, making it one of the longest-lived red wines in the world.

​Respect for nature, first of all, means continuing in the choice of a place such as Tenuta Novare, the true soul of our Amarone.
Respect for our grapes with a natural drying method (or, as we prefer to call it, putting the grapes to rest in the drying room) that has always refused to use any kind of artificial conditioning.  This is not due to any “philosophical” choice on our part, but the tried and tested conviction that this is the only way to get great and distinctive Amarone wines, where elegance prevails over power.
Respect for our wines to allow them to develop all their quality potential in the best possible way. The musts undergo slow fermentation in concrete vats, sometimes for over 50 days. This is a brave decision, full of risks, but supported by the conviction that this is the only way to get high alcohol and glycerol levels and to guarantee rich, elegant aromas. The wine is aged for at least six years in Slavonian oak barrels and matures for a further 12 months in bottle. It is a slow but valuable process to let our Amarone wines develop their elegant aromas and what we consider fundamental characteristics for extraordinary longevity.

80% Corvina Veronese and 20% Rondinella. The vines are vertical-trellised and Guyot trained, with a planting density of 5000 vines/ha.

An intense red colour, with garnet nuances. Firstly there are the typical notes of plum, cherry and morello cherry on the nose, followed by a great variety of tones: nuts, tea leaves, liquorice and spices. On the palate there are hints of red berry fruits, softened by plush vanilla notes, in perfect harmony with the acidity and tannins.


Another important acknowledgement to Amarone Classico 2007 comes from the influential magazine Wine Enthusiast assigning 93 points to our icon wine.
“Underbrush, crushed blue flower, fig, charred earth and ripe black cherry aromas come together on this full-bodied red. The brooding , muscular palate delivers blackberry jam, raisin, licorice and tobacco while tightly knit, ripe tannins provide support. Drink after 2017.”

Established in 1638 by Christiano Kopke and his son, Nicolau Kopke (who came to Portugal as representatives of the Hanseatic League), the House of Kopke is the eldest Porto wine export firm. 

Through many generations, the Company was run by several representatives of the Kopke family, obtaining an excellent reputation for its wines. Some of its members were deeply involved with the Oporto trade, mainly in the 19th century, when Joaquim Kopke, entitled “ Barão de Massarelos “, took part on most economic actions held. Meanwhile the Company was sold to the Bohane family, by the end of the 19th century, who tried to run it from London, where they had most of their economic interests. The distance and the two World Wars disabled the control of the Company and they decided, then, to sell it. In 1953 and after some negotiations, the Barros family, whose leader was then Manuel Barros, bought the House of Kopke and since then it belongs to its Group. In fact, Manuel Barros was connected with the export and commercialisation of Port Wines since his youth. After becoming a partner of Barros, Almeida & Cª, he bought other firms such as:  Hutcheson, Feuerheerd, Feist, all of them old Port Wine exporters. Manuel Barros and his Sons, João and Manuel, run the Company until the middle of the seventies, trying to increase even more the image of its wines and developing an important agricultural unity in the Douro District. Its centre is “Quinta S. Luiz “where a great work of modernization is being made, together with the development of new vineyards planting the best varieties known. 

In June 2006, the SOGEVINUS Group widens presence in the Port Wine sector through the acquisition of C. N. Kopke. Nowadays Kopke is the oldest Porto Wine brand and assume the leadership in “Porto Colheita” category.

Kopke Vintage Port 2011 offers layers of dark plum, raspberry ganache and dark cherry flavors, filled with choloate truffle notes. Shows seductive cedar details on the finish. Best from 2025 to 2050.

94 pts by WS

Malleoulus 2010 93 points GuiaPeñin

Emilio Moro has been always linked to his terroirs, working in wine production since he was 14yrs old. Today he is one of the big names in Ribera del Duero DO, with massive wineries in different locations, also in Portugal.


Even through the spring frosts delayed the budding the vines developed well, making use of the water reserves from the abundant winter rains and the high summer temperatures. A calm and controlled harvest.


The word “Malleolus” comes from the Latin word meaning majuelo (small vineyard), a way of referring to the vineyards in Pesquera de Duero. To produce this wine we selected grapes from vines of between 25 and 75 years old, trained both in bush and trellis form.


It is the essence of our oldest vineyards that is the key to understanding this Malleolus, which, through its grape variety matured for 18 months in 500 ltr French oak barrels, intensely expresses balsamic aromas, spices and tobacco contributed from the oak, naturally enriching the grand ensemble.

Aromas of ripe, black fruits are still present throughout the tasting and clearly indicate the raw material wherein lies the richness and exclusivity of this wine.


The wine stayed for 18 days macerating with the skins and was aged for 18 months in French oak barrels before being bottled.