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since it’s 1st January 2017 (WIB) it’s time for another follow forever! I want to thank all of you for gracing my dashboard with wonderful posts, for your quirky tags, for existing, for generally being awesome in 2016. 

Also I’m using this chance to tell you guys I moved to a new url prctego >>> parabctai


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 A big hug for my followers, thank you thank you and thank you for putting up with me this year love ya xx

Wishing you all a very happy new year! 

do YOU have faith of the heart? do YOU have strength of the soul?

then perhaps you’d be interested in obtaining a canon url from star trek enterprise!

out of sheer luck, i have the urls captainarcher and triptucker saved now. let me know if you want either of them, but please actually make good use of it if you take one.

so i’m like high key thinking about creating a new blog and sorta just.. leaving this one.. and starting over..

Jack is unaware of his blog’s URL.

[ @tailslover96 ]

i’m three days late but i just wanted to pop in and wish my followers (and my mutuals of course) a happy new year!!! i hope 2017 is full of joy, peace, empathy, warmth, and unconditional love - and that good things happen for everyone. have a beautiful day!