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Please stop reposting art. Not just mine, but everyone else’s. It’s disrespectful and harming towards the artists. I understand you might want to share the art of your beloved characters everywhere, but the artists’ wishes and desires about their own art are what matters the most and come first before everything. Please understand, respect art and artists. Thank you.

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quickly went through that person's blog... they repost a LOT of stuff lmao.. when will people learn to not steal content.. even a credit would be better than nothing.. anyway love you bb don't let people annoy you too much

dskjfaksdjfhas tbh i hadn’t but u made me curious and u r right lmao…… and right?? honestly i’m A-ok w reposting w credits but i guess

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and thank u bb!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So, apparently someone stole my art

So it has been brought to my attention that tumblr user @mrs-loki-laufeyson-me reposted some of my Fallout 4 fanart (original post here) without my permission.

Said user not only reposted my art without my consent, they failed to give me any credit in the tags or description. They even added their own watermark to the images, presenting them as their own.

reposts are here and here 

This has never happened to me before and it’s quite upsetting.

I informed them of this and asked that the posts in question be deleted from their blog

and am currently waiting for their answer.

Please do not like/reblog their post. I put a lot of time and effort into this artwork and I’d like to at least be credited. Please do not encourage this behavior.

(I have also been told that this is not the first time they have done this, but haven’t verified it myself yet.)

Thanks go to @thesugarbandit and @fo4-companions-as for being so kind to inform me of this.

Just a heads up to artists on here:

If you ever find people reposting your art without sources / permission / whatever and the… lovely person has taken away the ability to contact them you CAN report them.

However, if you find filing out a DMCA report to be a little too intimidating, don’t worry, tumblr has a built in system for handling this. The most personal thing they ask you is for a name to address you by and your email. You find it here. This is where you can review any terms of uploads and what you can do to possibly fix any wrong doings.

I answered this on my personal blog, but I thought it was worthy of being here so, here it is! I’m doing number 11 and I hope all of you like it!


Late night shifts were the worst, or so Hinata thought, even worse than morning shifts he dared to say. Morning shifts were quick, people came and left and even though it was busy, it wasn’t too hard, most ordered plain black coffee anyway.

But night shifts were slow, and when you find yourself counting coffee beans at 4am because you’re bored as hell, it gets worse.

“Hey, uh… Hinata.” A tall male stood in front of the counter, trying to get his attention.

“Hi there! Sorry for making you wait, what can I get you?” The barista, on the raven’s opinion, was way too bubbly and cheerful, way too energetic despite it being the wee hours.

“Espresso, no sugar.”

Yeah, he seemed like one of those.

“Sure thing! Anything else I can get you?”

“No, thanks.”

“Alright, what’s your name?”


“Okay, I’ll hand it to you in just a sec!”

With a nod, the typically espresso guy left to sit at one of the tables, taking out his laptop and not taking any time before starting to type.

Probably bullshitting an essay… Although he really doesn’t look like one of those. Hinata thought as the coffee was poured into a cup, ready to be served.

“Here.” Tobio looked over to find his coffee along with a sandwich cut in half.

“I didn’t ord-”

“It’s on the house, seems like you’ll be here a while and I thought you’d need it.” With a smile and a small shrug the worker left, leaving a dumb-founded Tobio staring at where he had been a few moments ago.

Kageyama was a law student, and he hadn’t believed Sugawara when he said this coffee shop had the cutest barista ever. Fuck.

After that, the student found himself at the shop every thursday and friday, staying until dawn and leaving only a few minutes after Hinata finished his shift.

He loved how the redhead always waved a little goodbye at him, as if they knew each other, and how sometimes he’d sneak a cookie or two in his order and answered with a bright smile whenever he tried to bring it up.

He was so damned.

So one day he found himself changing the routine.

“The usual?” Shorty asked.

“No, just some iced green tea.”

“How the hell are you gonna stay up with green tea Ka-!”



“My name is Tobio.”

“Oh-” and witch a chuckle, the barista left to prepare the drink, only turn around after a few moments and say. “Well, To, my name is Shouyou.”

And with that a blush on both of their cheeks, they returned to the routine, routine which was broken once again when Kageyama noticed the phone number scribbled next to his name.

Like always, he turned to the barista, a questioning look on his face. Like always he smiled and shrugged.

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AU where Bill loses all of his memories and tries to fit in with everybody in Gravity Falls? SIGN ME UP!
HHH lil Fanart for @weevmo ’s Amnesiac Bill AU
I had fun doing this because I finally tried out the gradient tool seriously (The other was on doodles I never posted)